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The story about the ideal husband. What we love men for?

Introduction. Once we argued with one person that the man and at the woman has roles they different. I insisted that the man has much more duties. And to it there are much more requirements. It is more than requirements to the husband, than to the wife.

Being about two years in Australia, I was finally convinced of it. There are wives who absolutely do not watch themselves. After the delivery these women look twice thicker me, considering that I too not a fragile constitution. But husbands all the same love them. There are wives who are never painted and, perhaps, did it only on the wedding day. There are wives who it is perfect, no, do not know how to cook at all.“ Well, you know, so they are able to do something like that that, maybe, others are not able“, - my husband when I gave to him a similar example of the acquaintances living in the neighbourhood sjekhidnichat.

Yes, the woman can be loved and adored not for what she knows how to cook tasty, and not from - for the fact that it stunningly looks. It is loved for the fact that it here such - just is. And some marry, only to acquire the right for her tenderness and for her kiss.

With men - other history. Of course, they especially are loved not for what they cook well or because they beautiful or because they such here are. I think, you agree? So, I decided to write the story about the ideal husband.

Part one: Alyosha and Nadj

on July 1, 1998 I entered the university. I arrived in that, let and former, institute where my mother, my aunt where my granduncle - the uncle Vener Abdullovich studied and worked studied. In August 1998 - go crisis happened. The prices became such... In accuracy such, as now in Australia, only not in Australian dollars, and in rubles.

Me again - was largely lucky

. It was lucky that I am the only daughter of the parents. With me other students studied, and many of them had brothers, sisters... You guess about what I? About the parental help. To get a job it was complicated especially as at the first year it is necessary to prove to be adequately and to hand over all sessions. Then gave a grant - if there is no “three“ (“udovl“. ) in the record book.

the Uncle Vener sang the student`s song:

What for prejudices -
three times in days
I Are to go to soft bed?!
We - without prejudices! we Eat
on once a day.
I on naked boards we can sleep!

And so, we were such. We were cheerful, sociable, even in spite of the fact that many had not breakfast, and ate only once in days of hours in 8 - 9 of evening.

So turned out that in summer session all parted, and I remained in the room of the hostel one. I do not remember why, but one boy with whom little girls from our room were on friendly terms had no place to live, he somehow agreed with security service of our hostel, and we some time lived together.

Alyosha - so called

the guy - he was almost married. He is married to the girl Nadia from Chuvashia which I never in life saw. And I then waited from army of the guy. Wrote it long letters on four pages.


was not beauty ideal at all, it was not neither extremely strong, nor too high, nor excessively clever, he was the simplest rural hard-working guy from Chuvashia. He spoke in two languages fluently - in Russian and on Chuvash. Perhaps, there was even a light Chuvash accent, but I almost did not notice it.

in the Afternoon we read to

abstracts. We almost did not talk how in that cinema about Shurik where the student was absorbed by absorption of knowledge, without noticing anything else around, remember? The only thing that united us - that we had breakfast, had dinner and had supper together. We prepared in turn. Went marketing behind products together. Alyosha proved to be then such cool guy that I thought: “Here what ideal husband will get to this Nadia!“.

I remember

Ya how told it: “Let`s buy still though a little bit vegetables, and I will make the favourite salad, all right?“ - “Give“. - “Two cucumbers and three tomatoes, please!“ - “And greens are not necessary to you?“ - the grandma on a market carefully asked. - “Yes, and fennel bunch, please“. “Oh, what - what I never in life bought, so it fennel! At us in the village of this fennel - that dirt!“ - Alyoshka complained then, but made it somehow absolutely harmlessly, without claim.

As at us was found, coming from the market, we put in what the campaign on the market managed, and halved. Cucumbers and tomatoes at the beginning of June still were luxury. And I was so grateful to Lyoshke that we could afford it. If in half - so especially.

Ya went then, holding only one package of eggs in hand, and Lyoshka dragged a heavy bag with cheap grain, and I just a back felt that behind me there is a Man. What is the one who can be trusted. It, as always, bore from a market also female laying - for the Nadia. Expensive, “Always“, at them in the village of such do not sell... Felt that behind (footpaths were narrow, not for two with a bag!) there is a good guy. That it strong that it kind, and - even - that it such someone very strongly favourite. And that he is a faithful, real faithful husband and in general - just ideal husband.

Part second: Lyosha and Nadia

on May 5, 2010 at us the first Australian BBQ - a barbecue took place. We went with our friends, then still just familiar, in Parramatta Park. My husband Rafis got acquainted with this couple somewhere in the train while he went to work. Our children began to go to the same Russian school which they recommended us. We felt at once that it is a decent and kind family, and besides we live from each other nearby if to take scales of Sydney. Most of all me it was pleasant to

of p that to Lesha and Nadia it is possible just to talk about life, but not about routing and switching of computer networks and even not about Windows or “problem“ of computer piracy and as to solve it in house conditions. It is possible just to talk about what occurs in life. Besides, I always liked people who are capable to behave in a quite good form, despite our century of abundance of products (in the presence of money). And so, I was delighted by Nadia as she could organize house healthy food. And in many other branches of house office-work without presence of grandmothers and nurses - she is in general a fine fellow.

turned out so Once that I appeared in a big supermarket with Lyosha and their younger girl. Everything just ideally reminded me the Moscow campaigns in “Metro“ with Rafis. Here in the same way it, I rolled the cart with the girl - the blonde, in the same way discussed what to buy. In the same way around there were high shelves - racks with products. In the same way the baby should have wiped snivels and sometimes to take her on handles that was not capricious from the exhausting sitting in peculiar “carriage“.

But everything was in a different way. During all the time any remark was not made me if I not so katnut the cart and that crashed to it into a bum. There were no reproaches and reminders that I should get a job too if I want to buy such pants. On easy children`s cries there was no reaction to clutch at the head and to tell how strongly it irritates, - opposite, it was simply “bebik“, and the quiet uniform voice of the father really pacified it.

It just. But here what me “finished“ as speak, so it words: “And laying is not necessary to you? We here with Nadia take such. They are good, and it turns out very much even favourably!“ - “Yes, are necessary to me, thanks, Lyosh!“ - I told, without having given a sign that was confused. And, maybe, and having given...

is shorter than

, passed already over a year, and I still had part of that laying, and every time, getting a new pack, I everything remember that was recommended to me by their Lyosha. Yes, that day I spent about $200 for what to me right there got from Rafis. But we still still brush teeth those toothbrushes. We use... well, I will not repeat, than. And still the large consignment of toilet paper and a big pack of grated cheese “4 cheeses“ was bought and divided in half. And everything is divided with a pedantic accuracy!

Part third: Rafis and Sofia

As you understand

, in this part is just strongly recommended to tell me something good to the ideal husband. But I will begin with babsky gossips, as always. We sat at the girlfriend and discussed “not fine“ half of mankind.

- you Know, Lyosha (he is our general friend) does such cool compotes. Here I too so decided to begin to do. Very beautifully looks and very healthy food turns out!

- da that you all “Lyosha, Lyosha!“. You think, I do not know! Da Lyosha is the IDEAL HUSBAND! He also will prepare to eat, and for children will look, and will long not sit in front of the computer after work.

- you Know, I also thought of it! It and truth ideal husband!

- Well, the ideal husband. Of course, how you will not be an ideal husband when the wife earns twice more?!

Well. Of course, I am married to the best man. How I found it? Why when I had so many other chances to marry, I chose it? The most ambitious and the most energetic. Well... I will honestly tell why I chose it. Because for the third day of our acquaintance, in the Rerikhovsky wood in 1999 - m he firmly and irrevocably told that he MARRIES, by all means marries me. To me was still (already?) 17 and to wait it seems as remained not for long. My cunning practical female mind weighed all pros and cons at once. Here I would like to give still several compliments to the ideal husband whom I to myself chose, but I will not do it in order to avoid the excess competition. The love is not blind! At love - thousands of eyes. It finds among hundreds of thousands of other people of ONE. And chooses not the best, but necessary.