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I do not remember sense of guilt, the magic timer and 5 useful habits of

where I subtracted this phrase, but it was for some reason remembered to me: “Any operation performed for a while becomes game“. But I slightly run forward. It began so. I as usual sit in the evening after a dinner in kitchen, making the approximate menu next day and the list of purchases. And here the younger son approaches me with a box of checkers in hands. “I cannot play with you now! Mother is busy! I will play with you then“. And of course, in half an hour I also did not remember about these checkers. Only at night when came into the nursery to look whether all as it should be, saw on a floor that box from which cover mother with the son as ill luck would have it smiled.

Oh, this sense of guilt! As it is familiar to many mothers! At such moments it seems that the worst mother did not exist yet. Next morning I asked the son why he did not remind me of game what he answered: “But you promised! And about promises it is necessary to remember!“ . One more hardest attack of sense of guilt. Solemnly I promise the son what today we will precisely play.

in the late afternoon he drives

I to me with a box in hands again. Fir-trees - sticks, as always at the most inappropriate moment - when at me are hands up to an elbow in the test. “You see, I do pie. As soon as I finish, we will play with you“. Nods with expression of a dezh - vyu and hopelessness on a face. It my heart is not able to be sustained. And here dawns on me:“ I need only five minutes. Start the timer and as soon as it beeps, we go to play“.

Should tell

that during that time of the word “five minutes“ meant nothing to it - they could mean both “hour“, and “week“, but the timer it all - got and began to watch closely run of an arrow. When time left, finished the work both I, and we with it at last could play quietly. And the idea with the timer got accustomed for a long time.

to the Son is pleasant to be looked how I hurry to complete affairs under tick of the timer then to be completely at its disposal. A habit always to hold the promise - one more plus of it. And still the timer helped all our children to get used to the concept of time and to do everything according to the schedule. They any more will never mix five minutes with fifteen. When the senior daughter went to school, the time sense allowed it to be late never from change. She precisely knows that she will manage to make in ten minutes and that is not present and whether it is worth getting in line in buffet if there was only a minute to a call.

Besides, by means of the timer quite easily resolve the acquaintance by all a problem when two children want to play by all means with the same toy. I turn on the timer again: who the first will take a toy, that also will be able to play with it, the call will not ring out yet. Then turn of the following child. Time frames in this case are observed strictly more than ever. As soon as the beeper sounds - if you please, disappeared a toy. No whims in this case, as a rule, happen - all on justice!

I Know

that very many children like to overtake time. Therefore often cleaning or washing of ware turns into cheerful competition: “And well, who in five minutes will wash up more ware?!“ “Who will quicker collect the toys?“ It seems to me that so in children the sports spirit is cultivated. Any operation performed for a while becomes game, but not a boring duty!

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