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Gifts by March 8 - in equipment a decoupage: the casket and a mirror the hands of

Comes nearer on March 8, and persons interested to give a gift to mother, the grandmother, the girlfriend the hands - more and more. Let`s try to turn usual, not remarkable things into works of art! With it we will be helped by a decoupage - art of dressing of surfaces which in power to master to everyone.

it is fashionable to em to decorate the house and itself with handicrafts Now. Presently you will surprise nobody with something purchased, on the contrary, things unique, executed in the single copy have special value. And only this way, the hands, it is possible to create stylish and practical accessories, for all 100% suitable for you, your house or the apartment. We suggest to execute them in equipment of a decoupage.

the Decoupage - the simple equipment allowing at a minimum of efforts to receive things as though painted with skillful artists. Any old bothered thing by means of this equipment easily turns into a work of art.

the Decoupage - the fast equipment allowing to have everything and at once. For example, decorating even very large thing (we will tell, a piece of furniture), it is possible to keep within in only one day.

the Decoupage allows to do to

things absolutely in any styles - everything depends only on your desire, there are no style restrictions peculiar to other types of dressing.

the Decoupage several technician allows to combine

at once, and the whole kaleidoscope of options and opportunities results.

A still the decoupage is an essential economy. When using this equipment “richly“ it turns out practically without expenses.

the Basis for a decoupage. Furniture, frames, mirrors, ceramic and glass products, caskets and trunks, ware, a facing tile, clothes, footwear, bags, textiles for the house, cards, gift packing... That is, by and large, anything - as far as your imagination will be enough. And, as you already understood, surfaces are good any: tree, metal, plastic, ceramics, glass, fabric, paper and cardboard, skin and even stone!

we Suggest you to use

equipment of a decoupage for production of gifts the hands - soon on March 8! The charming casket will turn out from... a box, and the simple mirror in a frame will take a refined form.

the Casket of “Viol“

Style of this casket can be determined by

as “an art and Kraft“, very popular style in design. Impression of handwork - the necessary requirement of this style. Here it amplifies use of equipment of a volume decoupage.

to you it will be required by

to p:

  • a box from - under cookies or candies;
  • acrylic soil;
  • acrylic paints of white, gold, red, blue, yellow, green and violet flowers;
  • unicomponent krakelyurny gel;
  • special paper for a decoupage with images of inflorescences of viols;
  • of a brush of various sizes;
  • small sponge;
  • simple pencil;
  • rubber roller;
  • tsernit
  • ;
  • scissors;
  • glue
  • for a decoupage;
  • glossy varnish;
  • glue gun.
Unicomponent krakelyurny gel - transparent means which allows to receive color cracks. At first the surface of a product becomes covered with paint of that color which you defined for cracks. When paint dries, it is necessary to apply krakelyurny gel and to dry up a surface. Gel dries long - it is possible to use the hair dryer. In conclusion cover a surface with paint which you defined for a background. Cracks will be formed at you literally in the eyes! They can be operated: if to impose background paint a thick layer, large cracks will turn out if a thin layer - small.

As it becomes

  1. Cover a box with acrylic soil: it will provide excellent putting paint and will hide images and inscriptions. Dry up soil.

  1. Paint a box with gold paint, dry up.

Apply to


  1. on all surface of a box krakelyurny gel, distribute it a sponge. Well dry up.

  1. Cover a box with white paint, choose thickness of a layer depending on the desirable size of cracks. In one or two minutes the box will become covered by gold cracks.
  2. Cut out
  3. from a sheet of paper for a decoupage of the image of inflorescences of viols.

  1. Cut off a piece of a tsernit, knead it and roll in layer of the necessary thickness. Put pictures on this layer and lead round contours a pencil.
  2. Small scissors cut out details from a tsernit. Put all details on a baking sheet and put in an oven. Burn details during 10 - 15 minutes at a temperature of 150 degrees. Time is counted from the moment of inclusion of an oven. It is necessary to take out products at once, without waiting until the oven cools down.

  1. When details will cool down, they will become firm. Grease them with glue for a decoupage, impose the cut-out pictures, press and miss the mark from above with glue. If folds are formed, roll the rubber roller.

End faces of details paint


  1. the same color, as color of the pasted images of viols.

  1. All volume pictures paste

    on the middle of a cover of a casket in the form of a bouquet by means of the glue gun. Paste separate flowers also on a lateral surface of a casket.

of Tsernit it is perfectly rolled by means of an ordinary rolling pin. It does not soil either hands, or tools at all.
The longer burns tsernit, the it becomes stronger. However be careful and all the time control process. 10 - 15 are minutes average values. Thickness and the size of details matters - thin and small details burn quicker. If to overdo tsernit in an oven, it gains dark color and becomes unusable for dressing.
the Frame “Black and white“

the Frame is executed by

in equipment openwork, or lacy, a decoupage - the most real lace which needs to be cut out accurately from the general cloth is used here and, having made the necessary composition, to paste on a product surface.

to you it will be required by

to p:

  • a mirror with a frame without finishing;
  • white lace or guipure; pearl beads;
  • scissors;
  • Supermoment glue
  • acrylic paint of black color;
  • semi-gloss varnish;
  • painting adhesive tape.
Graceful, small and the more so openwork elements it is not necessary to paste the glue gun. It is better to use Supermoment glue.

As it becomes

  1. Stick a mirror surface with a painting adhesive tape. Paint a mirror frame black acrylic paint. Dry up.

  1. Cover a mirror frame with a semi-gloss varnish. Dry up.

  1. Cut out pattern elements from lace. Spread out them on a frame according to the necessary composition. Then remove one of elements and apply a glue droplet on its place.

  1. Put this element on a frame again and densely press. In the same way paste other elements. Add a pattern, having pasted pearl beads.

  1. Remove an adhesive tape from a mirror surface.

From the book “A fashionable decoupage: step-by-step the master - classes for beginners“