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When he begins to speak? History of one experiment

Each mother worries when her kid long does not begin to talk. Here and my Maksimka, maturing, understood everything, but as though he kept silent. The big assistant in the house, clever and obedient, it afflicted with nothing the mummy, except lack of the speech. Constantly played the developing games in which Maksimka showed good results.

Doctors said that the beginning of colloquial activity is defined by features of nervous system, but not intelligence, and advised more to communicate with the child. Girlfriends and relatives showed impatience, constantly asking the same question, upsetting with the stories about that how early their children told the first word or the phrase.

to be upset - does not mean to despair, I told myself and thought up to comment on all the actions at the kid. The live speech did not cease in our house. It was very cheerful, interesting and... terribly tiresomely. All day I pronounced, commented on the fact that I did, thought aloud, told stories from the life, described places where was. All this process very much was pleasant to Maksimke, on his lips the smile constantly shone. And very much - it is very frequent when mummy especially was fond, the laughter was distributed in our house.

Besides, a couple of hours in day I read to Maksimke fairy tales, children`s rhymes, counting rhymes. On the street comments amplified. All the knowledge of objects, their features and properties gave all the best to the kid so actively that some passersby looked back, suspecting me of inadequacy of behavior. When did not know what it was already possible to tell about, used the help of the electronic encyclopedia.

I told

In a day more, than earlier in a month it is, more, than the lecturer at university is, more, than the seller in the market. By the evening felt strong fatigue and filled up together with the kid early - early. And in the morning new day, modern histories and stories began...

I do not know

, on how many my energy would be enough, but by the end of month of experiment of Maksimk began to speak slowly. In the beginning, of course, the elementary words. A bit later - phrases, then full offers. Unless something can be compared to that pleasure which is tested by mummy when her kid makes progress! And in this case - the whole break.

When Maksimka began to talk not bad, the pleasant problem appeared. He told now too much, without stopping, about everything, about all, and especially about me. Commented on events, the facts and told ridiculous stories. Now we changed over. Conversation was carried on by the kid, but I did not manage to be silent as it abandoned me questions of objects and the phenomena unfamiliar to it.

When the son went to a garden, the tutor and the logopedist were surprised with Maksimki`s erudition. Sometimes it even nonplused them the knowledge and mature questions. Suggest even to go to school earlier.

So, my experiment was successful. The kid started talking! Or perhaps just time for this purpose approached?

Nadezhda Potapchenko