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One day from life of the working mother of

about what I will write, probably, to much familiarly now. But all-...

my working day begins

in 5. 30 - 6. 30th mornings. Depending on awakening of my daughter. I am awoken by exacting “chatter“ of Alyonushka. Hardly opening eyes, I run on kitchen to put water for mix. While water is warmed up, I run in a bathroom for fast morning procedures. Leaving, I hear already more persistent requirement. Again I run on kitchen, I prepare mix, I put to cool and - to Alyona. We wash, we wash handles, we change clothes of pampers. Mix cooled down. I feed. Throughout all events I hear a sweet posapyvaniye of the husband. I begin to be angry with it. I think, here he sleeps, and I already standing. On hours 7. 00. I put Alyona in a chair, and I begin to make a breakfast. In 7. 30 the “senior“ child wakens. I leave it Alyona and I run on dairy kitchen. I resort, we sit down to breakfast. Here it becomes clear that the shirt which the father wanted to put on needs to be stroked urgently. On hours 8. 15. Here races down“ since before appearance at work there are 30 minutes begin “.

our Father left safely for work. Here I am ready. I stand at doors waiting for the grandmother or the nurse. At last, someone from them comes. I instruct per day and I rush. I resort to the car and I find out that the car is not started. I look for somebody that I was helped with the yard. The benefit with it there are no problems. I go to work. I “swear“ at all way “teapots“, pedestrians and damned traffic jams. I rush into office. On hours - 10. 03. I understand that was late. Mood already on zero. I work without stopping to 18. 00.

I Understand

that it is simply obliged to make everything since I cannot be late. On the way back I fly in the next supermarket. I rush on ranks as “meteor“. I arrive home. I listen to lamentations of the grandmother, how she was tired that Alyona crapped 7 times that she badly ate, etc. On hours 19. 30 - 20. 00. I begin to make a dinner. At this time I try to spend well time with Alyona. I read it books, I play, etc. Time 20. 45 - 21. 00. There is no father. I bathe Alyona, more precisely I bathe myself more, than its. I put to sleep. On a final “zasyp“ 30 minutes leave. I run on kitchen, to continue to make a dinner.“ The senior“ comes in 22. 00. We sit down to have supper. In 23. 00 it is necessary to feed Alyona. In 23. 30 I wash the dishes, I will sterilize Alenushkina bottles and nipples. And here 00. 00. I understand that everything, there came pleasure. I climb in a shower. I do manicure, any masks, etc. I do it not for appearance, and as a hobby. I have a rest so.

there Comes release time. On hours 01. 00.

P. S. I want that this story was regarded, just as realistic day. I do not complain, and just I share. And it is sure that to unemployed mothers it is even heavier. Health to you and happiness, lovely 7 - Yana.