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What is responsibility?

Responsibility - very popular word in various psychological and spiritual doctrines. People are often convinced that they should take responsibility for the life. But at the same time nobody ever explains and that all this is it is responsibility? Therefore I, at last, will give exact definition of what is responsibility.

Responsibility is to think of the actions, but not of strangers.

I Will give examples:

Irresponsible thinking: “The person argues with me“.

Responsible thinking: “I argue with the person“.

In the first case, obviously, you can make nothing. The person argues with you, and you just are forced to suffer this fact. In the second case when you argue with the person, you can stop arguing or beginning to speak with it about something another.

That is responsibility and irresponsibility are just different types of thinking. But these different types of thinking radically change your behavior.

If you think that you are plundered, will always plunder you - you do not participate in it at all. If you think that you do something, from - for what you are plundered, then you will be able to change the behavior and will cease to plunder you.

In other words if you think of the actions, then you can change them and if you think of others actions, then you cannot change them, so and it is impossible to make anything. That is to think of others actions it is simply useless - these thoughts will not affect anything, it is waste of time. And if you think of the actions, then you will be able to change something.

In general, think how you spend a lot of time for considering of others actions! That he acts this way, and it here so … Well, they act this way. Further, further - that?

And vice versa. If you always think only of the actions - as much in the life you will be able to change! You constantly do something. You do something right now - read this text. And if you begin to think that you do, you will be able to begin to improve the actions.

We constantly think of others actions and of how it would be good if they changed. It would be how more convenient to live among people! But their actions do not change. But if to begin to think of the actions and to change them, then in response to it actions of other people will begin to change too. Because other people will have to react to change of your actions somehow. That is, to change others actions, it is necessary to change the.

In general, if to think, then it will turn out that all our subjective world is created by our actions. At least, the reality for us exists only because we see it, we hear and we feel. Of course, the thought that only we create the reality not necessarily forces it to exchange instantly, but, at least, it gives us confidence in the forces and shows, is how total we are responsible for the life.

Begin to train. Train to think of the actions and not to think of strangers. Think that you do now, but not that do others now. If you understand that your actions do not suit you, you will be able to change them. Unlike strangers who you anyway will not be able to change.

Constantly think: “I do it, I do that, I do syo“. Constantly formulate each action. And then you will understand how much everything you do in every second of time and how strongly your actions influence all the rest. And then you will be able to change the actions. So - to change all the life.

What, as a matter of fact, is also called responsibility.