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Soul of a star. The fairy tale for fast falling asleep and good dreams of

In the sky of stars not to count.
They burn with fire, sparkle.
A our asterisk is small,
But kindness submits...

In the ocean the small island is. For rare beauty nicknamed him Paradise. Locals tell a legend that the Heavenly goddess - for their kindness and diligence presented to people the beautiful island.

Everything grew at

on the island washed by warm waves of the ocean. Fine flowers exhaled gentle aromas. Sweet bananas, ripe cocoes and a lot everything grew on the island and presented people with the tasty fruits. Early in the morning men left by boats to the ocean. And always came back with a catch. Women and children diligently worked on fields. All knew: if you well make the business, the harvest will be rich. All will be full and happy.

Night on the island came imperceptibly. The sun shines, time... and fine night comes into the own. In the sky there is a moon and shining as star jewels. The heat falls down. And all people young and old come to an ocean coast. They light candles, make fire. Children play, and adults sing songs and dance. All it is cheerful. And then both big and small take candles in hand and lift them highly - highly and hold long. So they thank the Heavenly goddess for the beautiful island presented of

People were tired. In the afternoon they diligently worked. Then had fun. It is time to sleep. All go home, weaved out of reed. In one of such houses there lived the family. Father, mother, grandmother and children. Boy and girl. The boy was called Aman, and Asmit`s girl. All loved them. Kind they were also hardworking. Mother and the grandmother were helped about the house while the father caught fish in the ocean.

But there came time to sleep. Mother and the father tired in a day sleep. And children do not want to fall asleep. Wait for the fairy tale. Their old grandmother knows many fairy tales. The grandmother patted on the back the girl, stroked the boy and began to tell the fairy tale.

- Long ago it was. Then all people on the island were on friendly terms with stars. Each family had the star which they loved and esteemed. And stars thanked people for this love a rich catch of fish and a good harvest. But once the father of one family began to come back from fishing without fish. Fruits on trees of this family became a little. Everything badly grows. And at others - that families everything is remarkable, only there is a lot of.

the family Was going to council. All sad sit. Hunger comes. What to do, do not know. Here the father also speaks:“ Probably, we our star offended. Here it also does not help us. It is necessary to cajole her. We will go to an ocean coast now, we will light candles and laudatory to a star we will sing songs. Perhaps the star will regret us“.

the family Came to the coast. The ocean worries. Waves are big. Adults and children of a candle lit, lifted them and started singing laudatory songs to a star. And - oh, a miracle! There was in the night sky a gold wattled ladder. Also people heard a voice: “Let children will rise to me!“ . It became terrible to children - yes what to do, the star calls. Also children began to walk upstairs.

A on a star them was met by the beautiful woman with a fair hair. Her dress was poured by all flowers of a rainbow, on the head there was a wreath from precious sinks, and on a neck - a green necklace.

- I soul of a star, also call me Tara. I looked and listened as you sing to me laudatory songs, about the help ask. What happened?

- Help us, Tara. Badly we began to live. Is there is nothing. Fish is not caught, trees dry, there are no fruits. Hunger comes. What happened, we cannot understand.

- is Observed by me from above and see: you, children do not obey, parents. To sleep you do not go in the evening, you play about. It is not pleasant to me. Also I decided not to help your family.

- Regret us, Tara, from - for us all family suffers. Forgive us, we will go to bed with pleasure and to fill up quickly.

- I see, you have a kind, hardworking family. I will forgive you. But you look, children, you made the promise. And now go down on the earth.

children on a gold ladder on the earth Went down. Went to bed. There came morning. This day there was a rich catch of fish. Trees please with fruits. All are full and happy. The star forgave a family.

the Grandmother finished with

the fairy tale and looked at the grandson and the granddaughter. Kids sleep tight. And too went to bed. The family sleeps, the beautiful island in the ocean sleeps. Stars sleep. Good night!