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4 recipes from the frozen berries. Taste, color, vitamins!

the Frozen berries suit not only for preparation of compotes! Today by means of purchased or prepared independently strawberries, cranberries, cowberry and blackcurrant we will make the whole lunch - with snack, we heat also desserts. In each recipe - bright color and vitamin taste!

Rolls from a carbonate with prunes, cowberry and Philadelphia cheese

to you it is required by

to em:

  • the cowberry frozen - 100 g
  • a carbonate are boiled - smoked - 200 g
  • Philadelphia cheese - 100 g
  • prunes - 75 g
  • parsley fresh - 5 g

4 portions on 290 kcal
the Preparation time - 15 minutes

the Carbonate to slice

thin. Cowberry to thaw, mix with small cut prunes, cheese and chopped parsley and it is good to mix. To lay a stuffing in the middle of a piece of a carbonate and to turn in rolls. To give on lettuce leaves or on thin wheat flat cake, having decorated with cowberry berries.

of Roulades from a turkey with honey agarics and a cranberry

to you it is required by

to p:

the cranberry frozen - 300 g
  • the honey agarics frozen - 300 g
  • a turkey (breast fillet) - 500 g
  • bacon raw smoked - 150 g
  • onions repchtaty - 100 g
  • butter - 100 g
  • salt - 20 g
  • pepper - 15 g
  • rosemary fresh
  • of 8 portions on 230 kcal
    the Preparation time - 30 minutes

    of Fillet of a turkey to clear

    • of sinews and fat, to cut layers 0,5 cm thick. To beat off slightly, giving to a piece the form of an oval. To cut onions with straws, to fry with honey agarics on butter to readiness. To add some cranberry berry, to mix everything, to add salt and pepper. To lay the received stuffing on the middle of the prepared turkey, to add a cube of butter and to turn an envelope. To wrap the stuffed turkey in strips of bacon and to fry on a frying pan to readiness. When giving to cut on two parts and to decorate with fresh rosemary. It is possible to give with the cauliflower boiled in milk (add a carnation to milk) or with the mashed potatoes mixed with sweet mustard.

      Cream - to the bryula from blackcurrant under a caramel crust

      to you is required to



      • the blackcurrant frozen - 300 g
      • sugar brown - 20 g

      a basis for cream - to the bryula:

      • cream of 33% of fat content - 360 g
      • an egg yolk - of 4 - 5 pieces.
      • vanillin - 1 g
      • sugar - 70 g

      4 portions on 450 kcal
      the Preparation time - 50 minutes

      to Knead a basis for cream - to the bryula a nimbus to homogeneous mass. To thaw berries (it is better to lay out them on a tissue to remove excess moisture). To lay out berries on a form bottom for roasting (it is possible to use a soup plate), to fill in with a basis for cream - to the bryula a layer no more than 3 cm and to put in the oven warmed to 140 º With, for 40 minutes. To get ready plates with baked cream - to the bryula and to cool. Further to strew with a thin layer of brown sugar and to put under a grill or on the most top shelf in an oven until when sugar thaws.

      of Smusi klubnichno - banana

      to you it is required by

      to p:

      • the strawberry frozen - 300 g
      • 3 glasses of banana juice with pulp
      • a glass of semisweet white wine - option for adults
      • 2 tablespoons of brown sugar or icing sugar

      for ornament:

      leaves of a melissa or mint

    4 portions on 150 kcal
    the Preparation time - 5 minutes

    Strawberry slightly to defreeze

    • . By means of the mixer to shake up, adding other ingredients. To pour in tall glasses. To decorate with a melissa or mint.