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How to save on the developing toys? To sew them!

Want to share the ideas how to make very necessary developing toys of old unnecessary trifles - both for absolutely small, and for kids is more senior. I have two children: 4 - summer the boy and 5 - monthly the girl.

to us it will be required by

to p: buttons, a flypaper, the lock, rags of various fabrics, tapes, satin ribbons, grain, and still the rough imagination and desire to realize the idea. You do not hurry to throw out the remains of the broken toys and plastic eggs from the kinder - a surprise - they still can be useful. Also in economy there will always be buttons, laces, applications from an old kidswear and other trifle. Yes, yes, everything that we got used to throw out or put on storage in far corners of a case, can be useful to us. When there are an imagination and creative imagination, it is possible to make very necessary developing toys for children of the mountain of garbage. And still it is an exclusive - precisely anybody will have no such toy.

At first I sewed for the sonny big phone of the size of a sheet A4. He helps the child to learn to learn colors, to clasp and undo various fasteners, to tie laces. For its production were required: fleece of different flowers, application or the drawing which is cut out from fabric (in this case the birdie is cut out from an old kitchen towel), other fabric for a pocket, the button big, a flypaper, buttons, the lock, a lace, a narrow satin ribbon of two flowers.

A for the daughter I sewed other developing toy helping the child to develop light, sound, tactile perception and small motility, and also to learn to undo a flypaper, to find under a pocket of the hidden small animal. On the face of a toy various buttons and applications from old clothes that the child could touch them are sewed. The bow from a satin ribbon is sideways sewn. From a reverse side under a pocket the animal from application from an old t-shirt is hidden, the pocket is closed on a flypaper. From below on ribbons rings from an old toy which can be gnawed fasten, and sacks with plastic eggs - in eggs a little buckwheat is filled. Grain in eggs rattles that allows to improve sound perception. The different invoice of fabric allows the child to develop tactile perception.

I Hope, my experience will inspire you on creation of the unique and unique toy. As they say, there would be a desire, the rest will be put.

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