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Dowry for the baby
(clothes and linen from 0 to 6 months) of

Something did not seem to me strange in the next article about things for the kid, only could understand that. Turned over old magazines, got into a network and re-read once again everything on this subject. Indeed - all of them how to save, dressing the kid and buying by him all necessary. And I was pregnant for the first time, and I did not want to save at all. There was no wish to follow and - to buy other concept everything only the most expensive; there was no wish to take worn things from acquaintances and, especially, to go to a second-hand.

crowded with

of Thought as a bee, natykayas on councils “do not buy till the birth anything“, “it is impossible to knit and sew during pregnancy“ etc. In the head the word “dowry“ turned that meant just preparation long before an event and sensible thought that when the kid is born, once will go shopping. And I was inclined to compromise option - not to buy, but sewed and connected everything that could, besides, visited all shops, stocked up with business cards, phones and so forth

In day of an extract from maternity hospital I rang round all shops - the flannelette blanket was not anywhere. The husband went to Gostinka at random (by phone did not answer there), and only in the depth of the market on Aprashka, found in some stall that it is necessary to us, having spent in the afternoon as though it was impossible to be written out without blanket. Of at once to buy overalls, we did not think. Today to me, mother of the six-month-old baby, it seems ridiculous, but then... Therefore decided to tell about our dowry, maybe, someone needs it. All articles are good not the fact that you scoop ready recipes for life from them, and that there is an opportunity to think on the set subject and to make the opinion on each question.

Should tell

that in the old grandmother`s book on housekeeping I read that so far children do not hold the head, and it is up to three months better, through the head to put on nothing. This thought seemed reasonable therefore all things were inspected regarding convenience. I sew much and I knit therefore everything that did not arrange in trade things, was considered.

the Winter envelope a domestic production on a warm sheepskin very much was useful to

for all winter (and we were born in January) and early spring. It well is located in a carriage, it is not blown and is very convenient in the car instead of an autocradle (I held it on hands or put on a seat on the flat road). Of course, it is not required to summer kids any more.

Street overalls on a synthetic winterizer and with two lightnings we bought

80 at once - go the size. At first the child was located as in a bag there that was extremely convenient in policlinic and when collecting on walk, I think, it will be enough also for the fall.

the Windbreaker (and the same not blown panties) is very convenient to

for walks in the spring and in the summer, it is possible to carry on woolen overalls, on a romper suit or just to take with itself on a case of a cold snap, does not take the place much.

Woolen overalls with a hood and on a lightning, we carried it till 5 months, did not become very hot yet. Acts one movement and that appeared conveniently, the neck is reliably closed without any scarves. Same kombez from cotton I connected also for the summer. The woolen suit from a hat, semi-overalls and a jacket 56 of the size was still connected. Too it is convenient and beautiful, but demands some skill and time from mother when clothing.

Overalls from cotton velor, such popular now, we bought too. On absolutely small they are not really convenient - the baby freely moves in him and when you take on hands, the overalls poddergivatsya up, forcing to be bent by legs. The size with 68 already sometimes we put on walk. In all foreign magazines such overalls recommend for a dream, but we agree with domestic pediatricians - better to dress easier and to cover, then the kid will be able to reveal if to it hot. Yes, domestic and Polish for some reason climb, and pile rolls down in clothes. After walk you collect fibers from the kid. German and French have no this defect.

the Romper suit
at first we bought

very thin Petersburg factory, without stitched sole (there for patches to eat simply a fold on a back half of a product) cheap and conveniently: on 5 pieces of each size. The only minus - in a month there are holes on thumbs and on a heel, but then it is already time to take the following size. But they have soft seams and they are convenient under suits and overalls. From 5 months when the child begins to creep, already stronger products are necessary, and we passed to a romper suit with a sole and on buttons (2 pieces) .

of the Baby`s undershirt was carried under a romper suit till 4 months, it is very convenient to change clothes. I in general did not begin to buy them, sewed from worn x / sheets, they practically do not demand an ironing and do not rub the child`s skin. About 5 pieces of 56 and 62 sizes were required.

of the Jacket knitted at us is too, 2 pieces of the 68th size which are cut out so that it was possible to carry buttons forward and back as the baby sometimes sleeps on a tummy, sometimes on a back.

knitted we carry

of Bodiki from 4 months of the house and on walk, 74 sizes bought a pack of 5 pieces, it and we manage. It is a little in protection of a mouth with an overlap on a coat hanger (all abuse them, but buy) - we erase often, but nothing stretched, very conveniently. But, when the kid creeps on a puzika, to it behind rubs nothing a neck. Just, probably, it is necessary to buy more expensively then will serve longer (we ordered them in the catalog, cost by one and a half times cheaper, than in shop, and the choice is more).

are good

of the T-shirt as with the cut edged by an elastic band and with buttons on a coat hanger too. We have their 4 pieces, 74 sizes, carry since four months.

Caps bought

on one each size from terry jersey. This material is very convenient - well fits, ties elastic, do not press. We put on under a hood walk and after bathing for 1 hour until volosik dry out.

Socks - 2 couples thin x / and 2 couples knitted (woolen). It is enough for all first half a year, and even longer.

connected by

of the Bootee one couple from cotton for walks in the summer in cool days. It is more convenient for this purpose, than socks as do not fall down.

of Pesochniki (such free panties from a chintz with a fastener on shoulders) sewed 2 pieces, we carry houses and on the street on a naked body (forgive, on pampers), absolutely stark naked we do not love.

the Bed linen
to us was required to

in number of two sets (I change 2 times a week) and two more sheets just in case.

of the Diaper is too, 3 thin, 3 flannel (it should be noted that we since the birth walk in a romper suit, we use diapers for disguise) and 3 terry for air bathtubs and massage. It is often possible to read that are not necessary to the “pampersny“ kid of a diaper. Everything I recommend to reserve at least pieces five: many kids of months to three love that they were swaddled, especially for the night. And in general, the diaper multipurpose - you never know is required to cover, lay, wipe a thing!

the Towel bathing - one with a hood, the second usual (it is necessary for bathing with soap to turn while we change water). It is better to take a towel with a hood 120*120 in size, on sale, especially in gift sets now, appeared small, 60*80, to us it became a little in a month.

terry for feeding (40*40 cm) were found by

of the Napkin incidentally complete with a towel, it is very convenient since the baby spills milk quite often and by a mouth, and since three months took a habit to smile to mother with a full mouth. I put the napkin put on diagonal to it on a shoulder and on a breast. Since five months to napkins bibs (2 pieces) increased for a feeding up, the daughter eats, only holding a spoon in own hand that accurately does not happen.

the Blanket - one flannelette, one woolen, sheathed by a chintz. Woolen usually happen square or rectangular. If the child is not swaddled, then it is better to take rectangular at once. Still it is necessary to look - if you take a blanket import, then all linen too it is necessary to take import since the sizes do not coincide with ours. Covered with a blanket the baby at most few times. Generally it to us serves for the device of a cozy nest: we put the put blanket in a bed, closing at first a half of space, then one third, etc. On an empty bed to the baby it is not really cozy, to buy a cradle or a basket for the first months we did not become, and to put the child in a box from a dresser (I read this council in 3 at once - x magazines for parents) somehow the hand was not raised. Why the flannelette blanket is necessary, we did not understand, the first two weeks wrapped the baby for walks there, but then she began “to be indignant“, getting handles, and it was necessary to pass into overalls. We use it as a rug for games and crawling.

the Bumper in a bed. At first bought for appearance, but from 5 months estimated it and from a practical side when the child became quick to move on a bed, making a start from laths legs and the head.

Still we have a pizhamka from jersey, a terry dressing gown, the Panamanian for solar summer and a baptismal set with a strange dress, but it more likely for a parental esthetics, than for convenience. By the way, I can share patterns or instructions for all above-mentioned with everyone that is made most.


it was For some reason thought that actually the child till 6 months needs not so much as it seemed, generally, it is possible to manage quite and a half of our set. And there is so much still beautiful it is possible to buy - to sew - to connect for the kid! And let our baby will be beautiful, the esthetics of taste is formed long before this taste begins to be shown.