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How to turn the old smartphone in new without excess expenses?

As it is already enough to pass the Unified State Examination in Russian on 24 points (that is on unit), and among the Russian-speaking population of the planet more and more people take each phrase exclusively literally, first lines of the article I hurry to explain: the old smartphone will remain old, only some settings will exchange. But on subjective (that is personal) to feelings the device will be perceived as the phoenix who rose from the ashes (no, we will burn down nothing).

Partially I already touched upon this subject in the description of a rutirovaniye of Android - devices and replacement of “heavy“ programs by lungs. But which - that stayed behind scenes therefore the sequel appeared. This time everything will be absolutely simply and well not that to “teapot“, but even to “samovar“ and “tetsubin“.

It was already told about change of a program cover. But to any alternative launcher (to Go Launcher, Apex, Nova) also the heap of subjects of registration with a set of icons is. The new type of the menu fine recovers interest in the device. It how to change a hairdress or to shave / grow a beard.

In Android unloading from memory of the working appendices works conditionally. Programs solve when to be loaded and why therefore they after a suspension for couple of seconds get into random access memory again. Google persistently puts an appendix priority over the user`s priorities, unlike Apple. However “to kill“ appendices all - is it is useful. For example, before start 3D - games. Here already big appendix will occupy memory necessary to it at once, and the rest should suffer.

The former keyboard bothered? Try to establish other option with support of “sliding“ on letters. On such “keybord“ the user can not “stamp“ (that is to press) on keys, and to drive a finger from one letter of the word to another. Pressed “to“, ran a finger to “about“, then to “t“ - here and there was “cat“. The way of input on the fan, but is pleasant to owners of thumbs.

At the same time replace the appendix for the SMS and calls. Time does not stand still, and developers issue fresh decisions. And instead of the habitual browser try Clever or Dolphin operated by gestures.

Later a year and a half at smartphones there occurs such “fatigue of materials“, once quick gadgets begin to brake and be buggy.

Among conspiracy theorists from technologies even the theory of plot was born: the pier, is engineers specially so develop. Any competent engineer will explain to you that it is simpler to create the eternal device, than to put a certain temporary cycle of life of a gadget in the scheme. And you should not forget that it in Russia the consumer suffers an arbitrariness of dealers, and in Europe and the USA only one suspicion on similar can deprive of the producer of sales once and for all.

The similar delusion including journalists with marketing specialists is postulated and strengthened. The first are forced to act this way, otherwise the publishing house will be recognized as the useless advertizing platform and to lose advertizing budgets, and the second god (Mercury - the patron of trade) ordered to pull out by hook or by crook money from a pocket of consumers.

It is possible to relieve the smartphone of fatigue an easy way: to reset settings to factory. “Block“ of the device is a wine and the user who badly cleans the register, and the operating system (especially Android) accumulating any garbage and appendices some of which manage to influence operation of the device even after removal! For fight against it “cleaners“ like Root Uninstaller or Clean Master are also necessary.

The only weak place of the modern mobile device is an accumulator. Here emergence of defects and reduction of the declared power can really take place. Besides not always. To buy the new battery, to try to play settings of energy saving or to install the application for control of brightness of the screen - here the easiest ways to prolong work of a “tired“ power source.

In a case with a screen brightness selection of the correct appendices can be very useful. For example, the minimum brightness in the built-in regulator made 12,5% of brightness in the third-party application. Respectively, it was possible to reduce intensity of a luminescence by these percent. When reading the feeling is created that already E - Link on “eReader“ shines brighter than the display with IPS - a matrix!

Miracles do not happen, and old it is impossible to make new. But the experience got during fight for milliamperes, megabytes of memory and millisecond of a response will be useful on the device following on the account in the user`s life.