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Pile - a popular hairdress 60 - x the hands. A retro in fashion!

the Pile changed a hairdress of many women in due time - perhaps, it will be pleasant also to you. Hair of average length will gain splendor, and your image - new lines. If you wish to experiment in style a vintage, then this master - a class with a photo - for you.

Though this hairdress is considered accessory 1960 - x , actually it became fashionable in 1950 - x in the USA, and several years later it residents of Great Britain adopted. It became something like alternative to free 1950 style - x

However, the pile never got out of fashion finally. And the most courageous option of this hairdress in 2011 was offered by Sara Jessica Parker, having appeared on public with such huge pile that it then for a long time was discussed.

the Question of how long this hairdress will be popular, was a subject of discussions of many journalists and hair stylists, especially after it became clear that the pile can strongly spoil hair. However it did not prevent Jackie Kennedy to continue to do the pile, and this hairdress continued to enjoy popularity up to the end of 1960 - x.

several different ways to do a pile Exist. In general a pile - too vast term in relation to a long and curly hair. to you it will be necessary for

of p:

the Step 1

Prepare your hair: give them volume with the help thermohair curlers, curling tongs of hair or a sushuar and clothespegs for hair dressing.

the Step 2

Remove all hair curlers / clothespegs from the turned-out curls located along the line of hair. Now begin to untwist these curls in the opposite direction (that is from the face) so that they became straight.

the Step 3

Comb the lower locks in the field of roots to give them some splendor, and then smooth them from outer side.

the Step 4

Remove the remained hair curlers and allocate the site located in the area between the top and a nape and begin to comb the turned-out lock of hair.


Do to

a pile so big as far as it is possible, and record result a varnish.

the Step 5

Comb lateral locks and, as well as in the previous step, process result a varnish.

the Step 6

by means of a brush smooth with

a pile from outer side.

Smooth hair gradually, from a site to a site, without forgetting to process a varnish the laid locks. Be attentive: do not comb incidentally all pile. Use a comb with a sharp tip to straighten locks, that increasing volume where it is necessary.

the Step 7

Process all hairdress a varnish.

From the book “Hairdresses for all times.
Step-by-step technicians of creation of classical images“