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How to arrange effective technical focus without professional skills? Declassification of

How to arrange effective technical focus without professional skills, we already learned. It is time to tell to the world as it was made. Of course, if I was a professional, then would be silent to myself in a rag. But here - that there is nothing especially confidential. The it is more that the secret was thought out by a wide range of persons. I will just open it now as, whatever one may do, and ideas main mine and in general …

As business comic to present, we with Andryukha Kotov gave rise to it. At the same time and a song in aglitsky language represented. It is a pity, Dima Buzylev from us was taken away after the first performance. But it was necessary to do something. Any group of musicians respecting itself will not begin to be content with perepevka. And girls from factory in Pushkino of boys wait. For an integral concert of is not enough for us. Humorists - acrobats it is not counted. Here we also thought up the conjurer. Preparation took away time known, but the result surpassed all expectations.

The assistant at the conjurer many tried to be, but the brevity of preparation forced me to hold this post. That in a rhyme happened, I will not begin to play next for time. About a starting elementarshchina I will not begin to write. We knew, certainly, this trick: you take two equivalent newspapers, between them you paste a plastic bag, then water here - water back. Here at this stage we had a need for the assistant. Originally we wanted to turn water into milk (powder in a package etc.) . But children from a regimental orchestra (they always had alcohol for blowing off of tools) prompted more fascinating solution of a question. So provided initially full thick glass tumbler of water turned into a half of the capacity, and some increase in its new volume bit the dust before effect of new liquid.

In what there was a role of the constant assistant looming on a scene here, I will explain later. We go further. The ensemble, by the way, all the time on a scene executes the necessary music. Any additional soundtrack. At the second stage the general tension and a role of the assistant increases. The conjurer accurately puts the note brought to them in specially prepared envelope with a doll. All scenic world burns in front. Music presses. In an envelope there is a cut through which the conjurer takes away the note to himself in a hand (the only moment difficult technically). The assistant at the same time lights a candle. Here everything has to be precisely. The conjurer brings an envelope to a candle, by all means holding it before it, at the same time reporting the original note to the assistant. Right there all forward world dies away and back is lit. All audience accurately sees the note of the chosen advantage in an envelope which the conjurer burns together with it in a candle flame. Further you know.

Each element is important for it here representations. There is nothing casual. We very carefully prepared and precisely coordinated emergence time on a scene of each of participants. I and the assistant to the conjurer for this reason became. And so, all pans - thermoses on a table were necessary then to distract attention from envelopes with dolls. And light from the hall is necessary before that people did not see envelope contents, and, above all - a cut in it. And then all tail light, plus light from a flame of a candle show its necessary contents.

And most important! During all representation the head in a box constantly drops the skullcap which the assistant every time goes to set up through all scene into place. The viewer so gets used to it that he does not pay at all attention when the assistant makes the same at the crucial moment. Especially as on a candle the envelope with “note“ burns. The assistant quietly puts at this time the original note in a head cap. Further you know.

The end of all statement was given us not at once. We incidentally built quite small box for “head“. As it became clear further, for persuasiveness of all number it was very important. But the sergeant who wished to participate in this adventure had to show dexterity miracles. For those couple of seconds when the conjurer covered his head with a magic white cloth, it was necessary for it in extremely inconvenient conditions to clean up and substitute larded by red gouache of forks of cabbage. The it is more that the performer of this role was warned that any injuries from his awkwardness remain on his conscience. However, repeated trainings excluded that opportunity almost at all.

Its initial shriek on the first representation was so natural that even I believed in it, having sincerely shuddered on a scene. What to tell about girls in the hall. This fresh head they remembered everything. Then we a lot with what diluted numerous concerts, but the conjurer in rural clubs, neighboring with part, all demanded. Especially concerning transformation of water into vodka.