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We prepare together: favourite recipes of a large family of

U us a big close-knit family - mother, the father, sonnies of Roofing felt of 13 years, Sasha of 8 years and the daughter Anna 2,5 year and Vika 1 year. Together we like to walk, play everything in volleyball, soccer, to draw, dance and prepare any delicacies.

Children very much like to potter with products, to help to cook food and feel at the same time adult and skillful. Still joint cooking well influences appetite - everything that children help to prepare for mother, they eat with special pleasure. Even if there was not absolutely what reflected, or burned slightly a little, the dish which is all the same prepared by the hands seems unusually tasty!

before work we put on

the kerchief heads that hair did not disturb and did not get to food. Carefully we wash hands - and forward! Babies are allowed to shake up (to mix) eggs for an omelet and to mix them with milk under the sensitive guide of mother. I always do a portion more, than will be eaten because the part of eggs and milk when stirring by girls will remain on a table.

to the Senior boys we already allow to twist forcemeat, to cook pelmeni, to fry eggs. It does them more independent and self-assured. They always keep saying: “If is not at home mother, and we will want to eat, we will be able to feed ourselves!“ Most of all they like to do a stuffing for pizza: cut sausage, boiled potatoes, champignons, tomatoes and pickles. A tinder cheese also decorate all with greens. Here the main thing not to disturb and allow them to put proportions not according to the recipe, and to taste - there are more sausage and cheese.

the Fast and tasty dish which we do everything together it is chicken. Children with enthusiasm cover it with spices and salt, put in a package for roasting - and in an oven. I put the timer and when the signal is distributed, at children appetite was already played! They look forward the culinary masterpiece. The dish, turns out, is completely made hands of children that especially is pleasant to them. What pleasant show - healthy and cheerful children who eat food greedily!

We prepare

much together because it is pleasant to all of us, and still joint occupations - it not only is cheerful and interesting, it also unites a family, rallies. The example we teach children to patience, diligence, compliance and love.