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Legs hurt? The varicosity - how not to allow and what to do

very few - and will come the real spring, with shoes on heels, short skirts and dreams of summer holiday. However for many of us “the summer dress code“ and prospect of emergence on the beach are connected with discomfort and experiences. To all fault - a varicosity.

As it begins

Christina always lived easily. Fast as a moth, she moved in space with some unusual speed and always all was in time at work and at home: both to hand over reports, and to buy products, and to check lessons at the son, and for the daughter in kindergarten to run. By inertia she continued to live in the same high-speed mode, even when began to feel that her legs, always such easy and fast, are tired now and somehow unusually hurt...

Familiar situation? Legs begin to hurt some dull “holding apart“ ache and swell by the evening so that the habitual footwear becomes small. And once you, trying on the favourite shoes, suddenly you notice that somewhere below knees from - under skin bluish asterisks of small sosudik appear. And what you do?

you... you do not pay to it attention because you have children, cares, repair in the apartment, urgent business trips and mass of another important issues. At the same time you perfectly know (read, watched on TV) that there is such disease - a varicosity , but do not compare with it the “foolish problems“ in any way. And it is vain! Listed symptoms speak about chronic venous insufficiency which just and leads over time to a varicosity.

Female problem?

the Problem “veins standing“ very much is also very extended by

- statistically, faces it to 60% of able-bodied population of industrially developed countries. And women suffer from it by 1,5 times more often than men. Genetically it is more woman, than men are predisposed to violations of functions of venous vessels, but also a powerful provocative factor of chronic venous insufficiency is pregnancy.

Yes! Most often the problem is shown during this period and is especially frequent - on late terms. However, many women have “spiders“ of vessels and speakers under skin of a vein pass after the delivery, but as the disease is chronic, it means that it can be shown again.

Why pregnant women appear

in a risk zone? Everything is very simple: among risk factors - sharp change of a hormonal background, additional big weight which future mothers gain for the short period increase in volume of the circulating blood (which besides becomes also more viscous), growth of pressure upon veins of a small pelvis from - for the growing fruit, decrease in a tone of a vascular wall.

For this reason doctors recommend

to the women who in the past already faced manifestations CVI (chronic venous insufficiency) and nowadays planning pregnancy, it is obligatory to consult to the phlebologist and to take all precautionary measures to the maximum to avoid possible aggravations. The started stage of chronic venous insufficiency in certain cases even serves as contraindication to pregnancy - remember it!

- chronic venous insufficiency - the syndrome which is characterized by long violation of a venous blood-groove in the lower extremities and developing, as a rule, as a result of a varicose illness or the postponed thrombosis of deep veins.

of Cause and effect

In general chronic venous insufficiency both at women, and at men experts connect first of all with heredity. In particular, if both parents have varicose veins standing, the risk of their emergence in posterity makes 89%. If from it only one of parents suffered - the risk decreases to 47%.


to Development of a disease is promoted also by a number of other factors. First of all it is features of a profession and a way of life. If as obliges you have to stand or sit long - you in a risk zone. Judge - in 30 minutes of such static state blood volume increases in the lower extremities on 250 - 300 milliliters, and veins of our poor legs have to maintain this loading stoically! And people of such professions - millions. Here to you and one more explanation of so big prevalence of problems with veins.

Other risk factors:

Should mention both notorious environment, and our chronic diseases, and stresses. Often varicose veins appear in advanced years when the good nutrition of cages and body tissues is broken.

What happens to vessels?

Anyway, function of vessels decreases, their walls become permeable (developing of hypostases from here), lose elasticity and are narrowed. Blood accumulates in separate sites, provoking a vybukhaniye of a vascular wall outside. Further the vascular wall can inflame, causing pain and feeling of weight in legs. Blood is condensed and passes on vessels more slowly, loading them with additional work. To compensate a lack of inflow of oxygen to bodies, heart begins to work in the double mode. For this reason it is better “to catch“ a disease at the first stages, without waiting for that time when the blown-up varicose veins not only spoil an esthetics of your legs, but also considerably will worsen quality of life.

Begins p with small, venous insufficiency of subjects passes in big

Chronic and it is dangerous that, beginning as usual fatigue and hypostases of legs, it is capable to pass into much more serious problems if to undertake nothing. Development of venous insufficiency can conditionally be divided into three stages.

does not want to frighten anybody, but as we see, and the banal fatigue in legs by the evening, and those vascular asterisks on which we, the woman, as a rule, do not pay attention is a distinct signal for the address to the doctor. Of course, if we do not want in about to appear on 5 - 6 years the operating table at the surgeon.

All doctors unanimously go on: in spite of the fact that the disease is chronic, to stop processes of degradation and it is possible not to allow further progressing of chronic venous insufficiency if to diagnose it in time. Usually the doctor appoints duplex scanning (hardware research of vessels) or of UZDG (ultrasonic duplex scanning) with mapping (visualization). And these inspections give an accurate account of health or an illness of your vessels for 100%.

the Phlebologist - the doctor of narrow specialization who is engaged in studying, diagnostics and treatment of a varicose illness, thrombophlebitis, dysplasia of veins and other venous diseases.

As it treat?

Conservative methods. It, first of all compression influence and pharmacotherapy.

the Compression is very important

for support of weak veins and consists in continuous carrying during the day the special fitting jersey. For those who are horrified only by one thought of bandage there are convenient, beautiful, transparent tights and stockings - nobody ever will guess that they are medical. The compression jersey allows to improve blood circulation in legs, to reduce hypostases and to stop weight and nagging pains, but, of course, does not influence a condition of vessels in any way and does not remove an inflammation.

to Strengthen a vascular wall, to lower its permeability, to return to vessels a normal tone, to remove a stenosis (narrowing) and an inflammation it is possible only by means of medicines, namely, of flebotonik and of fleboprotektor (from “protekt“ - to protect). Many doctors, considering that treatment has to be carried out it is long and is regular (on average 2 - 3 courses a year), prefer to appoint natural preparations on the basis of vegetable flavonoids. It is important to choose preparations which possess the proved clinical efficiency and have no side effects. Also ointments and gels on the basis of venoaktivny substances are widely applied.

If necessary or complications the doctor supplements treatment with the diuretic preparations, drugs diluting blood and improving microcirculation. However, at the first stage it is enough only fleboprotektor. The most important - to go to the phlebologist in time!

At an initial stage of HVN cosmetic defect is eliminated with the electrocoagulation method (impact on vessels electric current), and also can carry out sclerotherapy during which in a sore vein the drug which “sticks together“ it then blood runs on other veins is injected, and “asterisks“ and “strings“ disappear from a leg surface. This method is recommended not to all - at some it can lead to serious complications.


At the second and third stages of HVN performs already other surgery - a flebektomiya during which the sore vein ties or completely is removed. If earlier this operation demanded a large number of cuts, then now, with development of low-invasive technologies, it is a malotravmatichna.

Common fault of all surgeries is that at non-compliance with prevention the problem easily can return after a while - deeper veins will just suffer.

What measures of prevention?

Prevention is very simple

. It is necessary to move and eat correctly the products useful to your veins. Among the sports which are well influencing venous vessels - swimming, sports walking, pedestrian walks, and here weightlifting, tennis and high jumps absolutely to anything because they only strengthen load of veins.

In operating time, especially if it is necessary to sit or stand a long time, try to move more: to change a pose, not to cross “the legs“, several times a day to do simple exercises. For example, to shift from one foot to the other, to walk quickly. The simple movements of the Russian national dance - stop on a heel, on a sock, again on a heel with a stupnyama pritopyvaniye are very effective. Answer amazed looks of your employees that you invite them to foot tap and to dance together as production gymnastics!

Products which we use help us to avoid troubles with legs too. For example, walls of venous vessels for elasticity and force need vitamins and minerals which contain in crude vegetables and fruit. Green apples, cabbage and a citrus are especially useful (if on them there is no allergy). Seafood, onions, garlic, lemons, a fig and grape juice are simply necessary for our veins as they positively influence structure and quality of blood. And here it is necessary to forget about greasy, fried food.

If the problem was already shown by

, but now the period of relative calm and you would like it to avoid further, as the best guarantor natural medicines - fleboprotektor which strengthen veins so strongly as though you managed to eat daily 45 kilograms of green apples will act besides. Accepting them courses at least 2 times a year, you prevent emergence of new “asterisks“ and “uzelochok“ that, actually, and is our purpose. Besides, it is important to remember that it is worth keeping itself from hot bathtubs, a sauna, a sunbed or stay under the hot sun as all thermal procedures lead to the raised krovenapolneniye of venous system and its overload.

Expert: Vladimir Seleznyov, the surgeon of GKB No. 29 of N. E. Bauman