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March 8: congratulations in verses - mother, the grandmother, favourite

On the International Women`s Day it is accepted to render signs of attention to all women - to give bouquets, to send cards and e-mails with congratulations. Our selection of verses - the excellent assistant that who wants to congratulate on a holiday on March 8 mother or the grandmother, the colleague or the girlfriend, the teacher or the schoolmate. Spring mood - to you and your addressees!


thaws the ringing Already sounds,
are Chirped by birds, quietly whispers wind...
Let the music similar to a dream,
Will tell that you the best on light!
Let is a lot of kindness and warmth
Will present life, and there will be everything as in the fairy tale,
I on a holiday are embodied dreams,
I heart are warmed by tenderness, caress!


on March 8, in wonderful day of spring,
Heartily with love I wish,
That were executed all your dreams
I was in pleasure life without edge!
Let heats the sun tenderly, warmly,
I heart fill tenderness, happiness! I Want
that always you were lucky,
I brought good luck this holiday!


Beams of the sun warming

quietly enters Spring the house -
Let all desires executes
I tells you about that,
That aroma of tulips gentle,
of Birds singing, a scarlet dawn
I of happiness bright boundlessness
Today - only for you!


This world from you in admiration!
You the gait flying hurry
For wonderful happiness for moments,
Decorating with a smile life! So start up
in day spring and joyful
Will be as in your light dreams! there is no
on light of the little girl more perfectly,
That as the bird soars in clouds!


With magic and fine Women`s Day!
Came spring - a time of hopes, blossomings!
Let heart is warmed warm
I flowers and congratulations please!
of Energy, luck in everything,
never to leave happiness!
Good luck let stores the cozy house,
cherished dreams will begin to be embodied in a moment!



Only which is absent better
Ya was prepared by a festive bouquet
From kind words, fine compliments:
You give me the happy moments, Life decorate
, do is lighter,
You are pleasure of days and passion of my nights,
is warm souls, comparable with dream,
Ya I admire sincerely you!


to you, girls and wives, mothers, grandmothers,
of the Mother-in-law, the sister, the mother-in-law and darlings, Fine this holiday is devoted by
to you, our women, in everything unique! you our life yourself decorate with

I give warmly inexplicable, love Fire in a fit of temper you light
the family Center, a cosiness in houses are stored by you!

B of caress is so much you, awe and tenderness,
of Care infinite, understanding, you Routes of dream send us to
to the sea of rough vital boundlessness

I long minutes of expectation
you Spin a charm to us from patience,
of Words of darlings, kindness or silence...
Today, without hiding admiration, We tell

with huge gratitude:
Thanks for moments our the best,
I that always you surround us with attention!
of Happy days to you with all the heart, wellbeing!


If me would be asked,
B than our little girls force,
Ya would answer: well, in - the first,
That are able to be loyal,
That they are kind, beautiful,
That are coquettish, playful,
In - the second, to them equal are not present
In skill to wear clothes,
Heels, spirits, lipstick -
of All to dement are glad!
A at them, of course,
of Eyes bottomlessness and boundlessness,
is easier than a breeze gait,
the Look caressing and languid,
Are sweet as if sugar, sponges,
C them are short minutes...
Ah, little girls, on light
Ya would love all... when somewhere
one would not wait for me -
That destiny is fated!
Here therefore I wish
to All of luck, I am warm, to itself - it to find
A, the happiness to find


Let the spring light of happiness,
As if stars shines that is watched from heaven,
Will be day in the remarkable, clear
Afternoon of fulfillments of desires, miracles!

Wait for a smile, flowers, compliments,
it is A lot of sincere, joyful words,
to enjoy the moment
I to give constantly love!

Let a wonderful holiday, March 8,
From words fine will collect a bouquet,
Life will be rich in luck with
I gives many light, bright years!

Let Darlings and relatives, friends,
surround with tenderness,
colors Surprises mood lift
I beauty triumphs in the world!



In day remarkable and light
spring of a sign Are visible to

in all:
Sing streams, thaws ring,
I from the South of a bird arrived...
Come new hopes,
to make life it is more wonderful former,
Let are embodied desires,
Will be successful undertakings!