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Maslenitsa: the scenario of a holiday for school and kindergarten of

B Maslenitsa is noted 2013 from March 11 to March 17. Already began tradition to arrange these days children`s holidays - at school, kindergarten. We offer the scenario of a holiday of Maslenitsa which will help children and adults to play and have fun much.


Maslenitsa - week before the Lent - in ancient Slavic tradition was devoted to a farewell to winter and a meeting of spring, fertility of the earth and a reproduction at people, to honoring of ancestors. With arrival of Christianity the sense of a holiday began to include also a splash of the negative energy which collected during the winter, reconciliation between people, forgiveness of relatives, preparation for the Lent.

the Majority of games and entertainments for Maslenitsa was devoted by

to search of the bride and groom, the choice of couple - upon termination of the Lent on the Red hill to celebrate a wedding.

Today Maslenitsa - an excellent opportunity to remember national traditions: round games, national songs, chastushkas, poteshka and tales. We suggest to study them together with children and to carry out a cheerful holiday of Maslenitsa at school or kindergarten.

Scenario of a holiday


On a scene - internal furniture of the house: three benches located a letter P. They are covered with homespun covers. Walls are decorated in national style.

On benches girls - needlewomen in the Russian national suits stay at home together with the hostess. They embroider, the hostess spins (it is possible to use a distaff or a spindle). Boys spin baskets.


the First time were embroidered by light month and the moon,
Month with the moon yes with clear stars.


For the second time embroidered with

the red sun with beams,
the Sun with the moon yes with warm clouds...


For the third time embroidered with

an open country with bushes,
the Field with bushes yes with ryskuchy animals...


For the fourth time embroidered with

the sea the Sea, blue with waves,
, blue with waves, with the white ships.
Decorated a seredka light-blue flowers.

FIRST NEEDLEWOMAN: Work yes of a hand - reliable bails in people.

SECOND NEEDLEWOMAN: When there is nothing to do, and the cockroach on polat will get.

THIRD NEEDLEWOMAN: By the sweat of the brow we work so that to a nose to wipe a lack of time.


Suit children with national musical instruments: graggers, spoons, tambourines, penny whistles, etc.


As at our at gate
the people Gather.
All - that with spoons
Yes with graggerses.


As at our neighbor
conversation was cheerful



Geese - in a psaltery,
of the Duck - in pipes.


of the Tap dance - in graggerses,
of the Seagull - in balalaikas.



- in a pipe,
of the Cuckoo - in svistushka.


Starlings - in bells.
Play, play, amuse all.

Musicians play

and sing the Russian national song “Ah You, Outer Entrance Hall“. Take seats and begin comic dialogue - a poteshka.


the Tale in persons - a tall tale,
the Tall tale yes a neslykhalshchina.


On skies of sulfurs the bear flies,
It wags with ears, pads, It a black tail prinapravlivat


On an oak the pig built a nest,
built a Nest, brought children!
Are small children, porosyatochka
On knots sit, on tops look,
On tops look, want to depart.


the Tale in persons - a tall tale,
the Tall tale yes a neslykhalshchina.

MUSICIAN: Fedul, what pouted?

HANDYMAN: The caftan burned.

MUSICIAN: Whether the hole is big?

HANDYMAN: One gate remained.

the NEEDLEWOMAN (cries out)

: Language stirs, disturbs hands!

MUSICIAN: Business before pleasure! Hey, who with me plays interesting game? In what only, I will not tell.

Children become in a circle. The reader considers.


Hey! Ivan,
of Polezay in a glass,
Cut off a lemon
I go out!


Choose a uterus and a wolf. Someone represents a wolf in the center of a round dance, the others - geese.

the UTERUS (addressing geese): Geese, geese where you were?

GEESE: Yes at the blue sea Were p>


UTERUS: And whom you, geese, saw?


of the Grey wolf.
it Carried away the goose
Instead of a pig,
For a pad, for a leg,
For a white wing!

As soon as geese will tell

:“ It carried away the goose“ - the wolf runs out from a round dance. Geese right there become one after another and clasp each other for a belt. Ahead there is a uterus. The task of a wolf - to extend one goose, but disturbs it a uterus. It turns to a wolf, and behind it - and all geese.

the UTERUS (shouts):

Geese, geese,
Pinch a wolf!
you Drive its
On mosses, on bogs.

Geese pinch a wolf. Game is held two times. Then participants take seats on benches.


Lengthways down the street to the end
the udaly good fellow Went,
the Falcon flew by,
the Nightingale prosvistat.

the boy Gets up and strolls to and fro pompously. Music “Sounds where was, Ivanushka“ (the Russian national song). Children begin to sing.

Where you were, Ivanushka?
At a fair (on a market).
What bought, Ivanushka?
Chicken. the Chicken on titmouses
kernels pecks
, Ivanushk`s
in a gorenka
of the Song sings.

Where you were, Ivanushka?
At a fair (on a market).
What bought, Ivanushka?
Duck. the Chicken on titmouses
kernels pecks
the Duck on a puddle
Backwards - forward floats, Ivanushk`s
in a gorenka
of the Song sings.

Where you were, Ivanushka?
At a fair (on a market).
What bought, Ivanushka?
of the Lamb. the Chicken on titmouses
Kernels pecks
the Duck on a puddle
Backwards - forward floats, the Lamb in the garden
the Grass chews
, Ivanushk`s
in a gorenka
of the Song sings.

Where you were, Ivanushka?
At a fair (on a market).
What bought, Ivanushka?
to Korovushk. the Chicken on titmouses
Kernels pecks
the Duck on a puddle
Backwards - forward floats, the Lamb in the garden
the Grass chews
, Korovushk`s
to children
milks, Ivanushk`s
in a gorenka
of the Song sings.

is Played by music, Ivan invites the girl to dance.

FIRST READER: What today did?

SECOND READER: Looked for mittens.



FIRST READER: Where they were?

SECOND READER: Yes behind a belt.

FIRST READER: And you where walk?

SECOND READER: For seven versts.

FIRST READER: Kissel to sup?

SECOND READER: No, a mosquito to look for.

FIRST READER: It, which mosquito?

SECOND READER: Yes that which wants to bite me for a nose.

FIRST READER: Yes it at you!

SECOND READER: Where it at me?

FIRST READER: Yes on a nose at you!

SECOND READER: Yes it still that! I go, means. And here about me whistles: I in one party - whistle, in another - whistles. Got on a birch - I sit, all the same whistles. And it at me in a nose.

FIRST READER: And here with me that occurred so occurred! I hear, the bullet whistles, buzzes: I aside - it for me, I in another - it for me. In bushes fell, and it me tsap for a forehead, I her hand - and am a bug!

HOSTESS: And what musicians sat up?

Children execute chastushkas.

of the GIRL:

Allow to dance, Allow to stamp
Really in this house
of the Floor board will burst?
it is healthy, healthy
At Egorov`s gate,
A at our at gate
Everything goes on the contrary.


A your grandfather Ivan
Put a cat in a pocket.
the Cat cries and sobs,
Loudly abuses the grandfather.

of the GIRL:

If Stepa you are al Fedya, That catch
in the bear wood.
On a bear go, convoke
of All fellows.


As on Katin birthday
Brought to

a can with jam.
So gorged on I and you,
Ached stomachs.

the FIRST READER (rises and asks a riddle): Small children sit on a branch when they grow up - on the earth will jump off.

SECOND READER: About this sweet and we have a tackle.

Game “Nuts“. Participants sit on a bench, there begins a reader.


In the wood on a glade
is Costed by a hazel grove in a green caftan,
the Rich man is not big,
A will allocate with nutlets.

In one hand the leader hides nuts and stretches both fists to any participant that that guessed in what hand nuts.


the nut was born

On a bush,
Under a bush rolled down,
Under a bush rolled down,
On hands came to be.
your or my?

If the participant guesses

, then he becomes a leader. Game repeats several times.

MUSICIANS: And we have spoons yes of a graggers. And at you?

CHILDREN: And we have legs yes of a palm.

Children get up in a circle and sing a round “Vanya Goes“.


Vanya Goes,
Goes Vanya
In the middle of a circle,
In the middle of a circle.
is Looked for by Vanya,
Looks for All the friend,
All to himself the friend.
was Found by Vanya,
For himself Found the friend,
For himself the friend.

by Wan`s

chooses to himself the friend and dances with it. Game repeats two times - everyone who appeared in a circle, in turn chooses to himself the friend.

HOSTESS: The end is the crown of any work.