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Exclusive dowry for the son and the daughter - the hands of

My God how many ideas come to mind to the women expecting the kid! I was able to sew quite not bad earlier, but in recent years my imagination was usually limited to tailoring of pillows on a sofa or the cutting of curtains. Now I was just overflowed by ideas and ideas, the benefit during pregnancy of free time was more than enough. I wanted that at the beginning my kid was surrounded not only heartless factory things, but also things in whom the droplet of my heat and my love would be enclosed. Generally, I with great feeling started working.

the First thing to which the kid closely adjoins is, of course, a bed. I bought blue sateen because I knew that I will have a boy, and literally for one - two days sewed bed linen in a bed. Remained also on changing at the same time and a cradle - carrying - in it too the kid after the birth spent a lot of time.

of Mummy is known that it is useful for kid to spend some time on a floor that it began to hold a head quicker, to turn over, and then and to creep. For this purpose the special rug is useful. On it to the kid it is not cold, spacious and it is interesting. The main thing, a rug has to be safe - without fine details which can come off and get into the child`s mouth. It is better to be limited only to color application.

When the kid became already a little more senior than

, approximately in a year and a half, the turn of the developing book which I sewed from rags and the remains of unnecessary buttons, a band, laces, zippers came. Mine synulya especially fell in love with it, and we often consider it together. Pages in such developing book can be devoted to anything - to flowers, alphabet letters, figures. It is useful to insert a lacing into one of pages to train inept fingers. Pockets on a fastener can hide different small syurprizik - closing and opening too very fine trains them small motility of hands.

Now the son grew up a little more, and in 5 years such book stopped being for it interesting, but all the same - no and he will get it from the shelf and again will begin to leaf through pages. Soon he will give birth to the little sister, and I already began to sew an “exclusive“ dowry for her. And still we dream together with the son as he will teach the little sister to use the book and will descend it. Eventually, anybody has no such book any more!

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