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What to put in the home first-aid kit? When I was younger than

, made light of the health. Now parents already elderly, and children still small. A big family - heavy responsibility.

Once to mother it became bad

, heart ached - before it never was. I began to rush about in panic on the apartment in search of validol. Somewhere was, but here where? I rummaged everything, was nervous, incidentally touched the glass standing on the shelf. To clean splinters was once, and the frightened daughter stepped on glass and cut a leg. Tablets were not. The husband already called the ambulance. The daughter cried. It was just the horror! Brilliant green or alcohol near at hand too was not, there was only a vodka and wadded disks. It is good that the ambulance arrived quickly! They also helped mother, and shared sterile bandage with us.

But this evening I resolved

: the first-aid kit has to be in the public eye, and in it there has to be all necessary.

I allocated to

Under the first-aid kit a big box in which made several dividers. I store it on the shelf, quite highly that children did not reach.

Already in a quiet state I walked on the house and collected “in one heap“ all that was available for us and had to lie in the first-aid kit, but rolled in different corners: a thermometer, a hot-water bottle, a jar with alcohol, the syringe, a tonometer. There were also tablets - I checked expiration dates and threw out a half. Went to the first-aid kit but - a shpa for removal of spasms, the febrifugal aspirin anesthetizing analginum, paracetamol - the simplest tablets.

For a start I bought

in a drugstore a full unit of fire on a case of injuries: sterile and unsterile cotton wool, bandage, gauze napkins, plasters of various forms, iodine solution, “brilliant green“, hlorgeksidin and hydrogen peroxide. In a drugstore also advised to buy me a styptic plait. Very much I hope that it is never required to us.

Also I thought that pipettes and syringes of the different sizes can be useful.


several packings of “potassium permanganate“ - generally on a poisoning case, but also as external antiseptics can be useful too. Furacilin in tablets - to do solution and to rinse a throat at cold, to process small wounds.

we sent Mother to

to the cardiologist, but so far there is an inspection, in a drugstore I bought for emergency cardiacs: validol, nitroglycerine, valocordin, Corvalol. When appoint treatment, the written-out tablets will be in the first-aid kit too.

For treatment of the gastric frustration caused by an overeating and violations of food I stocked up with Mezim. The husband sometimes has an exacerbation of chronic gastritis - it is helped by Almagel. Also bought a lot of absorbent carbon - that in case of poisoning with everything was enough. It is harmless and clears of toxins and allergens - overdose cannot be.

If to somebody it becomes bad

, I near at hand will always have now sal ammoniac. And also gel Ketoprofen on a case of bruises, ointment Dekspantenol - wound healing.

For cough took

natural syrup of a plantain. And in general stocked up with natural vegetable preparations: in the flowers of a camomile (natural antiseptics), oak bark (the fixing means), cowberry (on a case of cystitis or other frustration of an urination). Added fashionable and convenient powders in bags of different tastes to tablets of paracetamol. In the winter all often have catarrhal diseases. From cold and other symptoms of cold Genferon bought the Light spray stimulating immunity formation. In a drugstore told that it can be applied also to prevention. Well, and that my relatives everything are as seldom as possible were ill, bought all vitamins.

So, in the home first-aid kit have to be:

Now I precisely know

  • , that in case of an illness my house I will not rush about in search of a thermometer, tablets or spray any more - all near at hand. I recommend to all.