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French days off: not dull to both a godovasik, and the teenager of

Ya - mother of two uneven-age children. Senior already 17, and the baby year was only executed. What to interest them in? This question is actual especially now, in the winter when behind the &minus window; 15 - 20 there is also no opportunity long and far to walk as in the summer. Therefore we will sometimes organize houses various thematic evenings, even days. Here and this time conceived to spend with the senior daughter days off interestingly, and at the same time to broaden the horizons and to acquaint our small Victoria with the French culture. To acquaint, of course, it is loudly told, but here what at us turned out.

it is A lot of

new and interesting learned at a preparation stage by this day. In the beginning decided to watch the French animated films, but for our godovasik found nothing (in general we do not show animated films to it, at the girlfriend “Masha and a bear“ saw, but it did not interest her). After animated films began to look for music, and, about a miracle, found a fine lullaby about chickens in French (at the same time listened to a set of lullabies of the people of the different countries). It is not just a lullaby the song, and a roller with interesting pictures.

were listened Then by works of the famous French composers and chose a little pleasant to us. Reading biographies of composers, learned that Frenchman Adolphe Charles Adan is the author of the ballet “Giselle“ which we were lucky to see three years ago. Statement left unforgettable impressions. Of course, looked at a fragment of the ballet and remembered how Christina secretly tried to shoot one of scenes in the present ballet with phone though it was strictly forbidden.

I there came morning of our “French“ day. Decided to begin unconventionally - with a lullaby, it seemed to us a lovely song with amusing pictures. My daughters with the father watched this three-minute commercial 3 times, so it was pleasant to them. After a breakfast considered a photo with sights of Paris and decided to construct a tower, not such huge and of cubes too, but nevertheless a tower. We with Christina tried to build, and more how our design falls was pleasant to break, watch Vikuske.

During the lunchtime daughters slept and with pleasure listened to classical music, even a little bit turned round and round under it. And knowing that our baby loves books and she likes to examine pictures, gave it an album “Hermitage“ and showed pictures of the famous French painters. In spite of the fact that this Vikusyu can borrow for only several minutes, we managed to understand that most of all she was interested in C. Pissarro`s picture “The boulevard Montmartre in Paris“.

after that I suggested daughters to try out as the beginning artists and handed them brushes and paints. Soiled by paints, but very happy they came running in a bathtub to be washed, and the oldest daughter told that artists from them will hardly turn out, but it is pleasant to draw them.

Here and there passed our day. And yes, in the evening before going to bed again listened to a lullaby about chickens, however, once, but already sang along something it seems “to - ku“ and “that is shu“... This day there was a lot of communication, positive emotions, and, above all that everything was done together, is amicable also with pleasure.

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