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At a kazhdov the Life.

I Was born in 1976 in the small town of Reutovo situated near Moscow. Mother, worked at mail, and two elder sisters, already went to school. Strange, but memory of the childhood by forty years for some reason in increasing frequency reminds of itself. Most likely because, at this age of the man begin to understand that the childhood it already somewhere there, and an old age not far off. About forty would seem practically nothing, some, but it is worth reflecting, to go deep so to speak into consciousness that the childhood is already very far also it not to return moreover and to take in the account, the fact that presently with the poisoned environment and food which contains different chemicals and to that other, to live to eighty is fated not to everyone. You tell yourself - yes not! I will long live! And right there doubt. The world is quite so arranged that someone comes, and someone leaves and how soon and as early.

I was one and a half years old when mother gave birth to the brother. If it is honest, then still I do not understand when she all was in time? The father worked in other city and came to business trips of all few times in a year. Officially they were not in marriage and two elder sisters were from its first marriage. And so, in his my memoirs in the smallest which I can only remember, it vinipukh in the original, only tow-haired. And when I could already look behind it in absence of adults, it was necessary to seat hardly him on the pot presently called by a night vase.

Years in five of this eagle with a round face dropped from a balcony of my favourite astronaut, it was platsmassovy a miracle of people in a space suit and with brightly vydelyashchimisya four letters of the USSR.

How exactly, I cannot still remember, but precisely I remember I got what then for the fact that I self-willedally escaped on the street to look for the favourite astronaut. Generally if among the reader who has those were or there are younger brothers or sisters have to understand in what party I evaded. Quite so! To Starshim always gets for younger. So was always and so will be.

The first birthday which I remember - five years. Was hot as it was the end of July. I wanted to treat friends from the yard and mother took out to us on the street nut cake. This there was a pleasure while the girlfriend from the next entrance it is powerful as three me did not begin to note my dnyushka good pieces. This girlfriend and few times proved further to me that she it is real stronger and as speak to a steep slope presently. Once walking with it on vicinities of our yard I saw the fragmentary purse lying on the sidewalk. Was not in time I and an eye to blink as cats in the hand were held by my kind girlfriend and that the most interesting she even decided somny not to share, reasoning that money is necessary to her parents too. It was the last day of ours with it friendship. Of course we walked in one yard, and even then studied in parralelny classes, but were not on friendly terms any more, and after school even did not see each other.

Dear reader, is the first article which is laid out by me on open spaces of a world wide web perhaps in the text there will be mistakes, ask to forgive, time 0. And there is an awful wish to sleep 23 across Moscow.

At each of us the Life.

Be continued...