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I do not want spring! Why the magic wand of

is necessary Very long ago it happened when also life was other, and my daughter - small. However children in all centuries children, and therefore - I will tell.

“Ti - the yin, tin - tin!“ - the early bird started singing behind a window, welcoming the sun in is forgotten the blue sky. During the winter so you get used with chyorno - white color of life that the first bright day seems by miracle and not only the herald of spring, but also he is familiar to what is not still over.

As use cunning with yourself, and years go, go, and calculation even more often grieves them. Not therefore whether each new sigh of spring causes such aggravated melancholy? In the stiffened nature, in the frozen branches of trees vital juice of future fructification wanders, and adult experience you know how that not fast hour

will be beautiful

“Tin - tin“, - the sensitive bird exclaims, and in frosty air the first spring smells wave...

- Spring?! - it is disturbing the daughter when we leave a garden asks again.

I it is suddenly filled in with crying, having buried in a stone wall of the house. It is possible to achieve from it still only:

- I do not want spring, I do not want!

Here so the small children`s pleasure faces not explained still children`s grief. In the validity of the last there are no bases to doubt: just like that from this girl you will not squeeze out a tear. Something happened in her soul what she suffers now from, and it is scared to make it inadvertently even more painfully.

- And how our animals? - the daughter and tear-stained face in which - the hope, looks on me questions at last.

Here it that! Animals...

Recently she told


- And we decided to run away into the wood!

- Who it we?

- I and four boys from our group.

- And why to you the wood? - delicately I took an interest, understanding that today`s kids can do everything.

- There a magic wand!

- And why a stick?

- And how you do not understand?! Fly into a rage to raskoldovyvat!


It is clear. In the kindergarten yard a set of snow animals: bears and hares, elephants and crocodiles. They are created on one of the weekend by parents. Now they should be recovered.

- And how you will find a stick?

- And we one village will pass, then the second, then a third, and then two more glades, and on the third where a kingdom - the kingdom, there and a stick will be.

- But you want to eat!

- And we will take with ourselves!

- it is correct

, - I answer, and itself I think how to bring to that the daughter herself refused a mad invention. - But you can get lost!

- And we will take a dog. It on a trace will find the road back.

it is thought over by

I! And how about a frost?

- It the magic wood, there warmly!

- Well, well. And when you will remove a spell from all animals what will be with a stick?

- we Will return to the magician, it is necessary to it!

It is noble. And the main thing to cover there is nothing. So... To take and tell: nonsenses all this! There is no magic wood and a stick. And nobody ever will be able to recover your animals!

But try

tell - language will not turn! The term, fairy tales will come will not sustain the competition to life. But whether it is worth turning five-year children into old men what became ourselves, having exchanged naivety for wisdom?

- Listen to

... Suggest children to postpone a campaign to summer. In - the first then adults will be able to take vacation and to go with you, and in - the second, less food and clothes will be necessary.

- Yes? - the daughter pricks up the ears, trying to discover a dirty trick. - And how stick?

- So - it it is easier for p to find that in a grass!

already and itself I believe

Ya in what I tell.

were accepted by

of the Condition. I exulted - a victory! Travelers began to wait for summer, parents - the fact that everything will be forgotten.

I suddenly - this roar.

- I do not want spring - y! How our animals - and?

- Well still?! - I began to become angry.

- They a rasta - and - yu - ut!

Honestly! How I did not think?

A the daughter presses close to me in the mountain and waits that I will find a way out of this idiotic situation again.

of Nothing, we will come home now, she will fall asleep after tears, and tomorrow is a new day, and I will think up something...

But unless it is the last trap from pure belief in omnipotence of good and adults? Once and we were such. After how many winters and spring there was that magic wand which we refused to look for, having given in to mature parents` councils? And whether someone will find it once?

A morning indeed was given wise. Tears on a baby face dried. Together with radio the daughter seriously sings:

- my years - and - my wealth - about - about!

Ah, what this wealth - the clear trustful childhood! Never to change its jewelry for prosaic trifles.

Nina Veselova