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How to arrange to children a holiday - and to earn? History for inspiration of

of 26 - summer Olga Multika (Maslova) and 30 - summer Aliya Gallyamova, creators of the Love About Kids project - work with happiness. They glue it, cut out, photograph, saw, mount - and so on. Olya and Aliya - children`s` parties managers. And today they impart experience, plans, councils with those who are only going to be engaged in something special - and that will bring both joy, and the income.

Two girls, one may say, spontaneous businesswomen: the idea came by itself when they suited birthday for 4 - summer the boy of the girlfriend - she wanted a holiday in style of the animated film “Wheelbarrows“. Deriving inspiration from the Pinterest, Olga and Aliya network at once refused abundance of plastic, bright posters and motley disposable tableware with the Lightning Makvin - girls consider that taste should be developed since the childhood. All did by a trial and error method: “We then did not consider much - for example, did not check work of printing house. And when arrived to opening to “Solyanka“ in the morning, it was necessary to explain that we not just like that, we are decorators, we will have a holiday here. Having come back home, we at 7 in the evening failed to sleep“.

lit up

After the first experience of girls that it it - that, than they would like to be engaged in life:“ There was a feeling that you came across a treasure: you open - and it shines! You will not mix with anything this feeling: it should be noticed is how to fall in love“.

of Olga with the daughter

A acquainted Olya and Aliya of the daughter - more precisely, their general nurse. Now girls are about 5 years old, and they “work“ together with mothers, helping to do a decor for holidays - organizers of holidays make all houses. Glue on a balcony a hit of children`s holidays - to a pinyat (a hollow toy from a papya - Masha, filled by candies which is suspended, and children break it sticks), and recently to 2 o`clock in the morning did tents - and Aliya`s husband who came from work joined too, having begun to saw sticks of the necessary size. But there are also difficult moments: when girls have to explain why only mothers and why it is impossible to eat the candies prepared for a holiday will go to children`s birthday.


“Yes, our customers are parents, but when you meet the child, you see the one who cannot be brought in any way - and you try to make so that it was pleasant to it. It is the real, heavy responsibility. Once we arrived to the apartment of future birthday woman the night before when it already put to bed. At half of the night all prepared, decorated - that the girl since morning woke up, and around - the fairy tale“.

the Budget of a holiday begins

from 30 thousand. “We did a holiday and for smaller money - in Gorky Park, it is very heavy: a lot of things depend on weather, and, of course, the customer has to be ready to be put too“, - girls explain.

Now Olga works with

for incomplete day in SUP Media, before some time lived in Thailand:“ Fell in love, took away the child and left“. And the first garden where the daughter went, was Thai - it was necessary to speak gestures. Aliya who gave birth to the second child 4 months ago left for a long time jeweler firm where once began: “It is impossible to work with children full time. The generation of our parents has such prejudice: if you do not work at office, then fool about“, - Aliya tells.“ And we saw that it is quite real: that it is possible to photograph and feed a family. Also there are different niches, it is a lot of all interesting. I do not represent now what could push out me from Russia“, - Olga says.

“In a normal operating mode in a month I earn with

the money equal to that I would earn from freelance, - Olga says. - Staff - it we are two, and still 2 - 3 the assistant`s constants. At us with Aliya it is accurately distributed: if I can agree with anyone, then Aliya can accurately plan everything - on her the general plan of action. Once there was a case - we hang up, we fasten scenery, and someone asks:“ We have no Aliya incidentally here it - that a bolt? - Incidentally we have nothing, all of us took specially“.

of Idea the most different - most often, it is a compromise between the fact that parents wanted and that was invented by girls. Once arranged the culinary master - a class: children with mothers did cakes for fathers - small, with marzipan figures and silver beads. It lasted the whole day, and children were happy - they were already ready to drop, but did not want to leave. In plans - the Russian holiday: will do with kids of horses, dolls of straws.

of Aliya Gallyamova

In 9 months turned out already tens of holidays - including, and charitable: Love about kids did excursion across Moscow for children of orphanage, an action for Podsolnukh fund. A question that is not enough for girls now, they answer:“ Time has more, it is more hands, the head one more“. Are not afraid of the competition of the businesswoman: in - the first, it also forces to work better, and in - the second, brings up the consumer. “We are not afraid to share, all contacts of confectioners, decorators and other people - everything hangs on our website. There is a lot of orders, the market now very actively develops“. And that, very first client again wants to celebrate already 5 - the anniversary the son.

of Aliya`s Daughter

Big business - the girl`s tasks for themselves are not set:“ Here, say, for myself I want a consent of heart and the head, and here the same: I want that we had projects bringing the money and projects bringing heat. And that it should sleep till several nights. I do not dream to create huge event - agency and to enter the world market. There would be such purpose - we would work in a different way, - Olga explains. - But now we have a project, we very much love children - and we do holidays“.