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Recipes from Yulia Vysotskaya: three dishes from the test. It is all about a stuffing of

you know how to cook vareniki with the “crackling“ test? And cheese pie with unusual taste? Whether you had to taste the ravioli seasoned with an orange dried peel? About all this is in today`s recipes.

potato Dumplings

At my grandmother were fantastic vareniki. Unfortunately, I did not manage to learn from it all subtleties, and it is, of course, not absolutely authentic recipe, but it is as close as possible to grandmother`s. It had a transparent dough and some “crackling“.

my Mother claims that the grandmother kneaded dough just from flour and water, it is more than nothing. I tried on water, but vareniki turned out others - on the contrary, some sticky. It seems to me that the yolk gives to the test certain “hrustyashchest“ if it is so possible to tell about the boiled test.

For 4 portions

For the test:

For a stuffing:

For sauce:

Champignons it is better for sea salt not to wash
, they will absorb in themselves a lot of water. Instead I accurately skim a thin skin a small sharp knife or I wipe each mushroom with a paper towel.
If cottage cheese insufficiently dense, put it in a sieve under a press and let`s excess liquid flow down or suspend, having turned in a gauze.
Dry mushrooms wet
  1. for 20 minutes in boiled water.
  2. Potatoes clear
  3. and boil, then pound it in mashed potatoes.
  4. Flour sift
  5. , add salt, yolks, the kindled butter, 5 tablespoons of water and knead dough. Create a sphere from the test, wrap it in a film and send for 30 minutes to the refrigerator.
  6. Warm creamy and olive oil in a small frying pan and fry in it the cleaned and small chopped onions to transparency.
  7. Sheep cheese small chop
  8. , mix with mashed potatoes and cottage cheese.
  9. Add the fried onions and the crushed green onions and parsley (keep a little), salt and pepper, mix everything.
  10. Roll with
  11. dough in layer of 1 - 2 mm thick, a glass or a cup cut out from it circles, put in the center of everyone for 1 h to a spoon of a stuffing and you zashchipnit edges.
  12. Onions and garlic for sauce clean
  13. and small chop.
  14. Champignons cut
  15. plates.
  16. Water from the wetted mushrooms merge
  17. , filter through a sieve and keep.
  18. Warm vegetable oil in a deep frying pan and slightly fry onions and garlic.
  19. Add champignons, in a minute - the wetted dry mushrooms, remained from - under them water, thyme leaves, salt, pepper and you extinguish of 5 - 10 minutes.
  20. Pour in cream and sour cream and you uvarit sauce on slow fire.
  21. Boil vareniki in the added some salt boiling water about 10 minutes. Give them, having watered with mushroom sauce and having powdered with parsley.

goat cheese and greens Ravioli

It is Syuzanna`s recipe from Il Goccino restaurant in Luchinyano. At first we just went there while the house was under construction, and looked at it from Luchinyano`s hill. And then we made friends with owners, and then Syuzanna began to conduct the master - classes which we carry out in Tuscany.

She taught me to cook for

this dough and a stuffing. My additive in this recipe - an orange dried peel, pink pepper and an estragon. Therefore I can declare with pride that I in a co-authorship with Syuzanna in this recipe. My husband does not love ravioli, but even I do not know these how many he can eat. It is dangerous to put a big dish on a table, it is better to distribute a la carte!

Instead of goat cheese can use cottage cheese, and it is good to add spinach to a stuffing - to pripustit it a little, to chop and mix with cheese.
  1. At one egg separate protein from a yolk.
  2. Flour together with a turmeric and 1 tablespoon of olive oil vent
  3. in the combine a nozzle for the test.
  4. without ceasing to knead
  5. , on one enter 6 eggs and 1 yolk. When dough becomes uniform, create from it a sphere and leave at the room temperature.
  6. Parsley small chop
  7. .
  8. the Dried peel of a lemon rub
  9. on a small grater.
  10. In goat cheese add egg white, parsley, a dried peel of a lemon and a paprika, salt a little, pepper and mix everything.
  11. Well rested dough lay out
  12. on the working surface powdered with flour and roll it in very thin layer (it is possible to use the machine for a test raskatyvaniye).
  13. On one half of the test at some distance from each other hills lay out a cheese stuffing (on half a teaspoon), cover with the second half of the test, fasten with moist hands edges and knife dough on small squares with a stuffing in the middle.
  14. Boil ravioli in the boiling added some salt water.
  15. the Estragon small chop
  16. .
  17. the Dried peel of orange rub
  18. on a small grater.
  19. Ready ravioli strew
  20. with an estragon, pink pepper, an orange dried peel and sprinkle olive oil.

Mustard pie

  1. Flour sift

    , add to it 180 g of the cooled butter and chop it cubes together with flour, then pound everything together hands that the uniform crumb turned out.

  2. by
  3. Make deepening in the center, add 100 g of sour cream, 1 egg, sugar, 1/4 h a spoon of sea salt and knead dough. Roll dough in a sphere, turn in food wrap and put in the refrigerator on 1 hour
  4. the Demountable baking dish grease with the remained butter.
  5. the Cooled dough roll
  6. , lay out in a form, having made a high side, and pierce a fork in several places.
  7. Bake
  8. in previously warmed to 170 - 180 º With an oven of 10 minutes.
  9. Gruyere rub
  10. on a large grater.
  11. Prepare for
  12. a stuffing: shake up the remained eggs, milk, cream, sour cream, mustard and polished cheese, salt and pepper.
  13. Fill with
  14. a form with the propechenny test a stuffing and bake still of 30 - 40 minutes.

From the book “Buns for Lelik. House recipes“