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How to teach the child to go? Get ``a live toy``!

my parents moved to live to the village, began to take care of a big garden, a kitchen garden and got nanny-goats and hens.


of the Daughter Lizonke executed year. She surely stamped legs, holding someone`s finger, but once you took away a hand, the daughter right there sat down on a floor. No arrangements affected it: it smartly rushed on the house, holding a finger, and at all refused to move completely independently unless on all fours.

We tried to beckon the child with toys, delicacies, a baby talk, but Lisa did not give up: she with pleasure went on shank`s mare with secure from an invariable finger or crept. If the finger was released on the street, then it sat down where stood: on a grass, on the road, on a footpath and anywhere.

Once mother called

and told what at their goat appeared two kids, to them for two weeks, they ridiculous and bright, and ordered to bring the child to look at “live toys“.

We went to mother to the village. Weather was remarkable, and the goat with an issue walked on the street. Kids indeed were a miracle as are good. We stood and looked at kids. Lisa, as always, held my finger.

But here one of kids skipping began to run around us. The daughter cheerfully burst out laughing, released my finger and ran behind it after.

uniform whirl Began p: the kid rushes tirelessly, and Lisa runs behind him with a joyful povizgivaniye. She stumbled on a grass, fell, and we stood waiting: now either the roar will begin, or the daughter will remember a finger and will wait until she is lifted.

Neither roar, nor expectation! Lisa independently got on feet and continued with a kid game in a game of tag. Later long time it managed to us to drag the child to the house - it did not want to leave for anything the new friend.

From this day Lisa began to go. Whether it is necessary to say that from a kid it was taken away hardly. But every weekend we vanished at mother in the village now, and the kid successfully played a role of the tutor of the beloved daughter.