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Part 1 can be read here.

Where we lived also that was done

So we were already on the place soon and had an opportunity to estimate our lodging. The country house represents 3 - the floor house, on 2 and of which 3rd the floor are 2 - spalnevy apartments with gostnny, the hall, small kitchen and a bathroom. There are $40 for number in days. In number the conditioner, the TV with 50 cable channels, 2 double beds, the displayed sofa, the refrigerator, a plate and a terrace with plastic furniture. In principle it is possible to place a camp :) As we planned to have a rest all three together, we reserved simply 2 - local number with 2 - a sleeping bed (it is possible with 2 single) and a separate bathroom. These numbers are located on the first floor of a country house, their of everything 3. Unfortunately, on the place it became clear that a bathroom one on all these 3 numbers. I was upset and began to find out from Dimcho:
- As so, we agreed about a separate bathroom?
- Is mute problems. You will be one.
- Precisely one, more nobody will lodge?
- is Almost sure that nobody will be any more.

also settled Upon that. Agreed with the husband that if whom to lodge, then we move in apartments. Still I was struck by lack of a bathtub per se. I.e. there are a shower and a drain in a floor. However, we very quickly got used to it, but on a pervost I all puzzled: as it is some people even at home do it a shower with a drain in a floor.

U us in number was 2 - a sleeping bed (but nevertheless less, than ours 2 - sleeping :)), a case, a coffee table and a chair, bedside tables with night lamps. There is it $16 for number. The furniture is not smart, but new, not ragged and not causing an esthetic loss to a look and a body :). In the hall there was a refrigerator, on it there was a drying with ware, spoons, forks, a knife and cups. At our individual order there were even 2 huge terraces, one left to the yard, another - to the pool. On both there were a table, chairs. On one of them was there was an electro teapot and a figurative tile with a pan on it - it was possible to boil water and to cook sausages. Or soups :)

the country house is surrounded by quite big garden therefore even in the most sunny, hot day there is a lot of a shadow that in combination with a breeze from the sea does not allow to pine with a heat at all. However, to sleep in number was at night zharkovato as the husband categorically did not agree to sleep with the door opened on a terrace.

besides in the depth of a garden still the bungalow, too on 2 bedrooms, with the TV, kitchen etc. (as in apartments) is. And there even in soul a normal drain in a small square bathtub, but not in a floor. Before a bungalow the platform with a table under an umbrella, chairs... Costs $40 too and if we still go to Dimcho, then exactly there.

Two steps away from a country house, in a garden, the pool, in my opinion the size 4m x 8 of m, with illumination is, with system of a filtration and Dimcho nearly an every day cleans it the vacuum cleaner and manually so water always pure.

About the pool - steam of tables, chairs, chaise lounges, umbrellas. A garden too with illumination along the avenues conducting to a country house.

the Territory is surrounded with a fence and is protected by two valorous dogs - Kimbo and Bebo. Here too there was a small problem - ours 2 - a letka just in that stage of development when animals are adored, without doing a discount for their animal temper. Namely Ilya can run up in a rush of feelings to a dog and throw the arms round her a neck, slap on a muzzle etc. And the senior dog of all these tendernesses did not understand and after demonstration of the displeasure passed with growl and a grin to more drastic measures - somehow time clattered with teeth, having ripped skin at Ilya on a shoulder. Of course, I was shocked. Dimcho told that the dog has all vaccines. Having weighed everything pros and cons, I decided to decuple vigilance and not to leave Ilya and Kimbo unguarded for a minute. Especially as Ilya Kimbu in itself did not interest. Only when from the refrigerator something tasty was taken, dogs resorted - to beg. As a result through some time cajoled by sausages and crude Kimbo just began to avoid Ilya when that approached it. It was necessary only to watch that Ilya himself did not stick to dogs. Though with Bebo everything was simpler - he - that forgave to Ilya both slaps, and bear embraces instead of a food.

rest on a country house reminded

country in good sense of this word :) I.e. any beds, conveniences in the yard and cold water from a column.

When Ilya accustomed to the pool, it awoke us with moaning under a door in the mornings:“ Item to apat an asseyn“. It was worth opening a door - and the birdie already flew away. It was necessary to remind that put on sleeves.

that our gallant fellow in spirit got with

A into the pool without sleeves once and very much was surprised that he went to a bottom. The benefit, I was near in the pool and caught it. He from surprise did not even row with legs and handles, just held the breath and from surprise opened eyes. It was necessary to entice from the pool blackmail - a pier, we will go to the warm pool (with thermal water) or to the sea.

At the sea Ilya accustomed longer. The first couple of days we went to the sea in the evening and sat hours to 10, under the moon. Ilya ran on the coast and collected “tutusa“ (cockleshells) which waves generously cast ashore. It is a lot of everyones - big and small, smooth and ridge, white, blue, brown, green and in a speck... I or collected (very much calms to potter about together with it in sand and to try to discover especially interesting from the point of view of a form and color of a cockleshell :)), or read the book. I so missed reading that I read 2 books taken with themselves in the first week.

of Hope that the child born in water will be Ikhtiandr did not justify themselves. Despite the water birth Ilya long time was afraid of the sea - open space, waves... It approached the line of a surf and ran away. And only through 1. The 5th weeks began to swim in the sea.

M. so long he accustomed from - for the fact that we spent at the sea not really much time - since morning of hour 3 and in the evening a couple of hours and that not always. Somehow it was impossible to us to be fried there on a heat. And when there arrived Sergey, and in general in the evenings to the sea got out every other day. The rest of the time - walked according to St. Konstantin, ate in cafes, slept at themselves on a country house and swam in the pool. Still went to Varna (10 - 15 min. by bus, buses go often), there did shopping on the commercial street, walked in Varnensky park.

of the Sortie: Varna

About Varna - the separate story. The city to pain reminded us Sochi, adjusted for signs in Bulgarian. Behind fruit we went exactly there, by the collective-farm markets of the price just communistic - huge tomatoes soil (3 pieces on kilogram) on 1. 80th lion (about 29 rub) peaches big - 1. 8 - 2. 0 lion/kg (28. 8 - 32 rub/kg), small and that are cheaper, sweet cherry big, black and terribly tasty - 3. 5 lion/kg (56 rub/kg), and he already depart therefore such expensive. The similar prices were in a supermarket near a country house, but the choice was significantly less. In a resort zone of St. Konstantin all is dearer than time in 2 - 3, by itself. As well as in Gold dust. Still me as cheese soul, the abundance of cheeses struck. You come into shop, and there one white cheese (the Bulgarian sheep cheese our way) grades 7. And still yellow cheese - kashkavat, like our Dutch, is only more tasty. My soul remained there, in Bulgaria, together with all this abundance of cheeses :)

the table Bosk Also blew our mind that on Vladislav Varnenchik St. near the central mail. However, it is difficult for me to call this institution of “dining room“ as since student`s times with this word such klopovnik are associated with filthy glasses, zasizhenny flies a ceiling, iron ragged chairs and the food causing persistent heartburn. This Bosk does not remind the dining room in this sense at all - windows huge and the purest, fresh repair and decent wooden furniture inside there, and food and the prices.... Well. We had dinner for two about 2 - 3 salads, with 2 hot dishes, a dessert, drinks and beer, plus more hotly for Ilya, and for everything - 7 - 10 lion (112 - 160 rub) . Except us there nobody took so much food, and except us there were no foreigners :) Food - without special delicacy like the stuffed pigs or pancakes with black caviar, but it is home-style tasty.

But beach in Varna it was not pleasant to us p absolutely. And god with them, with the long streaming ladders conducting to the sea. Itself the seas is rather dirty, sand dirty, cabins for disguise humiliating - close part of a body from the line above the middle of a hip and to a chin (or I have legs just short?) ... And general impression - uncomfortably somehow.

the park which goes along the coast Is good

. There dolphinarium, playground and attractions, small zoo. Park very big, on foot you will not pass if not to aim to spend for this more than a half of day. The part of park can be passed on pass - the train for 1 lion from the adult.

Ilya still mastered accumulator machines on the square among commercial streets.

Other sights of Varna stayed behind scenes - with the small child like Ilya not really - that walk on the museums and temples.

Still the sad story with cakes left - we came across in Varna confectionery shop which it would be necessary to call “Farewell, a waist!“ Where I also said goodbye to the waist :( Well, I love sweet, my such cross... Besides cakes everyone respecting himself snek - the bar and restaurant offers such exotic as “a palachinka sjs jam, honey and so forth“ Well pancake generally. There is this lonely pancake 1. 5 - 2 lion are also designed probably for Germans and other foreigners, except Russians :)

of the Sortie:

Ya told Nessebar to

that we went to Nessebar - it is our only distant sortie.

Grudges that we could not master still any excursions, but with shilopopy Ilya and to it it is necessary to rejoice.


generally, we left varnensky private bus station which costs away from the central bus station. There is a transportation to Nessebar the 5th lion there (the minibus Volkswagen on 20 persons), and the 6th lion back (the minibus Ford on 15 people). There is such arithmetics. To go 1. 5 h. And stops “who did not get on well at the principle, that was late“. I.e. there comes the bus in. Byala, the Review, the Solar Coast on bus station, it is worth exactly so many how many it is necessary to leave to passengers and taking away baggage. Also goes further.

We arrived at 10 in the morning with intention to return in the evening on 6 - the hour bus. Included in the plans to wander across old Nessebar, to swim in the sea and to make shopping in new Nessebar. Generally, for New Nessebar there was enough neither time, nor forces. Old - very beautiful tiny town. On what neither I, nor the husband not fans of ruins in a large number, but there very much it was pleasant to us.

We managed to wander on the city, to swim in the sea, in a silent bay where there were no waves, water was the purest even if to consider that the beach pesochno - shelly.

besides in water and these myriapods on shoal who bite if to stand still were found. Managed to eat also at restaurant on the seashore where left the sum, record for Bulgaria, - the 34th lion, having ordered specialty and confused salad “Golden Fleece“ - simply huge dish on which cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, eggs, olives, ham, mushrooms, toasts and a lot of things still, probably, were beautifully laid that was in economy :) I ordered a trout on a grill, the husband - something from veal with mushrooms. Precisely there was a beer, and also perhaps a dessert - I do not remember any more :) because most of all to me at this restaurant the account in these most 34 lion was remembered.