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To earn on the Internet - and in reality. Female stories of success

All arrive at this idea differently: someone was grown hateful by “office slavery“, someone feels that he is engaged at work not as what is asked by soul. It in general happens to young mothers pretty often: from the decree there is no wish to come to former work, and there is a wish for something new that will be better combined with a family, with the child and own hobbies. And to feed too. Experience of the women who decided to begin the business and their councils - can, only you lacked it what to take the first step to own business?

of Lyudmila Bulavkina and Nailya Zamashkina in the show - Rhum

our today`s heroines, having decided to be engaged in something new, did not give up the main work:“ We had no investors, everything became on the. We are careful and prudent because it is not enough means, them just barely enough - on the most essential“.

35 - summer Lyudmila Bulavkina and 36 - summer Nailya Zamashkina started the startup - the project on rent of evening Look100 dresses - the first in the Russian market, but were inspired by the large American pioneer of Rent the Runway. Now similar projects on rent of festive clothes on the Russian Internet already three, but they almost do not compete among themselves - rather, help.

In the beginning. Now, nearly a year later, the project pays for itself, but does not make profit yet. The following step - development of the franchize in regions.

the Main business - the idea was such is - one women the dresses (which did not approach, not pleasant and so forth) hand over as in commission shop, and others - lease for several days. But quickly enough it turned out that quality, relevance, appearance of the handed-over things did not cause keen desire them to rent right there. Besides, at worn things and service life turned out small:“ Any dress works for Americans 20 times, we put 10 times. In reality it turns out 5 - 6 - and only so far as concerns the new dresses bought by us specially. Such different quality of materials and cleaning at us and in America“, - shares Lyudmila Bulavkina.

in the course of work it turned out p that not all are ready to lease a thing, without having felt and without having measured - it was necessary for show - Rhum. The biggest items of expenditure: development of the website (it was necessary to do urgently), a tenancy, photographing. Investments into direct advertizing would not prevent too - but they are absent. However girls used all free opportunities. For example, offered the website as “guinea pig“ to service of a contextual advertizing Begun - their contextual advertizing was placed free of charge, for it they had to provide access to all statistics.

expectations of businesswomen were overestimated by

How soon it became clear, by 5 times:“ We planned to hand over 10 dresses a day, and in 3 months handed over on two. Initially, when opened, there were 70 dresses. If it was more money, we would expand the range: the good goods itself sell“.

the most unexpected consequence of the new project of Nail experienced

A on itself: “You see, I today in a dress? In the real dress which was sewed by the dressmaker? I am a person who before 365 days in a year walked in jeans. The dress draws attention and causes respect - both in women, and in men. It just to the famous rule:“ You will have no other 30 seconds to make the first impression“. A dress sort things out, that is introduces female in behavior, in what you do and as you do it“.

of Lyudmila Bulavkina with children

the Most important question

- whether Can support a startup a family?

- So wants to answer what can! - Nailya smiles. - But it not always so. Teaching electronic commerce in Higher School of Economics, I ask at lectures of masters whether they know the budget of the family? The main contingent people 25 - 28+, most often family, with small children. No more than a half raise hands... What does it mean? That live not according to the income, and “as it is necessary“ and “as it will turn out“. There are necessary expenditure which do not depend neither on mood, nor on existence or lack of work - a rent, phone, a kindergarten, food. And there are already expenditure not obligatory - cinema, restaurant, holiday abroad, the car or new gadgets.

And so, the startup can provide the obligatory budget. To earn from the small “house“ project on everything that will come to mind - of course, it is impossible.

Nailya and Lyudmila warn all who hope for fast payback of the project - because results are not be notable at once: a year and a half it is necessary to work, and then only to estimate:“ That the project did not go, it is possible to understand quickly enough. Or better to say that the project went not as it was planned. It should not cause reaction “everything, it did not turn out, forgot“, it has to push on revision of the idea and strategy of development. Ideal option - to call for discussion of skilled people. Platforms where it is possible to consult and discuss the project a great lot now is both Startup Women, and Startup Point and many - many others“.

of Lyudmila Bulavkina and Nailya Zamashkina in the show - Rhum

Councils beginning

Read We are sure by by

Active women - and their opportunities

the Internet - the StartUp Women platform is thought up especially for communication and mutual support of women - businessmen, and actually, for all to whom creation of online projects in niches of food/fashion/kids/beauty/education - generally is interesting, those whose target audience - women. One of creators of the platform Maria Kosenkova tells:

“Businessmen often, thinking out idea, solve an own problem. The Internet gives now the unique chance - to realize any idea, to start the project - and to solve some problem. And that the most important - to make it with the minimum expenses - in comparison with the beginning offline - business.

Besides, the business is an independence, it is a possibility of self-realization, independent planning of the time. Human life which decides to begin own business, very bright, interesting, saturated. Not without barriers, problems and deadlocks, of course - but with high degree of freedom.

  • of 70% of all consumer goods and services women
  • order
  • about 65% of audience of the RuNet - women
  • about 66% of users of social networks also of the woman
  • of 43% of women - managers are dissatisfied with the work that often forces them to open own business which can be combined successfully with private life
* These researches Accenture on 29 countries of the world (including, and Russia)

Now consumption of services actively grows in the Internet at the expense of female audience. There are various fashion - projects (the Internet - clothing stores, blogs, media), projects for parents and children (the poster of children`s actions, sale of goods and services, mobile applications), projects in a culinary niche (the websites with recipes, blogs, mobile applications by request of little tables at restaurant), the niche of educational projects also actively grows (online - the courses training programs).

the huge number of niches where it is possible to realize itself Is, to apply the skills, knowledge, interests, and even to make business of the hobby!“