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Black and blue

Young parents are people too, their service is dangerous and difficult, demands good rest and a relaxation. We with the husband understood it at once.

it is exciting to p to relax, of course, without precious kids, but not all are ready for it to go, and to leave more often the child there is nobody. In this case the question of family rest turns into a problem.

the Second year our family solves this problem with success. Ahead August and the velvet season therefore I breaks between holidays, decided to share the reasons and the saved-up experience.

, for example, to me managed to visit This summer two seas - Black and Azov. And, I go to the Crimea about five years, and on the Arabatsky arrow in Azov I live since the birth, compensating for the deficiency of vitamins, luxuriating in “pair milk“, hunting for mussels and starting legs in hot sand. To me both the Ukrainian, and Russian side of the seas therefore was from what to choose is well-known. I started the examination to decide where better and more fullly can have a rest cheap young parents with the baby or kids till 3 - 4 years. And my choice fell on the Arabatsky arrow and small settlements of the Southern coast of the Crimea.

Earlier in “the sea list“ also Curonian Spit on Baltic, the Lithuanian Palanga, Lake Ladoga were registered as

(and than not the sea...) but then these remarkable places by itself disappeared - cold there in August.

So, one after another:

the Black Sea, the Crimea, Foros, Simeiz, Alushta

of YuBK is what is necessary young and vigorous: a motor vessel and lush Pike perch, eternally cheerful Yalta, the “coming-off“ Alushta.

With these mountains you fall in love at once as, however, and with all surrounding reality - the blue lapping monster, the bright sun, cypresses and the serpentine. Not for nothing, Eduard Topol called the Crimea an erogenous zone of the earth, and poets - avant-gardists saw off all summer in the Pike perch in free intellectual parties. From there it is other things being equal difficult to return tired and tortured. Even the three-day trip is capable to change internal state. Mothers and fathers, it for you! From all numerous places which I visited, being the organizer of youth forums, to me in soul Foros - the place, absolutely special on power and an elitism, sank down: quiet town with the multi-storey buildings adjoining to expensive boarding house and a refined botanical garden. Smart pebble beaches, tropical vegetation and thin population that, you see, in the Crimea meets seldom. It is easy to explain lack of crowds - very expensive housing and fruit, a taxi and food in cafe. We paid 20 c.u. for “two-room flat“, and one-room “on a turn-key basis“ will cost 10 - 15 dollars. Other room conditions (a camp site or a peasant house near the sea) with the small child are unacceptable, is checked on experience.

Foros and Simeiz`s Feature - proximity of Yalta, Sevastopol, Alupka. To any sight - to give a hand, the current does water warm from time to time, cool, and the magnificent park gives a necessary shadow - here we took cover from the sun in dangerous hours. In the Crimea a set of cafes, at last all communications are adjusted - it is possible to buy a sim card of local telephone operators for 30 dollars and to call home, ordinary cards allow to call round the clock from boarding house of Foros. The only minus - problems with water. Therefore I prefer to remove the apartment in a lodge with a summer shower and a toilet - it is more expensive, but compensates all delights of waterless existence. After a lunch beaches are almost deserted, and it is possible to meet dawn in general alone - discos on the beach are forbidden, and here with the baby nobody from local will not begin to object to a modest couple. What surprised me in Forosa and Simeiz in the first year - absolutely Moscow prices of fruit. So, once peaches rose in price three times, for a question why yesterday a pier on six and big, and today on 15 and small, sellers unintelligibly lowed something about a drought. Poverty local is felt not so strongly, as in the Russian South or on Azov here, for example. Therefore to vacationers the forossets who got used to the high-ranking guests treat with due respect, especially. Food in cafe happens very different - depends on a purse and sluggishness of waitresses, but in general, I managed to agree about three meals a day in forossky “Piece of wood“ for 5 dollars a day, and in Simeiz pleased At Hedgehogs cafe on Statuy Avenue - the sea of seafood, madly tasty chebureks and prompt waitresses, polite and charming. It is possible to save on food, certainly, if to have breakfast at home yogurts, squashes, fried eggs and muesli - by the way, it is very useful for a cub.

we went to bed on different beds with the kid. More precisely, it were the displayed chairs to which I quickly got used, was tired in a day so that filled up where and somehow.

the Trifle big-bellied

U of parents, inexperienced in summer holiday, often arises a question, really you have a rest also that was, actually, done by small. I answer: in the first travel the kid slept, ate and shouted from kolik. I erased, bathed and occasionally walked with the husband. If not the greatest inventions of mankind - a kengurushka and a carriage, - holiday would take place in vain. In a year and three everything were differently. Michal Ivanych shurovat anywhere and everywhere, being trained in new skills literally on the run. While his full idiot mother left at home a carriage, and took a huge heavy marching backpack, everything was very lovely and it was pleasant to the kid. He learned to climb ladders, mastered downhill racing in the sea, renewed skill of diving on command, madly rejoiced to a campaign to the sea and in recent days I pulled out it from waves with great difficulty and cries “otttttday“. So Mikh learned to speak. On the beach or houses at 12 o`clock he regularly fell asleep, covered from legs to the head with cream and dressed in a hat and an undershirt to knees. In this dangerous time I indulged in mad games on water with the numerous company or slept sluggishly and immoderately after sleepless night.

Quite often the peanut just sat on pebble to which he at once, ponyv, got used, and threw it. I could leave to bathe, keeping an eye on it while he ate peaches or 100 times bypassed some column. It was difficult only in cafe - continuous bustle slightly exhausted me as, running away for Mikhoy, I risked not to find the put soup which is kindly carried away not by wind, and the waitress.

Several times we met by

with the son dawn (I took care of a skin in time) at a fire and under stars. Made a fascinating trip to an aquapark, the ticket costs 60 hryvnias or our 300 rubles. Is near Simeiz on an eminence near the mountain of the Cat, it is possible to reach this miracle from Yalta on a minibus for half an hour and 7 - 10 hryvnias. Several hills, including “Kamikaze“, “Spiral“, “a blue wave“, “a children`s corner“, cafes and umbrellas - all this were pleasant. If not surprisingly Soviet turns on 50 people on one attraction. The doubtful pleasure - to stand 30 minutes for the sake of second descent. At least, so it seemed to me. However, say that turns - trouble of aquaparks.

the Road in the train on the South seemed to

very fascinating and interesting to the child, he studied cars, and in due time fell off to sleep. The way back was transferred more difficultly - dithat toiled from a heat and boredom, and, it is more from the last, than from the first. Especially difficult was the last hour. But change of a situation, fortunately, was not reflected on its health in any way.

the Sea of Azov, Genichesk, the Arabatsky arrow

Is surprising by

why this lovely sea is forgotten by parents of small spinogryz. For the hanging-out youth Azov is unattractive - a persistent and stuffy smell of the province, it is simple “to become rotten“ and “turn sour“ here, but for us, daddies and mummies, the place ideal: quiet rest, lack of loud discos, inexpensive food in cafe and the small warm sea with pesochno - shelly beaches. I remember since the childhood barefoot walks on warm sand, fascinating searches of a shell rock, a pursuit of a lizard and steppe calm before a decline. There is absolutely special air penetrated by heat and a smell of saline soils. There olives grow, and apricots and a mulberry fall directly under legs, bull-calves and a flounder are eaten as sunflower seeds.

One more dignity of Arabatki - reasonable price. To remove the apartment in the city of Genichesk, the settlements of Schastlivtsevo and Gengorka it is possible for 10 - 15 hryvnias, that is for 2 - 3 dollars a day, “boarding houses“ on the Arabatsky arrow are more expensive - 5 - 10 dollars a day, but conditions in the lion`s share of boarding houses leave a bitter nostalgic deposit on a civilization: toilets on the street, there is no shower, food stolovsky.

the same Crimean problems with hot water, besides drinking water smells of hydrogen sulfide what you get used not at once to.

to Kids, however, here it will be pleasant to p - the snow-white sand is, sovochek is, catamarans and hills, cotton candy - and what else is necessary for entire happiness?

you will find

In Genichesk indispensable attributes of the southern city - the beach called to nurseries and the ladder conducting to the sea. When I went on foot under a table, on children`s was very crowded, attractions and shooting galleries worked, life was in full swing. After long calm Ukrainians come back to the Sea of Azov, Russians became 10 times less. And still, the Arabatsky arrow - the main pride of the Kherson region and Genichesky district, is the tongue of sand 80 km long filled with boarding houses and rest houses, bases and children`s camps. Once all strip of the coast was covered with wild olives, pines and acacias. Germans cut down practically everything. Therefore prepare for a steppe landscape. Today the vegetation meets which - where, so is famous for flora “Energy“, there is even a twig with vipers and water-lilies. I advise to visit the cool and amazing reserve “Askania-Nova“ - in the steppe absolutely man-made oasis with wild beasts - from the peacocks who are walking about a yak pigeons, to bisons. Register in excursion directly in Genichesk near the children`s beach.

the Sea surprisingly pure, thanks to absence of the industrial enterprises - city-forming fish factory and creamery stand long ago. However, and a fish variety to which got used since the childhood, it was not succeeded to find - poor citizens and poachers trawls not only brought all fish, but also killed the dolphins adored by kids.

in blue Azov, Kuchma`s residence, the second after Foros, is, the president of Ukraine, by the way, there it is possible to sweep on the boat. The Sea of Azov warm and small therefore the way “in depth“ is not close, but children can have fun on any rift - small! It will be possible to dive only closer to Kerch at once if to go on the Arabatsky arrow (the road jolty, on saline soils, farewell a suspension bracket), perhaps, you will find dolphins. In other cases on foot minutes 10, having taken a towel for the child or transporting it back without taking out from water. Otherwise, will freeze!

From sea entertainments - catamarans and boats, inflatable hills (from hryvnia for one descent). In Genichesk there is a park, however, the same attractions, as at my tender age: a big wheel, a winged swing, pass - karting, roundabouts and shooter games. Tickets are very available.

Weather on Azov excellent, rains warm, an easy breeze begins somewhere in the middle of August, but bathe to the middle of October.

can Reach by

Genichesk by train Moscow - Simferopol and Moscow - Sevastopol, Novoalekseevk`s stop, from it - the bus or a taxi - 14 km to the city. To the Arabatsky arrow the taxi - from 6 hryvnias, 1 dollar regularly goes. To go from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on that, “where you should get“. I recommend to reach Chayki1 and to begin the way in search of decent rest house. One more acceptable option - to settle in Genichesk and to go on an arrow every day with it will be wiped - cheaper will leave.

we shop

In the city in the market - from bathing suits to pampers, but... the market works to two, and baby food it was not succeeded to find. Take with yourself. Still me it were necessary for

of p:

  1. Protective cream with the maximum factor of protection, I recommend Nivea. The sun is very hot and there is no place to take cover.
  2. “Pantenol - spray“ from burns
  3. Cream from mosquitoes (their darkness)
  4. Universal Rescuer ointment
  5. the First-aid kit
  6. the Sunshade
  7. Pampers, if the advanced brand. Of Libero I did not find our shorts.
  8. Clothes only summer, there very hot, in the evening - t-shirts and easy trousers from mosquitoes.
  9. Balls, circles, buckets and shovels, water guns and soap bubbles - all on the place.
  10. For yourself - the book on massage and for mind, in the evening boringly, and in the afternoon except grants you will read nothing.
  11. Felt-tip pens and markers, paints and plasticine - a season hit
  12. Music, both of us very much missed it.
Calculations all are conducted by

in hryvnias, 140 dollars for three weeks were enough for me with interest, taking into account that for food I paid 70 dollars, and 70 more - for the road. Total 280 c.u. in three weeks of a mad rasslabukha, the warm sea and the sun.

As traveled with the baby, spent for food, new undershirts instead of splodgy with sweet cherry and telephone conversations with the husband, the Internet and a taxi.

A in August I am going to subdue Anapa and Lazarevskoye, known since students, from Vishnevkaya. Join!!!