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How to answer “delicate“ questions? The main thing - tranquility of

Hundred thousand “why“ in day! Some “why“ cause affection, some - surprise, and some - bewilderment. Whether it is worth answering the child questions of sex, of swear and obscene words whether to answer questions of “adult“ subject? I consider to answer, certainly! To answer as quietly as you answer other, more innocent questions. But as how to speak to the child?

Children are big sly fellows. Early enough they some sixth sense understand what subjects of a zapretna, and quite often whisper on corners and giggle with the friends. For example, the child`s question of that from where it undertook, set in three years is a sincere interest, and the same question asked in six years can be provocation and some kind of check: how mother and the father will get out?

A happens, the child only - only learned to read and reads in a row everything - signs, inscriptions, announcements. Here - that can also sound absolutely unexpectedly on all street a gentle children`s voice with the question containing the “awful“ word which is just read on a wall of some garage.

At this moment the most important - for a moment not to lose self-control, not to raise the voice, not to ask reciprocal foolish questions it seems: “From where you know it?“ and other. Make a deep breath, then exhaled. If the situation allows - begin an explanation. If is not present - tell the child that you surely talk about it houses (and houses by all means make it). Explain to the child interpretation of the word and tell that in our language there are abusive words, there are very ugly words; if you know etymology - it is possible to make small digression to history if is not present - and it is not necessary.

the Most important - to try to inform of two things the child: 1. It is uncivilized and ugly to use these words in the speech. 2. In general you should not use words and expressions which value is unclear in the speech or it is unknown - otherwise it is possible to fall into very humorous situation.


in conversation with the child of all bans, we remember that forbidden fruit is sweetest, and for the child especially; and especially statements in “You Still Small, Will Grow Up - Learn“ style are absolutely inadmissible. If the kid sees that you quietly treat conversation, and its interest in this subject is settled - means, for today will be enough. If the child did not satisfy the curiosity, he will ask the following question. The main thing in such situations - to keep calm and to find proper words.

of Alexander