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Day of Saint Valentin: romantic recipes from Italy for two

Celebration of St. Valentine`s Day drags on in Italy for several days - as - in any way, it is the homeland of the famous Saint. What special dishes include in the menu cafe and restaurants in days of a holiday? Try to prepare two of them according to Ella Martino`s recipes.

Soft chocolate cake

of Cake of a morbid of di chokkolato I prepare



of Torta morbida di cioccolato for tasting of olive oil in my gastronomic round “Taste of Tuscany“. Chocolate cake ideally emphasizes taste of qualitative olive oil. In my opinion, this tasty and at the same time absolutely simple cake in preparation will be a suitable delicacy on the St. Valentine`s Day.

as decoration of chocolate cake I prefer to use strawberry, and you can decorate it also with candied fruits from a citrus or other fruit. Very important for preparation of this dessert to take dark, but not bitter chocolate and quality olive oil.

On 8 - 10 portions:

(the maintenance of cocoa no more than 60%)
  • of 50 g of butter
  • of 10 fresh ripe berries of strawberry
  • olive oil of a cold extraction
  • a pinch of vanilla salt
  • Vanilla salt it is very easy for em to prepare
    • of 250 ml of fresh cream (fat content of 36%) for
    • of 400 g of dark chocolate in house conditions. You need 250 g of coarse sea salt and a pod of vanilla. Largely cut a vanilla pod and crush together with salt in the coffee grinder.
      Vanilla salt is stored in a dark glass jar with the twisting cover. This salt can be used also for preparation of dishes from fish.
    Strawberry wash

    and remove a fruit stem.

    Cut out from paper for pastries a circle by the size of a baking dish (I have 20 cm) and cover a form bottom paper.

    Chocolate pull down

    on pieces and kindle them on a water bath together with butter.

    In other pan bring cream to boiling and pour in a pan with chocolate. A wooden spoon mix everything to a uniform state. Add vanilla salt and again well mix.

    Pour out chocolate weight in a form, lay out from above strawberry and put in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

    Get cake, cut on portion pieces and give, having watered with olive oil.

    Marinated oranges

    of Arance marinate


    marinate - very popular recipe among my friends. It is just that case when from the elementary products remarkable food which can be both a dessert or a garnish, and an independent dish turns out.

    For 4 portions:

    modensky balsam vinegar
  • of 5 average oranges
  • olive oil of a cold extraction
  • salt
  • Whenever possible take

    • oranges of two different grades - red Sicilian and usual.

      Peel 4 oranges of a peel and cut with thin slices. Lay out oranges on a plate and prepare gas station.

      In a bowl slightly shake up a fork mix from balsam vinegar, olive oil, salt and freshly squeezed juice of 1 orange. Pour over slices of oranges the prepared dressing and put a plate in the refrigerator for days, having covered with food wrap.

      Get a dish with marinated oranges from the refrigerator and at once give.

      Put Saint Valentin (San Valentino) - the most romantic holiday in Italy. St. Valentine is a patron of all lovers therefore quite often young couples go to celebrate this holiday to the city of Terni (Terni) in the region Umbria where the Saint was born. In a week before, on February 7, the lovers who decided to get married and arrived here from all Italy celebrate Day of the promise (Giorno della promessa), making a declaration of love each other in the presence of the mayor and the bishop.

      restaurants and Terni`s candy stores offer

      these days the special menu on the basis of the ingredients which are considered as aphrodisiacs. Chocolate dishes enjoy wide popularity. Candies and cakes with romantic subject are on sale in each candy store.

      From the book “Italy at the Holiday Table“