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Seedling on a window sill: the correct capacity for a tomato, pepper, colors

Why is the best of all to grow up seedling of tomatoes in the pots made with own hands from dairy packages? Than are useful to peat pumpkin - humous pots? And in what pluses and minuses of seedling on a window sill? Spring councils of the agronomist - to gardeners.

there Comes the season of mass crops. At this time under seedling enterprising gardeners use everything that will be - plastic bottles with the cut-off neck, bumazhno - film packings from - under milk, wooden and plastic a box from vegetables and even glasses from a papya - Masha. As they say what will be prompted by the imagination.

the Range of devices and designs which are let out by our industry remains to

for many years practically without changes. Still garden centers for cultivation of seedling offer plastic boxes, trays, glasses with pallets, cartridges, peat - humous pots, miniparnichka and tablets for them. There were, however, pots, a cache-pot and trays rather new so far with plates from EM - plastic, acting by analogy with EM - preparations.

But about everything one after another. Trays for seedling are “communal flats“ for plants. In them it is possible to grow up cabbage, a sheet celery, flower cultures, that is plants which at early age do not form powerful root system and easily have its injuries. However, and are more convenient for them to of the cartridge - the plastic pots united together on of 6 - 30 pieces. the Seedling in them is less damaged at change, than grown in trays, is ill less often.

the Tomato, pepper, an eggplant - plants - individualists. Of course, they can be grown up in trays too. However in this case they will be much worse to develop therefore solanaceous it is better to grow up in separate pots with a capacity not less than 0,5 l. By the way, they perfectly feel in dairy packages with the openings in a bottom punched by a pricker. This Tara is very convenient: plants are placed compactly what you will not tell about pots of a round form. For those gardeners that grow up seedling on limited space of window sills, it is serious argument.

Pumpkin cultures very long recover if roots were damaged therefore for them it is the best of all to use of peat - humous pots . Air freely gets into these capacities, roots well develop, surplus of water easily flows down and quickly evaporates. At cultivation of seedling in peat - humous pots it is necessary to provide the pallet that irrigation water did not soil a window sill. Such capacities only one season serve. Besides the garden centers instead of peat - humous pots, as a rule, offer glasses from a cardboard, but in general the difference is not too essential. Unless before disembarkation the bottom of capacities from a cardboard needs to be broken off, otherwise at a lack of moisture roots will be able “to punch“ it.

Pass - parnichka happen the different sizes and, alas, durability. So, one of them at me held on only a few years, then the plastic container began to crumble literally in hands: under sunshine it collapsed though the producer claimed that he will serve pass - a hotbed much longer.

Many models pass - parnichok are focused on the fact that the seedling is grown up in special tablets from the pressed peat with addition of nutritious elements. In fact it at the same time both substratum, and glasses. Tablets these very small and easy, are put into a thin mesh cover. For “activation“ it is enough to put of them on a tray and to fill in with water. Having bulked up in several minutes, they turn into cylinders with deepening for a seed. It is very simple to use them: it is necessary to put a seed in core and to cover it with the peat which is scratched out from the same glass. Best of all the cabbage, onions, beet and flowers grow in such substratum; the tomato and pepper need the bigger volume of soil.


If to use similar tablets without parnichok, then will need a moisture-holding substrate, for example a sphagnum that from - for dry air in the apartment they did not dry up too quickly. A lack of these tablets, in my opinion, that it is impossible to fix on each of them a label with the indication of a grade therefore at shift it is easy to mix seedling.