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Rest in Bulgaria (part 1) of

the Preface

the Most pleasant on holiday that? To whom as, and on me it turns out that the most pleasant is its expectation and collecting... an anticipation of all of that wonderful that can happen to you on vacation. Because rest passes so quickly that you did not manage to pack suitcases washed and svezheotglazhenny as already and you unpack their houses, taking mountains of crumpled, dirty clothes, gifts for the family and friends, and also treasured small bottles from Dyuti - fr... well, that it I about sad.

This expectation of rest was at us quite long - at the beginning of April as became warmer, I began to touch options - Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria... After long thoughts Bulgaria was chosen. In - the first, according to reviews there very soft climate - is not present the exhausting heat, the sea warm, pure... After we were alive fried at the beginning of June in Cyprus, the hang-up about a heat became very considerable too. And in the light of almost continuous series of diseases autumn - the ziyena - a spring season which put out to all our family this phrase about soft climate gave hopes for acclimatization with the minimum losses. As the immune system of my Ilya did not inspire in me any trust any more.

Besides, there beaches with “a golden small sand“ (it is written in any prospectus about Bulgaria). It seemed to me that for the small child the sand is better, than pebble. Well and important plus - all visited Bulgaria, said that there it is VERY cheap. Therefore we decided to go for 3 weeks, besides - 3 weeks are better, than 2. it became clear

After communication with travel agencies by p that on mine 2 - the summer child who does not need a separate bed which eats as a birdie - on it it is necessary to buy the permit and a separate plane ticket, without discounts too For what? So it is necessary. And as to have a rest “drift“ to us was not for the first time, I decided to look for other options. It became clear that even through the Internet, come to the Bulgarian portals, it is possible to find a set of options with private pass - hotels where you will be lodged for $8-10 from a nose and will feed for $10 a full board. And the child without place - it is free. As a result according to the recommendation of one companion with which had a rest in Bulgaria last summer found suitable option - the resort St. Konstantin and Elena, a private country house with the pool in the yard, a garden and other priyatnost.

the Ticket as a result for Ilya is decided to be bought - I was afraid to appear in a situation when on registration there are questions concerning a bezbiletnost of the child 2 years are more senior. Offensively, of course, that at the time of a departure Ilya was exactly 2 years old and 2 weeks so it not much more differed from itself(himself) the 2nd week when he was not 2 years old yet. But what to do... We bought 2 tickets for 3 weeks for us with Ilya and 1 ticket for 2 weeks for Sergey, the husband and the father nashegoj When we already decided on dates of a departure and with the company which wanted to fly, suddenly it turned out that to get tickets for 3 weeks not so - that simply. I.e. you call in agency, you speak:

as a result bought

- tickets in travel agency “Gallant tourist“ for East Line charter from Domodedovo. Tickets with Ilya cost us for $200 from a nose, on Sergey - $180. In the same place issued an insurance and visas, for $35 from me and Sergey and $5 for Ilya. In principle it is possible to issue visas and independently, for $23 a consular fee in Embassy of Bulgaria. But we somehow decided to keep nerves and forces on more productive occupations.

About flight, the airports and planes

So, hour of X came, it is built huge chemodanishche and a backpack, we go to Domodedovo. In comparison with Sheremetyevo - 2 from which we took off to Cyprus a year ago Domodedovo wins. One of the first since arrived for 2 h to a departure were registered, as well as recommended in travel agency. Passport control too. I only managed to be frightened when on registration told that on passport control the birth certificate of Ilya is required, and we did not take it. Before a control cabin I was frightened that the power of attorney on Ilya`s evacuation since is necessary. we flew without father. But everything managed. But next year it is advisable not to forget the birth certificate. you never know. I was pleasant to fly East Line. There flight was delayed for only 15 min. (against last year`s regular flight of Aeroflot which was delayed on 2 h). However, on the way back flight was delayed for an hour with superfluous, and baggage in Domodedovo we waited for about an hour. But it melochij But stewardesses are lovely smiling girls to whom it is not terrible to handle a problem (against kamennolitsy girls from Aeroflot). And personally with Ilya luck - neither take-off, nor landing we did not notice ours. Neither there, nor back. Though last year Ilya transferred flights well. So in spite of the fact that I on take off and landing held “sisyu atilt“ on a case of possible problems, Ilya did not show any concern. Barricaded between a window on the one hand and me with another - he carried out all flight or on a floor under a chair, or on a chair, or creeping on me, the benefit of our 2 chairs was enough not to disturb the neighbor. On landing I considered in a window accurate white lodges with roofs from a red tile - from height of bird`s flight and it is seen very lovely above.

Having arrived to Varna, we quickly enough passed passport control, received baggage even quicker and were met by the owner of a country house Dimcho. At the airport I changed a little money at a course 1. 87 lion/$ whereas on the city he made 1. 95 - 1. 97. So warned the husband that at the airport of money did not change.

I one more detail - if to go the savage, then at entry into Bulgaria can, but will optional demand the voucher. And here at departure - the piece of paper with an extract about registration is surely necessary. Otherwise threaten to raise penalties for $200 from the person. So keep in mind.