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February 23: man`s a fresh game and fish dishes. With a smoke!

Hunting and fishing - truly man`s hobby, and fishermen and hunters - real men, it is indisputable. It is a pity, only wives not always divide this hobby. On the Defender of the Fatherland Day we decided to reconcile families - we suggest you to prepare the got game dishes together. All let will undertake the most important men, and women - strive over sauce.

of Cutlet from a boar

boar Meat (1 part), a deer (2 parts) and fresh lard (1 part) to scroll via the meat grinder. To add small cut onions (1 part). To knead forcemeat, if necessary having added ice water for softer consistence. To create cutlets, to roll in in flour and crackers and to fry to readiness.

Potato (800 g) to boil

to readiness in the added some salt water, to merge water, to add hot milk (250 g) and butter (50 g) and to wipe through a large sieve.

of Chanterelle to boil, cut in small cubes and to fry with addition of garlick oil and salt.

Sauce cowberry: to pripustit fresh-frozen cowberry with sugar in a small amount of water, then to pass through a sieve.

mashed potatoes to lay out

When giving on a table on a plate in the form of a washer, from above - chanterelles, nearby - cutlets, a cowberry handful, a branch of rosemary and sauce in a sauce-boat.

For one portion:

For cowberry sauce:

Hough of a lamb

Hough of a lamb to pickle in dark beer with addition of spices, salts, rosemary and a thyme. To pickle days. To fry hough in a stewpan on vegetable oil, to add leek and onions, to fill in hough with marinade and to extinguish 2 - 3 hour on slow fire.

paprika, zucchini, eggplants, onion to cut

bars and to fry on garlick oil with addition of a thyme to readiness. To dry rosemary, a thyme, a sage.

When giving on a steykovy plate to lay out hough and fried vegetables. Previously to set fire to dried greens in a big sauce-boat. The dish has to move with a smoke from greens.

For one portion:

of Fillet of a muksun

of Fillet of a muksun to pepper, bread in the added some salt flour and to fry from two parties to readiness.

Cepes to boil, cut in cubes and to fry with the onions cut in cubes. To make mashed potatoes.

Sauce. Luk to cut shallot in small cubes, to fry, fill in with white wine. To boil thoroughly onions, wine will not be evaporated yet, to fill in with cream and to bring to solidification.

On a plate to lay out mashed potatoes in the form of a washer, on it - mushrooms with onions, from above - cherry, a row - fillet of fish, to decorate with an onions plumelet. It is beautiful to pour out peppery sauce on a plate. To serve white sauce in a sauce-boat.

For one portion:

For white sauce: