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That it is better for the child - a family or orphanage. Who solves? Whether

It is necessary to be good to people? Even more often I ask to myself this question. Earlier unambiguously would answer “yes“. And already not so categorically I answer. Especially after one history heard a few years ago from clever and dear person.

the Young teacher, we will call it Sergey Petrovich, after the termination of institute in the eightieth several years worked as the mathematics teacher in one of remote villages of the Bryansk region. It had in a class a boy as now would tell, from a dysfunctional family. Parents strongly drank, the child went hungry, in fragmentary dirty clothes. Study was given it hard, did not do homeworks, could miss lessons. What was created at home, it is possible to imagine. Sergey Petrovich quite often visited a family. With feeling of fastidiousness passed through a threshold. For him who grew up in an intelligent family, such life of the boy seemed a nightmare.

Through some time Sergey Petrovich began to strive that parents deprived of the rights for the child, and the boy gave to a shelter. There will feed, will dress, will warm, the child always under control. It will be so better for this fellow, the teacher thought. In those days it was very difficult to be made, but the teacher was persistent, addressed to various instances. The principal spoke to it: “Sergey Petrovich! Well, do not touch you them. Let live as live. You will not help them“. The hostess of the house in which he lived dissuaded him from these actions too. But the young teacher was unshakable.“ Children should not live in such nightmare“, - he considered.

Eventually the child was sent to orphanage, and Sergey Petrovich considered the debt executed. The boy several times ran from children`s home, but it was returned. Parents still drank. Here everything that was known by the teacher when he left from the village to the big city.

there Passed many years. Sergey Petrovich is the director of one of large schools. And once at gate of school he saw the man, it is more similar to the bum which with rage and contempt looked at it. In several seconds Sergey Petrovich recognized it by eyes. It was that fellow whom he as it seemed to it then, rescued from a grief - parents and whom so often then remembered. As the former pupil damned the teacher that that crippled to him life, deprived of parental heat. Said how he wanted to nestle on mother as it was heavy in orphanage. “I hate, I hate!“ - Sergey Petrovich will never forget these words any more.

This story made strong impression on me and for a long time will remain in memory. And now, before making something good, I even more often reflect: “And it is necessary to the person actually or not?“.

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