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The child has louses? Treatment of a pediculosis for once of

the Pediculosis - the subject causing fastidiousness and disgust in many people cannot be spoken about it publicly. Statistically, every second person in the world at least once in life faced this problem. It is most risk to catch pediculosis kindergartners and school students of elementary grades are subject. Therefore children aged from 4 till 12 years it is worth checking for existence of louses and nits regularly.

of the Louse. With whom it is dealt?

of the Louse are the insects from 0,4 to 4 mm long living on hairy part of the head of the person and eating blood of “owner“. Louses cannot fly and jump, but they quickly cling to hair and are capable to creep “to the new owner“. During 7 - 10 days the female lays off several hundreds of nits (eggs) which in several weeks turn into adult individuals. So it is possible to find a pediculosis usually approximately in a week after infection.

we Distinguish a pediculosis in time

to Parents important to know pediculosis symptoms in time to take measures. Carefully comb the child`s hair, having paid special attention to his behavior and a condition of head skin: frequent pochesyvaniye of the head, small it is bluish - grayish spots on skin, the bleeding raschesa and, respectively, existence of louses and nits in hair.

should checking

At detection of a pediculosis for existence of louses of all family members .

the Child caught


Remember the correct explanation, you should not abuse the child if it picked up louses, - in it there is no his fault. Calm the child, tell him about louses - that they are not dangerous, from them hair do not drop out and the more so nobody dies. Distract the kid from experiences and fears, trying not to cause in him shame and confusion. it is important to p to tell

to the child about prevention measures not to catch louses again. Explain to the child that he, as well as at each adult, has things intended only for it.

How to get rid of louses for once

Thanks to emergence on shelves of drugstores of modern means, doubtful ways of fight against parasites remained in the past. Now it is possible to get rid of louses for once, and processing does not take a lot of time.

the preparation on a natural basis, such as spray or lotion from louses “Pedikulen the Ultra“ is better to buy

. All means “Pedikulen the Ultra“ are specially developed by scientific research institute of a dezinfektologiya of Rospotrebnadzor that for only one application completely to destroy louses and bend d, without causing accustoming in insects.

natural oil of an anise which has the calming and anti-inflammatory effect is a part of means - removes the irritation of head skin caused by an itch and also reduces children`s irritability and tearfulness.

the preparation in the form of lotion (50 ml) which is suitable for processing of short hair, and spray (150 ml) - for hair below shoulders Is issued.

the Correct processing from louses and nits

Processing of hair from a pediculosis should be carried out by

in the aired room with good lighting.

Cover the child`s shoulders with a white towel for protection against hit of funds for clothes. Beginning from roots, carefully moisten hair with means “Pedikulen the Ultra“ , distributing it on all length and slightly massing head skin. Do not feel sorry for means, hair have to be completely moistened. Leave means for 30 minutes. If hair long - collect them in a bunch and record a hairpin. After carefully wash out hair warm water, and then shampoo or soap. Slightly dry hair a towel.

by means of of a crest “Pedikulen the Ultra“ with frequent teeth carefully comb out the dead of louses and nits, every time clearing a crest a towel. Check result by means of of a magnifying glass “Pedikulen the Ultra“ .

Wash out

hot water of a thing of the child which can become an infection source. Wash clothes of the child and bed linen. You remember, louses perish at a temperature over 40 º Page

we Notify parents

Unfortunately, the majority of the families which faced a pediculosis at the child do not hurry to warn about threat of other parents. Take courage and call any of parents, the tutor or the class teacher. Tell about how you coped with a problem, advise means which helped you, and prompt where you got it.