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Winters I am not afraid any more! How to turn ``minuses`` into ``pluses`` of

Ya I know that to spend time in the fresh air, it is useful to walk much for everyone, but... Winter walks always very hard were given me (I mean age after teenage since in the childhood and youth with it problems for some reason were not observed). And so, with cold weather approach I usually begin “to turn sour“, temporarily I lose taste to life (and at us in Siberia with cold weather under − 40 it can “temporarily“ last for half a year), I miss the sun, as far as possible I do not poke out a nose from the house once again... Generally, as I often speak, in the winter I do not live - I worry winter. Of course, my dislike for this season not in the best way affects also activity of my children of 4 and 5 years.

But this year our father, the head of family, decided to change the relations with winter cardinally. Once he literally in a categorical form led us in clothing store for active recreation. There we long and persistently chose for each member of the family of a jacket, a jacket, a layered clothing, trousers, accessories... Process took away a lot of time and forces, but as a result all left equipped chock-full, and no frost to us was terrible any more!

Now, having all necessary for active recreation, our inventor actively looks for an opportunity to put it into practice. He buys train tickets and it is lucky us to Perm Krai (to the city of Kungur): there we are waited by a highly topical program in the form of visit of local sight - an ice cave and driving on the tubing.

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now. I will begin with the fact that even without any caves and drivings from mountains our children endured the real adventure: they for the first time got on the train (!) also left the city where - or! We live in the steppe district therefore change of a landscape was very noticeable (saw mountains). Descended on excursion in the mountain twice: the first time with group, the second - individually (only we four together and the guide). The senior child (son) struck us with how managed to acquire - to remember information issued by the guide for the first time (not in the conditions which most have for this purpose - it is a lot of people, a poor audibility, narrow passes), and for the second time it literally anticipated the story of our “putevoditelnitsa“! What the stalactite differs from stalagmite, local legends of cave spirits in, names of grottoes - we only wondered, hearing it from lips of the five-year-old boy!

A driving on “cheese cakes“ - separate history: these delights it is from the childhood when you fly on a white slope down, in ears - whistle, in a face - snow... And at first you stamp the fast, and then slowing-down in process of ascension to top step on an initial position - to think out a new variation of driving in a tandem: all family heap, being interchanged the position, in couples, holding each other by legs and other parts of a body... And any cold (on the contrary, hot!), any winter “hibernation“, only pleasure, new emotions, physical fatigue, things on the battery and questions: “And what we will do tomorrow?“

Hotel accommodation, food outdoors - to children all was a new experience, and to parents - rest from the ordinary and pleasure from “bringing“ of pleasure to children! We came back home at birthday, our with the son (I gave birth to him “to myself as a gift“) and, having left a taxi, wonderfully at an entrance of the house met the grandfather who arrived without the prevention - to congratulate us and was very surprised with news about our travel! Bags after the journey, gifts, ton of emotions, the confused stories, a photo on USB sticks... Here such another there was for our family this winter!

the Got experience showed that winter “minuses“ can - be turned into “pluses“! It is pleasant to me to remember our adventure, it is pleasant to hear how children in paints tell about it familiar and unfamiliar, it is pleasant to realize that I am not afraid of winter any more and that “by inertia“ actively I spend time on the street with children. Thanks a lot to our father! Without it this step would not be taken.

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