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8 Marta: what to present to the girl? To the woman of fashion, honors pupil, sportswoman...

Recently we helped parents to decide on the choice of a gift to the son for February 23. Today we have not less interesting task. Very soon there will come the spring holiday on March 8 - the International Women`s Day therefore we will talk about with what gifts it is possible to please girls. But at first - there is a little history.

What to tell the daughter about March 8?

We got used that presently all concern girls, girls, women, mothers and grandmothers with great respect. Female representatives are given way, open before them doors, trust important responsible work... And still girls and women are given flowers, candies and other pleasant gifts, and not only for holidays! Today it is difficult to present that there is a lot of - many years ago everything was absolutely in a different way.

200 years ago to girls did not allow to go to school - more precisely, schools for girls just were not! Was considered that they do not need to gain knowledge as to boys because for housekeeping or education of children they are not necessary. The female rights also strongly limited. For example, women could not vote on elections or hold senior positions. Instead provided them workplaces at factories and plants at which work strongly exhausted, took a lot of time and did not bring in big incomes.

Of course, such state of affairs was not pleasant to women. Therefore at the beginning of the XX century they decided to declare the rights. Complaints and requirements working at plants and factories of women were heard when in 1908 in New - York demonstration under Klara Tsetkin`s leadership took place. In 1910 it was decided to celebrate annually a new, remarkable holiday - the International Women`s Day.

In Russia Women`s Day was celebrated for the first time on March 8, 1913. Since then every year women not only used special attention, but also did not forget to remind of the rights and opportunities.

Over the years March 8 lost the political implication. After collapse of the USSR it remained one of the most pleasant and joyful public holidays. Besides an embodiment of feminity, beauty and good mood, the International Women`s Day also reminds of arrival of spring which we look forward from year to year. It means that on March 8 the whole world becomes more cheerful, kinder and happier.

March 8 are waited not only by adult women, but also little girls. They know that they in honor of this holiday will give them gifts, as on birthday or New year. And who does not love gifts? That is why it is necessary to prepare for the International Women`s Day with all responsibility if you have a daughter.

What to present to the girl for March 8?

to First graders. Lovely, fragile, timid first graders need your care and attention for all year. Agree, the first class is a critical period in life of each child. It is year of changes, self-organization, time of appearance of new friends and new duties. Therefore parents always have to be near: to support and to indulge, of course! On March 8 - an excellent opportunity for purchase not only useful, but also - absolutely precisely - very pleasant things.

What to present? the Small suitcase of the young lady - to women of fashion who love jewelry, unusual hairdresses and secrets. A stylish handbag with a wide long belt or a charming doll on hinges. Sphere - the night lamp radiating soft light, silhouettes or the star sky on walls and a ceiling, bed linen or a soft cozy pajamas with the bright image of characters from favourite animated films - that sweet dreams about magic and miracles dreamed. And to creative girls - a set of felt-tip pens for drawing on fabrics or a set for beadwork or a mouline thread.

of 2 - 3 classes. the Girl grows, and remains to time for entertainments less. Try not to deprive the child of an opportunity to play something entertaining, to experiment, make something with own hands or just to have fun. We advise not to give to the daughter the gifts connected with study (if, of course, she about it does not ask), study already is the most important part of the life of the schoolgirl.

What to present? Notebooks and diaries in motley covers with cats, hares or hearts for storage of the most important and classified information. Advancing time - the beautiful bicycle, rollers or the scooter that in May it was possible to ride how many it will want! The book on cookery with bright illustrations and step-by-step instructions - for little hostesses. And as a hobby - a big teddy bear and a magic tree which bright crystals grows on the cardboard basis directly in the eyes.

High school. Girls mature very quickly. Until recently they played dolls, and today dream of the real cosmetics, wear shoes on heels and a tiny handbag instead of a big portfolio. And here you will do nothing - they want in 11 - 12 years to look fashionable and beautiful. Of course, it is possible to present to the daughter - the teenager something ultramodern: the new mobile phone, a MP3 - a player, spirits or jewelry, but leave it before birthday. On March 8 - an occasion to please, but not to spoil.

What to present? Board games - on attention, on luck, on accuracy or just informative - for cheerful girls and the amicable company. The set for studying of solar energy or electricity, and also a surprising set for cultivation of the real crystal will be pleasant to those who like to study. To creative girls - sets for drawing, needlework, scrapbooking, a list on ceramics and other sets. Puzzles and puzzles will help to develop logical thinking and will carry away the child. The elegant dress or shoes will be a sure bet of a gift too.

on March 8 - an excellent opportunity once again to tell

to your daughter who she is a clear head and the beauty. Correctly picked up gifts perfectly will emphasize how you are proud of the girl as it is pleasant to you to please or surprise her. The main thing, do not postpone purchase of gifts for the last moment, haste - the bad assistant.