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I love you. Who told that happiness has to be a lung?

Everything, probably, are very simple... I love you! You for me all. Everything that is in my life fine, bright, sad, joyful is you. We together. Such different... So what. You are fire, and I am water. You flash, and I extinguish. You - my difficult happiness. And who told that it has to be a lung?

my life with you consists of one thousand pieces. And between these pieces they are tears and not only pleasures. Silence - and we together. Loneliness. And where you? Quarrels... more often on trifles. Jealousy... I - you, but and you too jealous.

you remember

A how got acquainted? I left a warm dance hall, shrank. Cold. Prickly snowflakes fall on the person and thaw on a neck. Yes, the mug of hot tea would not prevent now. Yes with grandmother`s rolls and with raspberry jam.

the Grandmother I loved

. And its old samovar too. Happens, ran to the grandmother with girlfriends. Drank tea, laughed. Did not speak about guys - well, maybe, so, semi-hints. Guys and we for some reason were not crossed. The grandmother did not put in a ward. But from time to time told ridiculous phrases about grooms. Laughed to tears...

Snow prevented to go. Went sharply, having slightly bent forward. Also buried in something it is black - woolen.

- Excuse


- Really.

the Guy in a black coat and low pulled winter cap. As his eyes cheerfully shine.

- you walk?

- Well, I go home.

- And can spend you?

- I do not know... You see off.

We went together. It took my hand and slightly shook a brush:

- Here so I will go with the wife.

Thousands of crystal sparkles fought about lamps, ringed under legs, pricked cheeks... But me it was warm. What we spoke then about, perhaps, and will not remember. Probably, about something very interesting to both of us. We laughed. Something was told, from time to time interrupting each other. It seemed to me that I am familiar with this person long ago. And the warm languor spread on a body. And eyes shone so brightly...

there Passed forty years. Probably, there is a lot of. But - as one day. Happiness found that snow, gentle evening proceeds. And when you, my husband, fall asleep, I bend over you. And lips are whispered:

- I love you!