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Children`s cosmetics: what to choose for the newborn of

the miracle Came true: the kid was born! It such small and such defenseless. His skin is more gentle gentle, and on the head - a thin down of hair. Young mother worries: how to look after the newborn not to do much harm? How to save his sensitive skin from irritations, allergies and dermatitis? Correctly picked up means on leaving will help mother to care successfully for the kid, and to the baby - to be healthy and happy.

Before choosing cosmetics for the child, it is necessary to remember some of his features. In - the first, skin of the kid is much thinner than skin of the adult and carries out the protective function poorly. In - the second, sebaceous glands at kids are developed insufficiently therefore thermal control is carried out badly. In - the third, loss of moisture in children`s skin happens very quickly. In - the fourth, at children`s skin there is a set of the cages capable to participate in allergic reactions.

Considering all these features, we draw a conclusion: children`s skin needs continuous protection, clarification and moistening. It is possible to gain the corresponding effect when using special children`s cosmetics.

What the children`s cosmetics differs in

from adult?

the Children`s cosmetics is created by

taking into account features of children`s skin. The pH level in children`s cosmetics, unlike adult, neutral, does not destroy a fragile protective layer of skin and does not interfere with its formation. Components in children`s cosmetics are carefully selected and clinically tested on compatibility. The mark “Without tears“ on children`s shampoo or a skin means that they contain soft formulas thanks to which cosmetics do not irritate mucous an eye. Let`s add that such means - the real rescue for mother of the uneasy kid. Actively moving in water, the kid will not even notice how shampoo or a skin will get to him to eyes.

natural components surely are a part of hygienic means: extracts of plants (camomile, aloe, lavender, wheat sprouts), oils (olive, tree shi) and vitamins (And, D, E). The glycerin which is in structure of children`s cosmetics is the good softening and moistening means. If on a label of children`s means zinc oxide is specified, so means reduces activity of the substances supporting processes of an inflammation and helps healing of wounds. Unlike cosmetics for adults, alcohol and alkali cannot be a part of children`s cosmetics.

However if to children cannot use

cosmetics for adults, then adults can quite use children`s cosmetics. Moreover, young mothers are even recommended to use one cosmetics with the kid, the probability of irritation of skin from children`s cosmetics is reduced to zero since it is hypoallergenic and contains the softest, checked for safety components.

the Range of children`s cosmetics

Today the children`s cosmetics does not lag behind from “adult“ on number of names in the assortment.

the Skin - shampoo - is developed by

especially for clarification of sensitive children`s skin and hair from the very first bathing.

Children`s cream - protects

from harmful effects of external environment: sun, frost and wind.

Children`s oil - is ideally suited for

as for a baby massage and moistening of skin of the kid, and for removal of so-called “dairy crusts“ on the head of newborns.

Cream under a diaper - creates a reliable air-permeable barrier.

Powder - is made by

of high cleaning natural talc, quickly absorbs excess moisture, protects skin of the kid from irritation and an intertrigo.

Wet towel wipes - are very convenient to

for clarification of skin of the kid outdoors when near at hand there is no water.

In the market of children`s cosmetics to mother is where to clear up: the wide range and price range allow to pick up production which as much as possible will suit the kid. It is worth giving preference to those goods which quality is recognized around the world. For example, to the JOHNSON brand “S ® Baby which by results of large-scale research of the OMI company was recognized as a favourite brand of Russians in 2012 in the category “Goods for Children“.

But whatever cosmetics were chosen by mother, the main thing that they were pleasant to the kid and to it were ideally suited.