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Newborn: how to develop the child? Gymnastics, bathing, clothing - with poteshka of

the Birth of my daughter was an event long-awaited and very joyful. I from the very first days decided to develop, communicate the child with the baby. But such baby needs other language of communication so far - not to what we got used, adults. What to tell the daughter? What tender song to sing that it closed eyes? What cheerful govorishka to amuse her that she happily smiled to me in reply?

Ya was in despair: the child is too small - as with him to be engaged? I had obsessions that I miss development of the child. These ideas were warmed up by reduction of a circle of contacts and propped up by a postnatal depression. The child, seemingly, caught my experiences, became uneasy, began to eat worse. Then I rummaged the mass of literature, forums, interrogated acquaintances - and began to be reconstructed.

Ya opened for itself a new subject - pestushka! They came to the rescue of me. My many familiar “brand new“ mothers did not even hear about them. Pestushki is small poems - prigovorka with which accompany any occupations with the child or actions of the kid. I execute them during a pandiculation half awake, clothing, gymnastics, bathing, various hygienic procedures. Pestushki is accompanied by all my games with the child when I move her handles and legs. My beauty still absolutely a crumb itself also physically almost is able nothing - does not turn over, cannot purposefully act with hands, is not able to creep, sit down independently, to rise at a support.


allow me to entertain the child or to distract it if it does not like this or that obligatory action, - at us this washing and disguise. They help to accustom the daughter to obligatory elements of the mode and hygiene in an easy game form. And we actively develop and study, this direct impact on the speech centers of a brain of the child and small motility (well-known “Pat-a-cake“ and other similar poteshka). And how many emotions it causes in the child what complex of revival! Genuine pleasure available only to babies.

Ya I use all the known national pestushka:

Ouch, frets, frets, frets,
we are not afraid of water,
Purely we wash, Mother we smile to
. we Know
, we know and - yes,
Where you hide, water!
Leave, is found,
We came to wash!
Flow on a palm
On - it is mute - a leg.
Flow, flow, flow
On - a sma - pour -
Masha, wash
More cheerfully!

And also self-made pestushka, for example:

of Times, two, three, four, five,
pampers we Will put on,
Masha will be pi - pi - pi,
Masha will protect Pampers.


Perhaps such occupations will seem some senseless, but to me and my girl they give pleasure. And still I read that they form sense of humour. I with pleasure picked up this subject, I like to think out new pestushka and to sing them, I even compose them when I walk with a carriage. The most interesting that the sense of humour developed and at me - we often are kidding now with the husband pestushka, and from a depression and a trace did not remain. My baby enjoys active and happy mother and successfully develops.

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