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How to teach the child to read? Create a suitable situation!

our Dimochka grew at the curious boy. Especially his curiosity increased when at our place the computer appeared. Especially for it bought a disk with the developing games and allowed to play 2 - 3 time in a week on 10 minutes.

you, of course, can imagine

how it is difficult to limit the four-year-old madcap, but in the beginning it even more - worked well less. Soon Dima himself learned to turn on the computer, to insert a disk and to play. We even thought to use cunning and hid a cord, but it found it in 15 minutes of active searches.

decided to deliver to

On a family council on the computer the password. Exactly 3 days rejoiced, it did not become clear yet that instead of a lunch dream our computer genius played game. Here the father also remembered that Dmitry few times turned near him when it turned on the computer. It turned out that the son learned the password! But how he could remember? Could give numbers, but did not know how are written. Here that the motivation means. I ask it: what password? And he accurately answers: “Two, zero, three, one, nine... enter!“ Everything is correct.

In 5 years Dima knew all letters. The magnetic alphabet was pleasant to it, but to begin to read he did not aspire though he very much liked to listen as I or elder sister read to it. And I not really insisted - the teacher of initial classes did not advise to learn to read the child if he has no desire. My books for beginners to read also two alphabets and were unused.

the Son was interested in encyclopedias where there were photos of animals, especially pictures with dinosaurs. At this time we had an Internet, and the son began to ask me and to find the sister to it some brontosaur or a Diplodocus. Here I, having remembered a case with the password, understood how it is possible to interest the child. At me the plan ripened how to create such situation that the son himself wanted to learn to read.

Dima asked me to find

something in the Internet again, and I speak to it:“ When you only learn to read? Itself you will write inquiries“. Wrote it inquiry and left on kitchen to make a lunch. Through some time the oldest daughter comes and says that Dimochka learned to read. How, I speak, learned? And she answers me that he took offense, several minutes lay on a sofa, and then took the book. Looked, looked at words, then began to whisper something to himself under a nose. After a while it is slightly heard said the first syllables... Here and learned!

did not expect

Ya that it will be so quickly. Thought, without the aid of adults will not manage. When the father arrived from fishing, Dima is already proud read him the first words. Read, of course, very slowly, worried and got off. All praised it, spoke what he is a good fellow.

Now Dmitry is the first grader. Neighbors asked recently, how are you at school. Answered: “Normally. The teacher told, I read well...“