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How to look after the person in the winter? The main thing - moistening of

Winter - heavy time for any skin. Especially face skin suffers: it gets both opposite small snow, and the same opposite sleet, and houses and at work - heat of artificial heating. How to look after face skin in the winter?

Even those who never complained of hypersensibility notice that at this time skin behaves not in the best way. The cosmetologist Svetlana Suvorova, the expert of Mandara SPA tells:“ In the winter even normal skin or the combined type will be inclined to dryness therefore emphasis should be placed on moistening. Moistening - a necessary condition for a comfortable condition of skin“.

Therefore we also decided to test procedure “Intensive moistening “Silk and dew“ the Swiss Bellefontaine brand in the Moscow Mandara SPA. The moistening leaving of Bellefontaine meets all requirements both the normal, and dehydrated, sensitive skin thanks to a ruler from 7 means, providing not only moistening and comfort, but also protection. In general all this procedure is recommended for the normal and dry, weakened skin with irritation signs.

This brand coincides on sense with classical ideas of Switzerland - expensively, qualitatively and well.
still pleasant feature that it is absolutely quietly possible to use it also at home - though in salon, of course, is more pleasant than

A. Also it is possible to try several procedures to understand, you suit this cosmetics or not.

everything Begins

with acupressure - welcome touch - and pressure upon the necessary points weakens at once and brings to the pacified state.

At first the master clears skin, then a srub - by the way, for sensitive skin the master recommends to use in the winter a peeling, but not a srub. Then - the tightening Serum Reparateur 24 heures serum which protects gentle skin around eyes, correcting signs of its aging. It is especially good for jet (inclined to irritations) skin. Thanks to the high content of hyaluronic acid in a complex with silicon and oil of apricot stones, serum provides deep moisturizing and protects cellular structures from free radicals.

the turn of antioxidant serum with vitamin C in capsules comes Then - fruit acids and vitamin C are especially useful if it is necessary to refresh complexion. It must be kept in mind - all - spring soon! At this serum very unusual texture - opaque and weightless. I even out of curiosity pounded one drop fingers - as though something is on skin, and, it seems, and is not present.

For skin around eyes - the serum - which increases elasticity of skin and even promises to smooth small wrinkles, on it special vital cream is imposed.

Here the master gives the advice concerning any serum: it is better to apply it not separately, and together in combination with cream as skin - the effect will be more noticeable.

Then the most powerful weapon of the moistening line of the Swiss brand - Moisture Renewing Mask is used. Due to high concentration of the moistening components the mask for intensive moistening of the person and a neck quickly gives to skin well rested, fresh and fit look. The mask contains hyaluronic acid, proteins of soy and oil of grape seeds which compensate for the moisture deficiency, giving to skin vital energy and counteracting aging.


In general, the cosmetologist recommends to apply in a season, heavy for skin, the moistening mask one - two times a week - on of 15 - 20 minutes.

Procedure lasts slightly more than an hour and upon termination of I feel that the person as though inhaled fresh mountain air - neither dryness, nor tightness, nor the slightest irritation is felt.

In general, any procedure in such interior will be salutary. The cozy twilight, it is dark - a gray stone, brown tone with gold impregnations and illumination - you relax at once. While face skin napityvatsya by moisture, you can freshen up too - in the shining niche the transparent decanter with home-made lemonade with a lemon and mint is poured.

Silence, rest and full relaxation - the concept of Mandara SPA worldwide. The plate a clay tablet with Indonesian the god putting a finger to lips hangs on a wall at an entrance: it is impossible to rustle, here have a rest soul and a body. Everything to trifles is thought over also in a recreation area: herbal tea for choice, the deep twilight and curtains separating each place, at the same time - the tiny individual lamp if there was a wish to read magazines.


of Mandara Spa it was created to Bali and unites more than 80 Spa today - the centers worldwide.

the Main and most popular clause of the Moscow Mandara SPA - massages which are done by the most real baliyka. Massage by hot stones, the reflex foot massage weakening massage with use of 100% of natural essential oils - it is possible to choose any. Massage of a body is done as well in 4 hands if you want especially intensive feelings.

Procedure “Intensive moistening “Silk and dew“ Bellefontaine - 7800 rubles

Traditional Bali massage:

1 hour 35 minutes - 5900 rubles
1 hour 05 minutes - 4500 rubles

Galina Kasyanikova