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How to define a sex of future child? As soon as the woman learns

about the pregnancy, at once begins to think of the one whom it carries under heart. Who there? Boy? Girl? Let`s get acquainted with some techniques which can help to glance in the future and to learn for whom future mummy waits. Medical techniques to

to all the method of ultrasonic research is Already known and available to

. It can be characterized as the most painless, safe and high-precision. Ultrasonography has a number of advantages, but the ultrasonographer - the professional looks at a floor in the last turn and specially will not try to establish it. Work of the physician - to define a stage of development of the kid, to find out whether there are no pathologies. Can give exact and obvious picture ultrasonography in 22 - 25 weeks, here then already without efforts it is possible “to distinguish“ - the boy or the girl.

of Research, helping to define a sex

1. Amniotsentez - research which is conducted only when the serious chromosomal violations connected with heredity can threaten a fruit. A floor is necessary to reveal diseases which can be transmitted on the female or man`s line. During this research the puncture of a uterus and an intake of amniotic waters is carried out.

The procedure of a kordotsentez appointed at the same indications is a little excellent. At a kordotsenteza the intake of an umbilical blood is carried out.

In one row with the above described researches it is possible to put a biopsy vorsin a horiona (the analysis of a placenta). All three described procedures have high percent of risk and can threaten with serious complications or even interruption of pregnancy. For this reason before carrying out procedures at the pregnant woman the consent to their performance undertakes.

2. In 2007 the American scientists developed a new technique of sex determination of the child by means of DNA - the test . The idea of a technique is that mother`s blood already contain fruit DNA particles. This research allows to define a sex already on 7 - y to week of pregnancy. The test is very exact, but very expensive therefore it at the moment was not widely adopted.

3. Also a sex of the child determine by urine , with the help the test - strips. They are covered with chemical reagents which at contact with urine change color. Green says that it is worth expecting the boy, and orange - the girl. The method is exact for 85 - 90%, but is useless if there is an infection of the urinogenital sphere or hormonal violations. This way of definition of pregnancy is widespread in the western countries.

“National“ methods of sex determination

the Most known technique - on behavior of a fruit and a shape of a stomach. If the stomach round, is born the girl if sharp, the boy. Vypiraniye of a stomach in the parties too, allegedly, can prompt a sex of future kid - to the right side the boy, and in left the girl “sticks out“.

If the fruit kicks a bladder, then there will be a boy if the liver is a girl. Obstetricians - gynecologists consider the first two signs absolutely unreasonable as the shape of a stomach of the pregnant woman depends, first of all, on anatomic features of her body.

Also our grandmothers defined a sex on appearance and health of the pregnant woman.

If severe toxicosis - wait for the boy. Partly it is right. In medical circles there is a hypothesis (at the moment not confirmed authentically) that it is more difficult to take out the child of an opposite sex.

Claim that besides toxicosis there is a communication between food of the pregnant woman and a sex of the child. If mother eats salty, sour, sharp or meat products, then she will have a boy. If mother became a sweet tooth, cannot live also day without chocolate, cakes, then the girl will be born. It is also possible to determine also by appetite. It is considered that mothers of boys eat much more, than mothers expecting the girl`s birth.

It is possible to carry the following to physiological “signs“ of pregnancy by the boy or girl: if constantly hot - the boy if it is cold - the girl. If an areola of nipples light - the girl, if dark - the boy. The woman got prettier - the boy; skin became worse, the person lost color - the girl. Concerning the last sign in the people speak: “The girl extends beauty“.

Sex determination of the child by date of conception

If to consider this method, then it is possible to define a sex of the child by means of an ovulation. If conception happened to an ovulation, the girl will be born if in time, the boy. The basic principle of such method - activity of spermatozoa. The most active spermatozoa - man`s. Female “cages“, respectively, possess smaller activity, but bigger “survivability“.

If the above described methods have at least partly scientific justification, there is a number of the methods which appeared “from a despair“ when neither national signs, nor ultrasonography definitely confirmed a sex of the child.

On zodiac signs and lunar cycles

the Czech psychiatrist Eugen Jonas made the assumption that the sex of the child depends about finding of the Moon in this or that zodiac sign. When finding the Moon in water and terrestrial signs it is possible to expect the girl and if the Moon in fiery or air signs, then is born the boy. We do not undertake to approve truthfulness of this assumption, but why and is not present.

the Fantastic method of a pendulum

Practiced our grandmothers. In the form of a plumb the wedding ring attached to a thread is used. The plumb is brought to the pregnant woman`s stomach: if the ring draws the line in air, there will be a boy and if the circle turns out, then the girl will be born.

Sex determination on blood turnover cycles

was put Once forward by

the theory based on updating of blood through certain time. Women`s blood is updated time in three years, and man`s - time in four years. The technique did not find confirmation and has no scientific background. Its accuracy is not guaranteed. It is offered to define whose blood is younger - mother`s or father`s? For this purpose the age of mother is divisible on three, and fathers on 4. The parent whose number appeared less and will define a sex of the child.

And the last method which we will consider: sex determination of the child by means of the Ancient Chinese table. In a vertical column the age of mother, and in horizontal month of conception is specified. We find a letter on crossing of two columns, it designates a sex of the kid.

There are a lot more scientific and unscientific techniques, but it is not so important who will be born. Both the gentle princess, and the little idler will present you a lot of happiness! And I wish you easy pregnancy and successful childbirth!