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St. Valentine`s Day: desserts - darling. 3 recipes from Chadeyki of

St. Valentine`s Day - an excellent opportunity to indulge itself and loved by a dessert: unexpected, house and... fast in preparation. The culinary blogger Irina Chadeeva shared with us three remarkable recipes. These hearts and hearts can be given to festive tea, and it is possible... it is beautiful to pack and present!

of “Pavlov“ with strawberry

of “Pavlov“ is a whipped whites dessert with fruit and, for example, whipped cream. It is possible to bake proteins in the form of small small baskets or one big basket, but the main thing - the crust outside has to be crackling, and inside the meringue has to remind a souffle.

was baked Earlier by me at 140 º From an o`clock (a big basket), and today solved so: hour at 130 º With, and then at 170 º With literally of 5 - 7 minutes. Thus inside the meringue remains soft, but is baked thoroughly, and the crackling thick crust outside turns out. to you it is required by

to p:

  1. Separate the whites from the yolks.
  2. Beat whites at the maximum speed up to the dense weight when nozzles of a nimbus leave an accurate mark.

  1. pour sugar Now and shake up a couple of minutes to density and gloss. Sugar has to be dissolved (it can be defined, having pounded mix between fingers).
  2. Pour starch, pour in lemon juice and extract, shake up some more minutes before obtaining very dense dense weight.

  1. On baking paper draw a circle, lay out weight in the form of a basket.

  1. Bake

    at 130 º With of 50 - 60 minutes, then well dry at 170 º Since minutes 5 - 7. Ready meringue of slightly caramel shade.

  1. Meanwhile strawberry (it is how many not a pity) wash

    and dry.

  2. Add a spoon of icing sugar. I also added the Cointreau teaspoon, very much it was pleasant to me how it shaded strawberry. But it it is necessary very little. Mix and leave.

  1. the Ready tartinka cool

    to room temperature. If meringue at you loses a crisp over time, there is a way it to correct: to strew right after cooling with a thin layer of icing sugar.

  2. Add strawberry (at desire also cream or some cream).
Chocolate cookies with chocolate toffees

Are asked by

why all began to celebrate St. Valentine`s Day? Only because for it we are called by advertizing - in any little shop the huge choice of hearts and other attributes of a holiday. Perhaps, it is only an occasion to remember that darling needs us and our signs of attention. So why not to provide this attention? At least once in a year having remembered love and flowers? Or sweets...

  1. For the test put

    in the combine:

  2. of 20 g of cocoa
  3. of 100 g of cold oil
  4. of 50 g of sugar

  1. Chop
    • of 180 g of flour in a crumb and add small egg and 2 tablespoons of cold milk.

  1. Turn on the combine and you knead until dough sticks together in a lump. Take out it, you stick together a sphere and put for 20 minutes in the refrigerator.
  2. Powder a table with flour. Put dough and flatten out.



  1. to thickness of 2 mm and cut out circles in half of which cut out openings - hearts a small mold.

  1. Bake

    12 minutes at 200 º With, cool on a lattice.

  2. is concerned So far, make a toffee. For this purpose or even milk pour 120 g of cream (15 - 20%) in a pan, put 50 g of sugar and a teaspoon of cocoa - powder, add an oil piece about 25 g. You cook on average fire when stirring (bubbles have to be visible), interfering with a rake until the toffee thickens. From time to time clean from fire and check density.

  1. smear with

    a toffee on cookies Now, and from above cover with cookies with openings.

Jasmine madlenka

Are things which I am not ready to refuse one of them - jasmine tea. Its aroma does not bother at all, very easy and gentle, weightless. And the seagull wants... And what to tea?

I offer


A to tea too which - that special. Madlenki to which instead of vanilla or more traditional orange blossom strong tea infusion is added.

By the way, the tea which is especially flavored - an excellent additive to the test. White chocolate sauce with jasmine tea is very tasty (for this purpose tea is made in cream). Well, and the Japanese powder tea of a match has bright green color therefore it is adored by the advanced culinary specialists.

In order that aroma of tea was felt by

in ready cupcakes, it is necessary to take very strong tea leaves which staid several hours. A grade teaspoon “A jasmine pearl“ I make 200 ml of water.

2 eggs to shake up
  1. from 100 g of sugar.
  2. It is ready! Foam small, almost white.

  1. It is added 150 g of the sifted flour.

  1. is Well mixed (but it is careful) and we pour in 60 ml of tea (to filter).

  1. It is added 75 g of the kindled butter. Dough quite liquid. We spill it on the molds oiled and sprinkled with flour.
  2. we Bake
  3. at 200 º Since 15 minutes.

  1. Ready cakes we get

    from molds.

  2. the Remained tea leaves we filter
  3. , we add a teaspoon of sugar there and we soak with the turned-out syrup cupcakes (on couple of teaspoons on cake).

  1. Is strewed with icing sugar and we leave. Powder will be absorbed and will stiffen a crust. Then it is possible to strew still. Well it is very tasty!