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How to feed the child? 4 councils from skilled mother of

Ya - mother of two remarkable children, and in my arsenal collected many cunnings which help to solve pressing children`s problems. I want to share councils how it is correct and to feed the beloved child with advantage. It is always actual and very important since health of the child and formation of respect for food is about further.

time when my first sonny - Mishenka refused normal food Was p>

. Ate only sweets and fruit. About soup and porridge and the speech could not be. Grandmothers repeated that I spoiled the child, and acquaintances with astonishment looked at us. I had to invent all new and new ways of drawing attention of Mishka to food. I read a lot of literature on this subject and here, at last, found effective ways.

  1. Should give to the child the chance to show independence, most to participate in cooking process. When I walked with the sonny and played with him in a sandbox, paid attention that children who built sand castles or Easter cakes with rage protect them from destruction. This fact suggested an idea that everything that the little and big person creates the hands, is expensive and valuable to it. Now we with my sonny together prepare. It is interesting, informative, and, above all - result: we eat all to the last crumb. And it is possible, in the future he will choose the cook`s profession (already together we do cakes).
  2. of Any coercions and urgings on at a table. Only positive emotions! It is not necessary to impose any dish at all. It will lead to a boomerang effect. It is better to train the child for a lunch or a dinner in advance, from time to time repeating what tasty dishes will be given. After a while the kid himself will begin to wait for this moment.
  3. Beautifully laid table, attractive appearance of dishes promote development at the child of positive emotions concerning food. It is important to buy beautiful children`s ware. It is desirable that at its bottom something was represented. The child will have an incentive to eat food completely.
  4. It is very important to li not to watch TV during food since our brain is configured to the interesting program and does not notice quantity of the absorbed food. From here an overeating and the gained excess weight. Of course, it is worth excluding candies, cookies, steering-wheels in breaks between food.

With the second sonny - Sanechka I never had problems with meal.