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My mother likes to study! My mother skates!

On the eve of a holiday on March 8 fifth-graders of Belorechensky lyceum that in the Irkutsk region, was written by compositions on the mothers. It seemed to us that these stories - the best gift what can only be received on this spring holiday.

my mother is called Elena. She at me careful, though tries that I independently watched myself, the things, school supplies, but I notice that I am not present and will correct quietly what I made not so. To my mother not all the same as I do homework, what handwriting at me. Sometimes I am angry with her remarks, but then I understand that it does it for the sake of me. If there are at me some questions on tasks, mother will almost always come to the rescue, probably, did not forget the school program yet. Happens that I speak to it: “Mother, why you did not become a teacher, you have a talent!“ She laughs and speaks:“ You that, you joke, the teacher, what of me!“

my mother - my best friend. I can quietly approach it with any problem or with a question. She will always find a way out, will advise how to do right thing. I often rely on its life experience. We like to have in the evening a heart-to-heart talk.

Mother likes to prepare

, to bake something tasty, and I often observe how it does it. I try to help it that then as mother speaks, I was not a bad hostess.

Ya very much I love the beautiful, clever, careful mummy! What happiness that I have it!

Anna Ergasheva, 11 years

my mother call

Alyon. It beautiful and kind. At it it is gray - blue eyes and light-a fair hair. Mother very much likes to travel therefore she works as the stewardess. We go where - nibud to have a rest every summer. Still mummy likes to read interesting books, and with her always is what to talk about! It for me the best girlfriend, we with it often go to the cinema, in bowling, in cafe.

We everything like to do

together, the main thing that together! I very much love it!

of Valery Plusnin, 11 years

my mother call

Marin. Mummy likes to be engaged in an embroidery. Cross stitches, already embroidered many pictures.

my mummy cares not only for me, but also for my beloved elder sister Vikula. My mother has very interesting work, it works with an osemenator. Mother comes from work and makes a tasty dinner.

At mother brown eyes and dark-a fair hair. We with mother like to walk on the settlement. She is the coolest mother in the world!

of Alyon Nikitenko, 11 years

call my mother

Makarova Olga Viktorovna. It kind and hardworking. Mother ended 11 classes, came to Irkutsk state farm - technical school on office “Accounting and audit“ and ended it with honors. Then came to Irkutsk agricultural academy. Now mother studies at Irkutsk state university.

my mother works with

in a human resources department. It late comes from work, but it does not prevent it with me to be engaged. In the evenings it checks how I perform homework.

Mother likes to go to the wood, to gather mushrooms. Still mother to care for us - about me, the brother and the father. She likes to prepare for us something tasty. My mother loves me, and I love her. Everyone has mother, and everyone very much loves her. And I love the mother more, than all others of the mothers.

Egor Makarov, 11 years

call my mother

Olga. She likes to bake tasty cakes on days off. My mummy works as the accountant. She charges a salary to workers and processes documents. My mother has two daughters, I and Natasha. Coming from work, mother helps my sister to do homework, and sometimes helps also me. To the free time mother likes to go with us to a skating rink. I consider that my mother the best on light, and I love her for it!

of Yuli Boychuk, 10 years

I want to tell

Ya about the mother a little. My mother the creative person, she well composes verses, stories and many other things.

Ya very much I love the mother, mother is the main word in each destiny.

Mother life presented

presented the World to me and you.

Ya I adore the mother and I am proud of the fact that I have it. Mother can regret when to me it is bad, to help with a difficult situation. It very cheerful person. Quite often she likes to laugh with all the heart.

the Mummy likes to travel. Its most cherished dream - to visit the island of Bali. When I grow up, I will surely achieve her dream. The mummy, you only trust! I very much love you!

Alina Parygina, 11 years

call my mother

Zoya. It cheerful and cheerful. She is the best mother on light.

Mother buys by

to me everyones “yum-yum“ and a knickknack, gives gifts for all holidays, but I love it not for it. It at me very kind.

the Mummy likes to watch different soap operas, to solve crossword puzzles, to sew and embroider. Mother works with the mail carrier. When mother bears pension to some grandmother, I know precisely that she will treat her with candies.

All mothers beautiful, but my mother is the best of all!

of Anastasius Yershov, 11 years

my mother the best on light! She is able all: to do needlework, prepare, to erase and even to repair objects. Mother works as the dispatcher in ATTs (motor transportation shop). Mother receives many papers for the signature therefore quite often it takes work home.

my mummy very strongly is tired at work, but we help it about the house. On the weekend mother will always find for us time to play.

We care for it, and she cares for us. We very much love it and we appreciate, it at us one!

Anna Morozova, 12 years

the Very first word of the child - mother. Mother is a person who cared for us and will always care.

At mother it is a lot of affairs, she goes to work, makes for us a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, dresses us. Sometimes she wants to spend day with a family or just to have a rest, lying on a sofa in silence.

Mother often asks

a question: “What my child will grow up? What with it will be farther? How there will be its destiny?“

For each mother her child the cleverest, beautiful and the best. But there are moments which often afflict mother, and I try not to allow it.

Nikita Goryachkin, 11 years

In life of each person is dearest to it the person is his mother. My mother is called Svetlana Anatolyevna. It works in kindergarten as the musical director.

my mother the best on light. I very much love it because it the most gentle and sensitive. I very much like to spend with it a free time. We very much like to watch together TV, to walk.

Ya I love the mother for her beauty, kindness and just for the fact that she is my mother. There is no mother in the world of the person better! Mother cares for us since the birth, gives us the heat, kindness and the maternal love. Even when we grow up, mother still loves us, as in the childhood. In life the thicket needs to call mother tender words: mummy, mummy. Even if we will behave badly, mother will still love us.

Andrey Travin, 11 years

Mother is the main person in my life. Mother in my understanding is a love, heat of soul, dear and understanding me person. Mother - my reliable back. It the most irreplaceable person in my life. I am always surrounded with its heat and care. She always rejoices to my victories, supports at a difficult moment. With it it is always good! It is necessary to rejoice to the fact that it is that it is live that it nearby. Do not afflict mother, appreciate and protect her!

of Valery Solopko, 11 years

“... Here what mother - gold directly!“ These are lines of the writer Elena Blaginina. I read these verses together with mother.

Of course, each child will tell that his mother is the best of all. Here and Dimka, my neighbor, tells about the mother only good. But all the same my mother the most favourite. It has even a beautiful name - Oksana, both it beautiful and young. It has cheerful eyes, long hair, a clip. Mother is Jack of all trades. For example, in the summer she managed to put a collar on a summer water supply system. And when I was ill, to me put pricks, and is not sick at all. Mummy is able to drive the car, and the wheel changes.

my sister Lida, her groom Nikita and I am adored by

her liver flat cakes in smetanny sauce. She and me taught to cook porridge on milk. Mother cooks salads as she at restaurant, and even the Chinese beaters can make pizza.

She also clever - for it it at work all respect

. Our cat Semyon loves it also the Faithful dog because mother of all feeds and treats, worries about all. And I can tell it any case because I trust. The neighbor Dimka says that my mother kind, allows to watch animated cartoons and with us skates.


Yes, only mother calls me - the sonny, Nikitushka. And I call it - mummy, not specially of course, itself so it turns out because I have a love to my mummy in heart.

Nikita Vereshchagin, 7 years

call my mother

Marina Aleksandrovna. It works as the seller in shop of a stationery of “Liener“. Most often school students as in shop notebooks, handles, covers for textbooks, a cardboard and many other things that is necessary for pupils are on sale are buyers. But also absolutely little buyers together with the mothers and grandmothers come. They ask and buy goods for creativity: plasticine, coloring, soap bubbles. Mother always meets buyers with a smile, always helps council. Buyers leave happy and it is obligatory with purchase. Mother not only sells stationery, but also watches purity in shop. On shelves always an order and purity. In the competition “New Year`s Registration“ the mother`s shop took the I place, and mother was awarded with the diploma and a valuable present. I very much am proud of the mother and very much I love her!

Anna (8 years) and Darya (10 let) Gryaznovy

Pupils 5 - go the class
of municipal educational institution “Belorechensky lyceum“ of the item Belorechensky
of Usolsky district of the Irkutsk region
and Elena Yurevna Vorontsova, their teacher