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Gifts to darlings the hands: take toilet paper...

Having taken as a basis a tuba from toilet paper, it is possible to make lovely and unusual hand-made articles. Skilled handymen even collect and save this valuable material - to please with a gift of all favourite people: father, grandmother, grandfather and girlfriend. Mother needs only to direct and inspire - well and to help, of course, too a little.

the Butterfly

you know such love fever which soars in air? Or feeling when in a stomach butterflies flit? Here you will find the instruction how to make a paper butterfly.

to you it will be necessary for

of p:

a cardboard tuba from toilet paper
  • a sheet of paper of pink color
  • scissors
  • glue
    • an ornamental wire -
    • the handle, a marker, wax crayons or pencils
    1. Paint the chenille (a shenilny wire) with
    2. in the pink color or paste over with pink paper a tuba from toilet paper that the little body of a butterfly turned out.
    3. Cut out two hearts from color paper - wings will turn out.
    4. Paste them by means of glue or a bilateral adhesive tape to a little body of a butterfly.
    5. Ask the child to draw with
    6. eyes and a smile to a butterfly. From a wire (we took brushes for cleaning of a pipe) excellent short moustaches - antennas turn out.
    7. Write to
    8. pleasant wishes on wings.

    the Cupid

    For those who are ready to undertake a hand-made article more difficult - the cheerful cupid.

    to you it will be necessary for

    of p:

    • a cardboard tuba from toilet paper
    • acrylic paints: corporal color (we used a peach shade), pink, white and black
    • a brush
    • a strip of white paper 2 wide. 5 cm
    • 1 piece of a wire - the chenille of gold color
    • 1 piece of a wire - the chenille of red color
    • 1 piece of a wire - the chenille of silver color
    • a pencil
    • a small piece of felt of peach color
    • of 2 wadded balls
    • PVA glue
    • scissors

    How to make:

    Paint with
    1. a cardboard tuba corporal color and postpone it for a while that paint dried.

    1. Bend about 2/3 wires of gold color so that at you the English letter D turned out. Cut off the remained piece of a wire and put aside.

    1. Bend the end of a red wire in a small triangle - at you the arrow edge will turn out. Cut off an excess piece of a wire and put aside.

    1. Take

      the remained piece of a red wire and bend its tip so that heart turned out - it will be other end of an arrow. Cut off an excess wire.

    1. Take

      a piece of a wire of gold color which you postponed before. Fasten to it an edge in the form of a triangle, and on the other hand a heart.

    2. Paste the received arrow to onions (to a letter D) by means of glue.
    3. Cut a wire of silver color in half.
    4. Bend both halves of a wire in a form of a drop and twirl the ends. At you wings for the cupid will turn out.

    Apply to


    1. a little glue on all circle of a cardboard tuba which you painted. Paste a strip of white paper and cut off superfluous - “dress“ for the angel will turn out.

    1. Note the place where there will be wings, do a pencil a small opening, push tips of wings there and fix them, having twirled a wire from the inside of a tuba.
    2. Roll two balls from cotton wool. Apply a little glue on both balls and paste on a tuba top - it will be hair.

    1. Paste onions with an arrow to a body of the cupid.
    2. Cut out 2 small circles from felt and paste on onions - hands will turn out.

    1. Use a piece of cotton wool or a rigid brush to draw with pink paint of a cheek.
    2. Draw with
    3. white eyes and after white paint dries, draw with black paint pupils.