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8 Marta: three desserts by a holiday. Let`s indulge ourselves with caramel!

Taste of the coming spring - caramel! The culinary blogger Irina Chadeeva precisely knows how to prepare caramel cream and dough for the most different desserts - and will teach us. The detailed master - a class with a photo will help to be prepared for a spring holiday - to surprise the guests and to indulge himself, darling.

Pie with pears, chocolate and caramel

the Combination of pears, caramel and chocolate, on my taste, ideal, but, perhaps, will be even better if to take not dark chocolate, but dairy.

For this pie should make chopped dough from 200 g of flour, 100 g of oil, 50 g of sugar, one egg and, perhaps, one - two spoons of cold milk. To roll, lay out dough in a form (to me was enough with a diameter of 28 cm, it is possible smaller), to pin and cool.

One big pear (soft) slice


Spread out

on the cold test and bake at 200 º Since 20 minutes.


Make caramel. 150 g of sugar fill in 50 g of water.

Deliver to

on strong fire and wait until mix begins to darken.

Pour in

200 ml of cream (20%) and stir.

Reduce fire and disturb until caramel is dissolved.

put 30 g of chocolate In syrup and stir until mix becomes almost uniform, then cool (to 40 º C) also add two eggs.


, without shaking up, before receiving uniform mix.

Fill in with

a basis with pears shokoladno - caramel syrup.


40 minutes at 160 º With or so far filling will not thicken.

Pie has to stand a little, and then it can be cut and eaten both warm, and cold.

I it is simply tasty

, that`s all.

Caramel tiramisu

When many years ago we only learned

about tiramisu, it had the right to be (and was) only coffee. In our family coffee is drunk very seldom and not especially loved therefore different options as a result are thought out. One of the most successful - with caramel syrup.

In tiramisu three of the main components - cream, biscuits and syrup.

we Will begin

with biscuits. There is nothing more simply, than to bake such biscuit cookies. The main feature - bigger amount of proteins in comparison with a usual biscuit, it allows the test not to blur on a baking sheet, and cookies turn out drier. To receive the well-known crust, it is necessary simply - naprosto to strew cookies before pastries icing sugar. After baking of cookies it is possible to store in closed bank, and to use, as well as any other biscuits, not earlier than through 8 - 12 than hours after pastries, and it is better - in a day - two.

Syrup can be any. The main thing - it has to be tasty and not too sweet. But it is the most important to remember that biscuits should be dipped into it quickly - there is nothing worse than sodden cookies!

Cream is made usually of crude eggs and mascarpone. In due time I was afraid to use eggs without thermal treatment and therefore thought up a few other option - cream with sabayon, mascarpone and cream. So now also I do.

Biscuits (20 pieces):

  • 2 yolks
  • 3 proteins
  • of 50 g of sugar
  • of 50 g of flour
  • of 30 g of icing sugar for topping
  • the baking sheet laid by baking paper

Warm an oven to 200 º With

of Tiramisu (6 - 8 portions):

  • of 20 biscuits

For syrup:

  • of 25 g of sugar
  • of 150 ml of milk
  • of 1 tablespoon of almond liqueur

For cream:

  • 3 yolks
  • of 250 g of mascarpone
  • of 60 g of sugar
  • of 250 g of cream of 33%
  • of 2 tablespoons of almond liqueur


  • of 2 tablespoons of almond flakes

the Round form with a diameter of 20 cm or square with the party of 18 cm

Beat 3 egg whites to strong peaks, add 25 g of sugar and shake up to density and gloss. For this biscuit whites should be beaten very well.

Yolks (2 pieces) shake up with sugar in light cream.

Connect both weights.

Pour the sifted flour (50 g) and accurately mix.

Dough shift

in kornetik and transplant on baking paper of a stick. I line paper so that sticks 12 cm long turned out (you can do them in a half of length of a form in which you will do tiramisu).


with their icing sugar two times. Leave on of 10 - 15 minutes.

Bake 10 - 12 minutes at 200 º S. Ostudite on a lattice, having removed from paper.

Prepare for

syrup: on a frying pan with a thick bottom melt 25 g of sugar that it gained brown color.

Pour in couple of spoons of boiled water, remove from fire and add 150 ml of milk.


before caramel dissolution, filter and cool. Pour in a tablespoon of almond liqueur.

Prepare for

cream: yolks (3 pieces) shake up from 60 g of sugar and 2 tablespoons of almond liqueur on a steam bath before obtaining very dense and magnificent viscous weight (about 7 minutes).

Deliver to

on ice and shake up until cream cools down.


250 g of mascarpone, add to it yolks gradually.

Shake up

250 g of cream of 33 - 35% and mix with a yolk weight.

Now actually tiramisu.

Lay out a quarter of cream in a form.

Pour syrup in a soup wide plate, dip in it quickly biscuits and stack in a form on cream.

Lay out a half of the remained cream over biscuits.

put the biscuits impregnated with syrup Again...

... and atop cream rest.

the Top layer of cream powder

with fried almond flakes (couple of tablespoons).



in the refrigerator for 6 hours, it is not less. That by tiramisu it was well cut, take a sharp knife and dip it in warm water.

Strawberry baskets with a caramel custard

the Classical recipe of small baskets includes shortcake dough, a custard and fresh berries. I made little changes which will please you.

In - the first, I kneaded shortcake dough on protein. Small baskets have to be very gentle, friable, but at the same time not crumble when we get them from molds (that always occurs if I knead dough with a yolk). Therefore this time I decided to add durability - and baskets turned out ideal by sight and very gentle on taste!


As for a custard, it is only enough to prepare of it with caramel syrup to receive which - that new and interesting. If you have problems with caramel - just replace sugar in the recipe with dark brown sugar. Besides, the amazing consistence is given to cream by cream - though they can be replaced with milk, it is better not to do it. it is important to p to collect by

baskets directly before giving - both strawberry and cream will be the most tasty!

of 6 small baskets with a diameter of 10 cm



For the test mix soft oil with powder and protein in cream.

Pour flour and stir in a crumb.

you Stick together crumbs in a lump, divide dough into 6 equal parts and hands lay out dough in baskets.


at 200 º From 13 minutes, baskets should not blush strongly. You see, with protein they turned out ideal.

For cream kindle sugar in a saucepan. If you take brown sugar instead of caramel, you will need not 30, but 20 g



gradually add hot cream To caramel, well stirring. Mix will foam.

Warm up mix until pieces of caramel are dissolved.

Measure by

the volume of mix and add up to 250 ml milk. Again bring to boiling.

pound yolks with powder and flour in a deep bowl Meanwhile.

Pour in hot creamy syrup, well stirring.

pour mix back in a pan Now and you cook before solidification. Add vanilla extract.

Cream cool

, having shifted in a bowl and having covered with a film (it is also possible to pour from above a milk spoon).

Before giving cream shake up

and spread out on baskets.


with strawberry.