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If not a doll, that? A gift to the girl the hands of

It was very much, long ago, in any case, for me. I then was young, vigorous, cheerful and eternally not getting enough sleep woman. Business happened on New Year`s Eve. And it is necessary to tell that I always waited for December with horror.

Of course, nothing this month awful was - even on the contrary, it is the most festive month in a year. But the matter is that on December 9 we celebrated birthday of our creative father, i.e. my husband. At first numerous relatives came to congratulate him. Next day - creative friends and as all of them were creative, usually lasted all day, and are more often - and all night long. Then neighbors were brought up, wishing to join congratulations of all previous. After such celebrations I recovered about a week, and sometimes more.

A then came on December 22 - birthday of our oldest daughter Maria. By the way, that year she went to the first class and considered herself as already rather adult young lady. Not only from - for schools, but also because in the summer she became elder sister. About what it adult, to it was told by all and it is constant: Anechka was the little and youngest daughter now, and Masha had to be reconciled with it.

Birthday of Mashenki passed

also violently and hospitably, as at her father. At first numerous relatives came to congratulate me and the daughter on significant day, then - creative friends of the father to congratulate him on this significant day. And then creative friends said that they are civilized people, and all civilized people celebrate Christmas - and all company amicably remained to note with us also Christmas.

Well, and at last the most pleasant holiday in a year - New year. All my pickles and preparations for the winter very often came to an end by this holiday though there were also exceptions. And there was no money left most often at all - including on New Year`s gifts. I constantly had to get out somehow and to think out something. Usually I bought something in advance and hid far - far, and then looked for on all the grists and very much rejoiced when I found something. Sometimes I bought some trifles, and then itself still something knitted, baked or embroidered, somehow decorated, and everything looked very festively and solemnly.

all our December holidays took place

that year about which I want to tell as always, in a good festive rhythm. Christmas was celebrated more violently and actively since after it my husband departed to business trip at once, and for New Year we remained three together: I and two of my daughters.

Mashenka constantly told

how in a class of the girl discuss that to whom Father Frost under a fir-tree will bring. It first graders had the most burning topic during this period. Naturally, almost all girls wanted to receive a Barbie doll. Mashenka dreamed of this doll not the first year too. But I could not buy it earlier when I had money because on free sale at that time such dolls were not - somebody should have ordered a toy from - for borders. And, of course, to overpay a great lot of money. Now there was neither the money nor any at least of the small presents bought by me in advance and hided somewhere.

For a start, I made myself strong coffee and sat down in the favourite chair to consider that Father Frost can bring to my children under a fir-tree. The first that occurred - it is to bake a tasty cake and it is beautiful to decorate it. But when I presented how all girls from the Mashenkiny class in eager rivalry tell about gifts which received for New year from Father Frost... And it did not bring to any of them cake but only Barbie dolls or still some import beauties... Generally, I so was sorry for Mashka that I nearly burst into tears and right there rejected this idea.

Having drunk one more cup of coffee, I all - found the most interesting and correct option. About New year there was a week more, time was. I found among Mashiny toys of two most favourite dolls. Once they were beauties, and she did not leave them for a minute, and poobtrepatsya now and lay among other toys in a big basket together with bears, cubes, hares and other rubbish. Here I also thought that Mashenka very much would be delighted if her favourite dolls would wait for her under a fir-tree clean, fresh, and, above all - in beautiful new dresses.

Ya began to carry out the plan. After girls strong fell asleep, I sat down, turned on to myself some pleasant music and began to sew dresses for dolls. At first sewed them on an evening long dress from silk with laces, bows and even a beads. Then understood that something is necessary on change - some simple dresses. And I had to sew pair of cheerful summer dresses from a chintz. And as business was in the winter, it seemed to me that will be more correct to be dressed dolls in winter clothes. And I began to knit them winter things.

was engaged in

Ya this every evening, sometimes sitting up to 3 - 4 one o`clock in the morning. Just by New year finished all doll clothes, including hats with pompons and scarves with brushes. I was engaged in this business with such pleasure that did not feel any fatigue. I married very young and, apparently, did not manage still to play enough in dolls. It was my last chance to return once again to the childhood.

At last there came New year. At night I put elegantly dressed dolls under a fir-tree, and near everyone put on a beautiful box where all their other things lay. In the morning I fed the baby and waited that Mashka with shouts of pleasure will rush to us on kitchen and will begin to tell about gifts. But in the room there was a suspicious silence, and I had to go and most to look that there occurs. Mashenka sat under a fir-tree and considered orders of the dolls, trying on one, another. I shy asked: “Well what to you was presented by Father Frost? Its gifts were pleasant?“.

Masha turned to me all case and, seriously looking in eyes, answered: “Mother, is not Father Frost, these are not his gifts“. I just was struck dumb. Thought that she somehow got up at night and saw, than I am engaged, and I in a rush of work also did not notice her. But decided not to be given at once and quietly asked: “And whose then gifts?“. Mashka got up, turned the head a little on one side and instructive tone said: “Father Frost man? Man! And men are not able neither to sew, nor to knit! Means - all this was made by the Snow Maiden!“ I quickly and with pleasure agreed with its logic. The gift from the Snow Maiden was many years the most favourite gift and was remembered well.

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