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How to avoid children`s jealousy and not only. Keep diaries!

Usually families where the second or subsequent child is born, face a problem of jealousy of the senior children of younger. Our family (we have four children) avoided this problem. All the matter is that right after the birth of each child I got the book “Diary of Development of My Kid“.

Of course, initially the purpose of an institution of this book. In this book I wrote about everything, as for my kid: history of birth, a congratulation with what data was born, to the loudspeaker of an increase of weight and growth... First progress: the smile, laughter, a turning, crawlings, steps, words, inoculations, favourite toys, the first friends, caressing words turned to the kid the first holidays and a lot of things is many other things that considered important. Supported all these moments with photos and video footage. Also pasted in the book sheets with prints of palms and feet, with the first drawings, brasletik from maternity hospital, spin the hair first which dropped out zubik etc. In this book fixed also the unpleasant moments: when the first time fell or ached the baby.

So in detail kept this diary about one year, and then - highlights. Surely wrote down ridiculous statements. Believe, it is so pleasant to leaf through now these pages (the oldest daughter will be 13 years old soon) and to remember the invaluable moments from her early childhood. With such pleasure we listen to records of infantile modulating laughter and the first lepetaniye. Further, with the child`s growing, this book proceeds in the form of a portfolio in kindergarten and at school.

the Senior daughter saw

with what awe and love mother filled in the book of its development, and from its party there was never even a hint on jealousy in relation to younger. On the contrary, with such tenderness and love we waited for the birth of the average daughter in 6 years. How many lullabies senior thought out and sang to the sister!

of Appearance of twins in 6 years together with us were already waited by two elder sisters. Staged contests of fairy tales and lullabies for kids (at a discount on age of ordinary). And kids after the birth, having heard familiar fairy tales and songs, reacted briskly. Books of the senior children, in turn, help me with education of youngest. It is interesting to watch to what mode we adhered with them during the different age periods, or to remember teething terms. Or I see that Mashenka at the age of 7 months learned to drink from a mug - aha, twins should be urged on that too learned (clear that each child is individual, but all-).

Unfortunately, I did not find books, ready for filling, which would meet my requirements in shops therefore made on the discretion. With youngest it is simpler - I do everything in electronic form. From mother the desire and time is required. Spent now, it will pay off in the future when you leaf through the book in a year or more. She will tell you the whole story life of already matured kid. And he will know that you also tremblingly and gently loved and love him as now his brother or the sister.

of Eduarda